Just Plow…. (06.09.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:51 pm (Field Report)

It was Friday and I was tired, dead tired to be exact. I did not want to go out, all I wanted was to curl up in bed and sleep. I seriously contemplated not going out but I realized that if I gave in to my chody behavior I would not progress, so I took a shower, got dressed and jumped on the 5 train to the city.

On the train ride there I watched Blueprint on my Ipod. It was Tyler doing some tricks to get into state, I really enjoy RSD’s exercises the problem is no one ever wants to do them with me. I don’t blame them I mean its insane and terrifying to jump around a club clapping while screaming yes. The most I can get from the guys is to yell wooo. Which is okay but doesn’t reve up my energy mega high anymore.

I had spoken to Raven, it was to be him, Martyr and The Undertaker accompanying us. I had decided we hit plunge. To be honest all of us have been tired of the venue but it felt like the easiest place to get into in the meat packing district. So many of these places are so picky on who they let in, your pretty much forced to pick one venue and stick with it all night because you never know how you will get in.

I pulled a single girl and got her to go in with me to Plunge, its probably the easiest trick to get in because for the summer they have decided only to let in couples and single girls. The reason I enjoy the meat packing district is because its all high numbers, women are either 7’s and up. Trust me if you hit plunge then go to Union Square or Sutton Place its like night and day.

So i get upstairs and realize that I am alone, the guys were running late and I had to wait for them for about 15 more minutes. No biggie, really. So I walk around and decide that I am really not feeling the state. But as I am walking I have to move a very cute girl out of the way who is in a group of girls being approached by two chodes. She apologizes and lets me through, as I turn the corner, I think to myself… Man shes actually pretty cute and nice, I should tell her that. So I did just that, I walk right up tap her in the shoulder and say.

Me: Hey I just had to tell you, I think your really fucking cute

HB7: Oh..ha…wow thanks

Me: Your welcome

her friends get a big kick out of it, I smile wave hi, they do so back

And then I eject for no good reason.

This is starting to get annoying.

At this point Raven calls me, he has arrived, we meet up do the usual chatter. I spot a two set and tell Raven to go in, he refuses so I tell him I’m going to go in and get blown out. I tell him, yeah this is going to suck but I have to do it. So I go in and wow….it was bad guys….it was so bad….

In retrospect the girls were nice. I think they might of thought I was this social retard or something. I went in with “Hey my name is Warlock” (the reason this did not work was because I was not in state, I was tired, lazy and not looking forward to approaching strangers…duh of course it was going to fail!) they responded with hi, I tried to do Jeffy’s joke about guys doing interview questions but it feel mostly flat.

Raven said one of the girls was more into me than the uglier one. Anyway the interaction felt really like pulling teeth with pity smiles going around. Finally one girl did the whole “we have to get drinks” and ran.

Wow that was horrible I tell Raven and laugh. I see a 4 set behind him and tell him I’m going in. I decide to be a little lame, I pull out a pack of cigarettes ( I don’t smoke) and ask for a light. One girl says she has one but after looking in her purse she says she doesn’t. I bust on her for that calling her a tease and telling her shes playing with my emotions. I then say…

“You know what I got it, watch this.”

I pull out my fire wallet and light my cigarette they laugh and smile. I introduce myself to them. When I get to the last person, its clearly their mom. I look at her smile and say…

“And you young lady, what is your name?”

She laughs and says “Mom”

“You know I know someone with that exact name but I call her Mah”

They all laugh.

Then once again eject for no fucking good reason. Well the reason is this, when I’m in a interaction and its going well suddenly I start thinking

Oh my god this is going so well! Come on lets keep this up, oh no your going to screw up, eject, EJECT!! WHOOOP!!! WHOOOOP!!!!!

And I bail. This happens allot! I think its just a confidence and being too outcome dependent. I need to work on that. After that Martyr asks me to approach these two anorexic looking Russian models who are smoking. I go up and ask them for a light and THEY REFUSE!!! I was like okay well I got what I expected. I tell Martyr their a hard set and wont crack, he says hes going in, before he can though, they shot down 2 other guys. Martyr goes in and gets blown out really quickly, we all start laughing because after he gets back 2 other guys go and get blown out. We tell Raven to go in, so he goes and first thing he says…

“Okay my turn!!”

We all start busting out laughing, even the girls were cracking up, but they still blew him out. I really wanted The Undertaker to go in but he refused. Still we had a blast getting blown out. At this point The Undertaker decided to call it a night, he was dead tired, so we said our goodbyes and talked for a bit, suddenly a 3 set appeared in front of us. They got approached by a drunken Englishman who just kept babbling on and on. At one point some how I accidentally touch the hottest girl in the groups hand.

“Ooops, I’m sorry don’t worry I’m not getting excited”

She laughs

“No wait I really am”

She busts out laughing, I introduce myself and my wings. This chick was smoking, she was a solid 8. She was an actress so I through out a little neg I learned.

“You know my x was an actress, she was really beautiful but she kept being type cast as hot girl. But when I look at you I know that wouldn’t happen because you have a really distinct look. I think you can really make it”

Now my x was really an actress, so it was rather congruent. Regardless she laughed. We realize the drunk guy has cornered their blond friend. So we ask them if she needs to be rescued. They say yes, so we ask them to introduce her to us, which she gladly does and then we immediately pull her to safety and effectively box out the drunk.

Now I honestly don’t like AMOGing guys but I honestly feel that drunks should be AMOG’ed so that they learn that getting plastered is not a good way to meet women. I wont actively look for drunk guys to tool but if one comes into my set or I see the girl is clearly not into him then all bets should be off.

Getting back to our story, we wind up moving to a small bench, the girls sit and we stay standing (this was a mistake) and we talk and talk and talk and talk. I’m joking but I am not escalating and I slowly start loosing my target. At one point I do my flaming wallet routine and a gust of wind comes which almost causes me to burn off my eyebrows. And I wound up putting a fake tattoo on my target, the funny thing is that when I took out the tempt tattoos they didn’t even question it.

Suddenly Raven appears and proceeds to tell us the most insane story ever. Turns out Raven went to take a leak in one of the bathrooms. As he is zipping up the door bursts open and a blond hot Norwegian cougar appears. She locks the door. She then proceeds to act shocked and embarrassed at the situation of walking in on a man in the bathroom. Raven is shocked, she suddenly says he is hot and tells him that Asian men are so hot.

I am not making this up guys.

BOOM!! MAKE OUT!!! or as Raven so eloquently put it “I got mouth raped”

As they are making out, shes going on about how shes married and how wrong this is but she cant stop herself.

Yeah I know.

Finally they stop because people are banging at the door of the bathroom. They go their separate ways never to see each other again.

What the fuck?! Courgars just love Raven.

Well we all talk some more but I start feeling the window has closed with my 3 set. Eventually we eject. As we do so, we decide that maybe its time to leave Plunge. So after going to the bathrooms (sadly no cougar attacked me) we hit the elevators only to bump into our set. Martyr starts talking about park and I suggest the laddies join us, which surprisingly they do.

We all walk to park and are having a grand old time, joking and laughing. It was our first bounce and it was beautiful. Then we got to park and it DIED!. Oh no it didn’t just die guys, it crapped its pants, let out a shriek, died and then turned green and stunk.

Yeah we get there and suddenly the energy, the laughter was gone only to be left with awkwardness and avoidance. Yeah every thread we threw out there was avoided or cut by them. Finally we decided to bail. Martyr liked my target and even though I talked to her for a while and did compliance tests, I just didn’t feel like she dug me. So when he asked me if he could number close her I told him sure. And he did.

We bounced from Park and decided to hit Brass Monkey. As we came out of Park, we bumped into One True Matt and his wing The Cruiser (I call him that cause he did a really funny imitation of Tom Cruise). We get to Brass Monkey and its packed. Everyone is choding out, The Cruiser seemed a little pissed and walked out.

I started doing approaches but all the women HATED me, I’m not lying they really HATED me. Every set I approached just loathed me. Women gave me faces of disgust and would engage me in awkward conversations. But I stayed in, I stayed in conversations and forced myself to not eject but get blown out. I figured if i got my body used to blow outs, I wouldn’t eject too soon once getting into a good set.

One True Matt and his wing bailed. Raven had massive AA and couldn’t approach. I pointed a set to Martyr and he went in and approached. She immediately fell in love with him She had her arms around him and was talking really closely to him. I kept expecting him to pull the trigger but he wouldn’t finally I got fed up, walked up to him slapped my hand on his back and said..

“Pull the FUCKING trigger”

But he still didn’t so I decided to sarge her friend who was just standing there. I went up and introduced myself but she was not receptive at all. She hated me. Nothing I did could crack a smile, I went on and on with her. Finally I was left just babbling, I literally was talking nonsense with this chick. I called her a spy and told her she was a spy from Zimbabwe (No idea where this came from). I was trying everything to not do the usual interview questions. When I asked one, I even said “Okay interview question!” Ugh I sucked guys lol.

Martyr moved his girl to the bar, Raven and I watched as he did not pull the trigger. Then suddenly a guy who I shall now call Creepanator came by. Creepanator turned out to be the girls coworker and he was on a mission to blow Martyr out and not let him pull the trigger. The guy would not leave! It was amazing! This dude would just stand there staring at them, creeping them both out. Finally after about 15 minutes, Martyr came to us and told us he knew he could pull the trigger but he was scared.

I looked at him and told him, “You go back there and you fucking kiss her! NOW!!!” I also told him the creepanator was all over her trying to get play. He told me he was not worried at all. I could see why she was clearly creeped out by this guy but he just kept going. Finally Raven said “Thats it im tired of this shit!!” and jumped in. He introduces himself and I decided to help out so I go in as well as the cool funny possibly drunk dude.

I was like “DUUUUUDDE!!!! This music is AWESOME!!”

We spoke to the guy for a while, other than his insane antics he wasn’t that bad of a dude. Seriously I don’t understand why normal cool dudes just become creeps around girls. At lease with me if I see the woman might think I’m a creep I will bail. But this dude just keeps going.

He realized what we were doing because the fat friend came by and bumped into him while talking to her by mistake. Suddenly he realized “MY MISSION IS TO CREEP!!”

The Creepanator then goes back to mission priorities but Martyr moves her, after a few minutes we follow to try to stop the Creepanator. I am happy to say Martyr successfully kissed closed and number closed his target. Unfortunately we were not able to stop The Creepanator and he still managed to creep every one out. But we bounced and hit a Dinner to regroup.

At the dinner we were talking for while and then a funny thing happened a solid HB8 turned and just started talking to us giving us advice on women. She was with her gay friend who was also a stand up guy. Turns out they are hair stylists so, we now scored a stylist to do our hairs. Although they loved my hair so I might just go in for a trim.

On the way home I was frustrated that I didn’t have the same level of success as on my birthday. I felt that I am still hitting that same barrier of getting physical, I also don’t know where I am going half the time. I have been at this for 6 months now and I still haven’t had a day 2, girls still flake out and I haven’t gotten laid since October. Its a little maddening. But I wont give up, I mean I figure If I keep hitting that wall eventually I can start getting those kiss closes and eventually a make out, all it takes is time and a drive to keep going. I have both…

Lets sum up shall we?

Sticking Points
1)I am not going physical
2)I am ejecting to early
3)I am letting the energy die
4)I am not leading!

Bonus Points

1)I have great banter
2)I am an approach machine
3)I do not let rejection affect me, in fact I laugh at it
4)I had my first bounce
5)Did DHV (Fire Wallet, Tempt Tattoos)


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