Never Give Up! Never Surrender! (Published 04.28.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:26 pm (Field Report)

I’m sitting at my desk right now. To my right is Stephanie a girl who since I’ve put up her picture on my face book has gotten more comments and questions from my friends on a daily basis. I’m not interested in Stephanie, never was mostly because all the guys in the office go gaga over her. I don’t like to follow the crowd to much. Across from her is the girl I drool over, her name is Amanda and she is a voluptuous brunette who looks like Anne Hathaway. Sitting next to them is Matt a typical AFC, he works out and is a rather good looking cat…no homo.

Matt right now looks money, he is sitting between two gorgeous women. But like a typical AFC he just doesn’t capitalize on it. This of course is my problem as well. Let me tell you about my weekend…

Friday was a busy day, After work I wanted to just get on a train and head home but Caramel held me to my promise to go see Harold and Kumar 2. I ran after work and saw the film with the biggest collective of Asian/Indian audience I had ever seen. Seriously! I have never so many hot Asian and Indian girls in my life! It was a good flick but I had to run. I said my good by to Caramel and ran to my place, jumped in the shower, got dressed and bolted for Union Square.

Shiznets could not go out this weekend, he got his license confiscated. So it was just Raven, Martyr and I sarging the night way. I bumped into Martyr first, he told me that he was going around asking girls if he should by Juno for his 14 year old cousin. He told me he didn’t know what to follow it up with. We then met up with Raven who was dressed down again. Unfortunately Martyr didn’t have an extra blazer with him.

We walked outside and decided to hit The Forum. Then tragedy struck! Raven had forgotten his ID. He felt really bad about it, he wanted to bail so me and Martyr to go on sarging alone. We both told him that he was part of the team and we were not leaving our wingman behind. I recommended we hit Union Square, on a Friday night its usually filled with HB’s.

When we get to Union Square we realize that the AA in the group is horrible. Marty tells me to approach a HB sitting by herself on the steps. Shes a skinny red head, wearing a leather jacket. She was an HB7 and her body language just gave off cool. I was petrified.

“I cant do this…I cant…I cant”
“Come on it will be easy”
“No…I…I…Arrrgh! FUCK IT”

I turn and walk over without thinking. I sit down next to her. With a grin I say..

“Hey where did you get your leather jacket?”

“Huh?Oh it was a gift” She smiled

“Oh man, cause my sister is looking for a jacket just like that”

“Wish I could help you bro” she takes a drag out of her cigarette. Wow this chick is young but cool.

“Yeah the reason why I’m asking, is cause my sister is on the quest for the perfect leather jacket”

“Oh yeah”

“Yeah shes driving me nuts since I’ve moved up here”

“Oh where are you from?”

“Puerto Rico”


And it was at this moment that I lost it.

“Yeah, you know back home they don’t have these kinds of jackets, they only have biker jackets”

She nods

“Well wish i could help”

“Okay thanks”

And I eject. Thinking back I should have riffed on why i moved to New York and maybe thrown in a story about PR. I could have thrown a time constraint also but I didn’t, I wanted to barrel through the set and have it be done. So i could say I did it.

I’m not happy with this. This is not sarging this is me throwing myself in front of bullets and praying I wont get shot. But at the time I was happy that I overcame my AA and was energized to sarge again.
It was Martyrs turn.

“Hey theres a two set over there”

“Great! Your up then”

“Fuck! Why did I say that?!”

Marty has problems approaching, I literally push him in the direction to where the set is. He slowly walks to the set and starts a conversation using my James Bond opener. He doesn’t hook and gets blown out.

Its Ravens turn.

We point at sets for him to open and he starts throwing out excuses. Then he starts stalling, its clear he wont approach. I try to push him into a set and he gets visibly pissed off. After about 15 minutes of seeing sets come and go with Raven not approaching, he finally goes fuck it and approaches a two set, eating on a bench, unfortunately they did not speak much English, this seems to be a common problem for Raven, any idea on how to fix this? We decide to leave to hit a dinner for a quick bite to eat. Martyr tells me that I should go up to my previous single set and invite her to come with us. I balk at this idea. I told him because she was too young (she could pass for 16). In reality it was because I was too scared to talk to her again and could not wrap my mind around her possibly saying yes.

As we walk by I say thanks to her and she smiles and says your welcome, Martyr then tells me fuck it. Im asking and walks back, sits down and asks her. She of course says no but its very nice about it. She said she was waiting for someone. Who knows if we had more game maybe we could have worked it.

As we are walking toward the Dinner I spot a very very hot HB9 next to Raven and Martyr. I whisper to them “OPEN HER!”, Raven quickly jumps in and throws the James Bond opener, shes actually very nice. We were pretty obvious in what we were doing, she politely answers our questions and gently blows us out. As she walks away I comment to Martyr that The Judge was right the hot women are the nicest ones to deal with approach wise.

We hit the dinner and grab a bite. As we are talking I see a hot HB with glasses. I comment on it and Martyr immediately tells me to approach. I’m throwing up excuses and pretty much say she is just too hot for me to approach. Raven tells me that I really should. After a few minutes of egging and going back and forth with my excuses I start to get up, only to see her boyfriend come by put his arm around her and walk out the dinner.

Say lavi

As we get to leave a HB9 redhead walks in and sits down to order by herself. Martyr comments on her and says “Open her”

I reply “No way, shes way to hot, besides its your turn, I have already opened and so has Raven”. Isn’t it funny how AA makes you forget what you just learned?

Martyr groans and once again I have to push him into set. He walks over and opens her with

“Okay whats the story? Why are you eating alone?”

From my perspective I think he hooked, her body language looked relaxed and he sat down and was in set for at least 20 minutes. But when he came back he claims he thought it didn’t hook because he saw her shoulders tense and he thought she was weird. I guess he would know best.

We decide we will hit Belgium Bar because they don’t card. Lets see how long that little fact lasts. We drive down and hit the bar. Its a great atmosphere. I really enjoy this bar allot, the music isn’t too loud, its not packed and there are a few hotties around. As we stood next to the bar while Martyr was ordering I spot a two set. I throw out my village people opener but its just not hooking. Raven tries to wing me but we stay in the opener for too long and the girls quickly blow us out by turning their backs to us.

I could tell Raven was bothered. “Fuck its 12 o’clock and we’ve only approached a handful of sets!”
I tell him to relax that he shouldn’t put too much pressure on himself. I spot two bored as hell HB’s, I tell Raven to approach. He approaches and it seems to go okay but the plainest HB blows him out, she starts giving him shit tests and just blows him out.

As were standing there trying to not look like chodes but failing miserably at it. We see a Asian PUA working a 6 set. This guy was good, he entered the group seamlessly and starts kinoing really well. We were all pretty impressed with him. We decide to get some air and walk to the open area of the bar. As were standing there we see a mixed 6 set. We all debated going in, I honestly am not afraid of the size of the set but rather the act of approaching the set itself, I will admit mixed sets are freaking scary though, I always worry that I’m going to get beat up or something. But I know its an irrational fear, I hate the fact that I still have these limiting beliefs.

Both Martyr and Raven just fear the size of the group. I mean there was just one guy and 5 girls, why would he get pissed off? Still we couldn’t approach. Martyr decided to go to the front of the bar for a minute, there he opened up a two set. He was in set for a while, as Raven and I got closer to the entrance I got bumped into by a HB7.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry”

“Oh god! Ow!”

She laughed at my bad acting. Once again didn’t capitalize on this and lost the interaction. Raven and I sat at a bench near the entrance and talked about the night. It was clear Raven was going through something similar to what happened to me a few nights ago, feeling the frustration. After 20 minutes Martyr comes over.

“I lost the set, my target has friend”

“We’ll wing you” I reply

So he goes back in set. I count down to 30 seconds then we both go in.

“There you are!” I say to Raven

“Oh hey dude! These are my friends…”

I immediately target the obstacle. Shes an HB5, Raven said she was an FB (fugly babe) personally I have seen far worse. I begin jumping from topic to topic with my thread pulling and some light kino. I suddenly notice that Raven has bowed out and left.

Martyrs interaction was going okay but he wasn’t pushing the set and escalating. At one point his target started giving me IOI’s. I decided to throw out a neg to get her off me and back to Martyr but this is what happened.

“Oh thats a cool shirt, your a communist” This girl had a red shirt with communists having a kegger.

“Yeah its the communist party, get it? Their having a party”

“Wow…I think I just heard a clown die”

Huge silence

“That was a little mean…” Martyr says.

See this is why I hate negs, they wind up being insults. Luckily I bounce back and keep on sarging the obstacle. But we get a huge interrupt with one of their friends comes in and steals the set. Actually steals my target, Martyr is shaken by the interrupt and looses his target a little later. I eject and a few minutes later so does he.

Raven asks me how I pull threads and I explain it to him, I also tell him I need practice because right now its very random where I’m jumping all over the place but if i can get routines prepare, i can eventually lead the conversation in a direction I want to go in.

At this point Martyr replies.

“I want to go back in”

I tell Martyr that the set has been blown and that hes being needy because his target reminds him of his X. He states that he still feels he can save it. I set down on the bench and it shakes, the girl on the other end bumps a little in the air.

“Oh man I’m sorry, man this bench sucks”

This goes into a quick discussion of it. Once again Warlock does not capitalize on it. Martyr tries to save it by asking them if they speak French, this keeps the conversation going for a few minutes but they get pulled away by friends and they leave.

We see Ravens previous set, talking to two chodes. I guess they got along better with the mother hen. What can you do?

At this point Martyrs set come inside.

“Hey” I say as I tap her on the shoulder. “I just wanted to let you know its over”

“Oh I’m so sorry its just that..”


She laughs. Martyr jumps in and talks to his target for a little while. They then leave to get their drink on. At this point i thought it was obvious that the set was done but Martyr still says he wants one more shot. So he goes to the bar for a little bit comes back. Okay its over he claims. We talk a little more with Raven who is very sullen and clearly frustrated. I make a comment that we should bounce cause its late. Martyr states that he wants to go back into the set one last time.

I groan and say fine, I go up to the obstacle and say

“Hey so i thought about it and I think we should get back together. I want one last shot with our history and all”

They both give a large aw

“I don’t know, I think too much time has passed”

“Come on don’t you feel the love anymore”

“I’m a different person now, I’ve moved on, 5 minutes is a long time”

“Fine! But your keeping that stupid cat, i hate the name you gave it!”

This got a huge laugh for some reason. Martyr goes back to a fictional basket ball game he had thrown in earlier. This got debated a while, Martyr starts the whole good bye process. And I realize he is not going to number close.

I tell my target that i need her number so we can call each other to proceed with the divorce procedures. She gladly gives it to me.

Once again Martyr is not going for the number close. This is starting to get annoying.

“Hey so since you guys are team captains you should exchange numbers to plan the game” I say.

They start to exchange numbers and save it under the team names. Martyr didn’t want to leave right away so we stayed and talked for another 10 minutes and bounced.

Martyr admitted that he was being needy but he said he just wanted to win. I stated that you need to know when to walk away, he replied that wouldn’t that be called being complacent and not pushing your sets? I couldn’t really answer this because he sort of had a point. I know that Ozzy from RSD says that sarging is sloppy. And at the end we did number close, even if i had to initiate it for him.

Raven was sullen but we all planned to meet up at 11 o’clock and hit Woodlawn NY outlets for some shopping and day game.

As I took the subway home I was happy that in all my sets I never once heard a woman ask me to repeat myself. Which means that I am finally starting to project and slow down my voice. All in all a decent night, only wish Shiznets was there.

Lets sum up shall we?

Sticking Points

1) I have self worthiness issues

2) I am not hooking

3) I am not approaching with the right frame

4) At times I let my AA get the better of me

5) I am not capitalizing on the advantages that are presented to me

6) Need to learn to stack with purpose

Bonus Points

1) I can overcome my AA

2) I am projecting my voice

3) Once again I rule at being a wing

4) I number closed

5) Did some good role playing and banter

6) good light kino

7) Did not go blank


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