How I Found My Name….

June 10, 2008 at 2:02 pm (Bio, Inner Game)

So I’m taking a break from studying because I am wired and feel like posting. Since I have not sarged I cant write one of my exaggerated F.R I will instead write about the origin of my handle Warlock.

On December 31’st I made a promise to myself as I ate Doritos and surfed the personals on craigslist, wishing for once i could have a decent new years celebration that I felt everyone was having but me. It was time to change my life, it was time to break out of the downward spiral I was going in. My self hatred of what my life had become had gotten so bad that I would often picture myself hanging from the ceiling and other grim thoughts. I was in a very dark place and I knew If I didn’t make a change, things would only get worse.

When the fireworks when off outside my window and the sounds of laughter and cheering were heard from the content people outside my sad little apartment, I promised myself I would be laughing and kissing a woman on New Years Eve. I would be one of those centered people, I always wanted to be.

I phoned my friend from back home and had a deep conversation about my troubles in the dating world. My last date involved a woman I met off E-Harmony who two dates in, would not hold my hand let alone kiss me.

“I dont understand, what I’m doing wrong.”

“Theres a show on VH1 I think you should watch…”

He went on to tell me about the show, some guy named Mystery taught geeks and losers how to live like rock stars. I was intrigued so I googled him and found a new world at my fingertips. I decided to buy The Game by Neil Strauss a student of Mystery who was the first to reveal him to the world. I read reviews and everyone loved the book. So I went to the Barned and Nobles on my lunch break and bought the book which looked like a bible.

Who knew it would act like a new religion for me for many months to come? I got sucked into the book, I could not put it down. Allot of people on the subway thought I was some religious freak because to them it looked like some guy who was really into the bible. The weeks that followed had me reading all the information I could on pick up, I watched videos from all the gurus, read posts every day, listened to audio and videos on pick up on my ipod every waking moment I could.

But then I made a mistake.

A coworker saw me reading Mysteries book and word began to spread. They asked me about Mystery and the rest of the pick up community. At the time I was very naive and tried to explain it as best I could. But it backfired, I soon became the office joke. Everyday I would be tooled. I was told that Mystery was gay and stupid. That the routines and systems didn’t work and I should just be myself. That I was a idiot for buying into the scam.

When I began to change my look it all went into overdrive and the alpha male of the coworkers said this to me.

Alpha: Look at this guy, its Mystery

Me: Im not mystery, dont be a dick

Alpha: Yeah thats right Mystery looks like Chris Angel. Your not Mystery, your Warlock!

Hence my friends my name was born. To this day I’m still called Warlock at work with some snickers. At first I was a little resentful of the name. But as time when on, I promised myself I would take this name and make it something infamous. I would bring the magic.

I don’t see my name as something negative but something cool. Life let me found a kick ass name and I intend to live up to it. True, im still a newbie but as the months have gone by, I feel like I have become a stronger person, I’m not that guy eating doritos, looking at ads on craigslist posted by “women” anymore. I’m finally really becoming that centered guy I always wanted to be and maybe thats the real magic in Warlock.


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