The Birth Of The Legion Of Super Freaks (posted on 04.14.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:14 pm (Field Report)

My plans for Saturday night involved being surrounded by topless 10’s and 9’s. Yes I was going to Rick’s with Shiznets and Dinno. At least that was the plan, but at some point while i was sleeping and dreaming of the wonders and beauty of the female silicone breast, I was awakened by my cell phone.

It was Shiznets and he was canceling, the breasts faded from my head (pun not intended) so it was time to make new plans.

But as the day went on, i got more and more lazy. I didn’t want to go out, I was tired and just wanted to watch canceled TV shows on my computer and eat pizza. I called my AFC friends so we could catch a movie but none picked up. The only one that did was Super Chode. Super Chode is a friend of mine who I speak to on occasion, hes an okay guy but really is the Super Chode, he firmly believes in the laws of chodiness. Last time I went out with him was when I went to apartment, two HB 6 girls were dancing and clearly staring at him.

AFC Me: “Dude those girls are staring at us”

Super Chode: “I know”

AFC Me: “So lets go over there and talk to them”

Super Chode: “No”

AFC Me: “Um why not?”

Super Chode: “Because its driving them crazy”

AFC Me: “Um yeah but if we don’t go up to them, wont they just talk to someone else?”

Super Chode: “No don’t worry, THEY…WILL…COME….TO….US!”

Guess what? Yeah two other chodes went up to them and I never saw them again. Super Chode then said that he didn’t go to clubs to meet women but to listen to the “awesome” music. My reply was WHAT THE FUCK IS THE FREAKING POINT!! JACKASS!!!

I told Super Chode that I was willing to go see a movie with him. Super Chode said he didn’t have much money but was willing to hit a bar with me. I kept hearing him go “They…will..come…to…US” in my head and shuddered. I told him I would let him know and hung up. At this point Raven called me, he said that T-Bone would be at Park tonight. I called Dinno and told him the change of plans. We decided to meet at Virgin Records in Union Square. I didn’t want to become Super Chode, I knew I had to force myself to go out.

While I was in the shower I thought about “The Secret” my boot camp instructor had given it to me as homework while I waited for my scheduled boot camp in June. I thought about the law of attraction and everything else the movie had stated. Its funny because I had grown up believing in basically the same theory about life. That you create your own reality, so if your positive reality tends to warp to fit your positive perception of it and if your negative it has the same effect in a negative way.

The Sci-Fi geek in me was working overtime, like for example:

If multiple universes exist, then maybe we are subtlety traveling between dimensions with our perceptions. Like if we view things in the positive way, maybe we are then living in a world of positivity and same goes for vice versa. I mean its nothing as extreme as living in a world where the sun is green or something like that but dimensional travel none the less.

Ask me about my theory of time some day it gets weirder.

I decided to wear a different outfit tonight. I usually wear black jeans, a leather jacket, and my peacoky shirts. I try to go for a rocker look. Tonight I decided to mix rocker with Frank Sinatra. I would wear a nice blazer and pants with a rocker shirt and my rings and extras. Plus I would wear a fake piercing on my earlobe. There would be no blinking lights tonight on my body, I just wanted a smooth edgy look.

I took the train down to Union Square the ride was long but i kept a positive attitude, i wanted to see if this new age theory of the secret worked. So i thought of how I was an attractive person, how i looked really good, how I will have women throwing themselves at me. Basically I said i would have fun tonight and I would have solid interactions.

On the train I saw a HB7, she was just my type, blondish red hair, beautiful eyes, a nice rack and white.
She gave me the polite smile when i came down the stairs to catch my train. I was completely terrified to even look at her. I cant really explain it, I mean i saw myself as being able to start a conversation with her but i couldn’t make my body follow my mind. This tends to happen allot where planned approaches have little AA but spontaneous approaches are doubled in fear. This is something I’m going to need to push myself in, I’m going to need to learn to approach alone and during the day.

I got off the subway and met Raven at Virgin Records. He was holding a cd, book and other junk, I asked him why he had so much stuff on him. He smiled and replied “Its approach material”. We then got a call from Dinno, he said he was in a group. I was immediately turned off. No offense to Dinno but i don’t like to have new PUA’s or AFC’s sprung on me. Because you never know who your meeting.

We walked across the street and met a group of older PUA’s. There was Turtleneck Greg who used to hang with the infamous Sincere, and two rookie PUA’s who i will call Lennon and Cool Rider. Oh and Dinnos friend AFC Cliff (nice guy but does not approach, all he does is dance by himself). Turtleneck Greg was an alpha dog, he immediately was leading that we all go to Union Square Bar and then Off The Wagon.

This rubbed me the wrong way, I don’t respond well to being ordered and being the victim of peer pressure. I am pretty sure I came off a douche bag, Dinno noticed I was not happy but I told him I was cool. Turtleneck Greg peaked my interest, I wanted to see what he could do. Dinno talked him up, I had a little chat with him on the way to the bar, seemed like an okay guy. The other PUA’s I had less contact with, Raven spoke to them more.

We hit Union Square Bar, this seemed like an upscale bar, it was filled with allot of hotties ranging from 7-9. 5 minutes in the bar I noticed two HB 7.5 at the bar, I pointed to Raven and told him he should jump in. He walked over and threw my James Bond Opener which hooked. At this point Turtleneck Greg came over to me and said that we were bouncing because he said the bar was “PUA’d Out” he said he saw some guy use really bad stock material. I pointed to Raven and said that he was in a solid set, I then decided to wing him.

I walk over and tap Raven on the shoulder

“Hey dude, have you seen michelle?”

“No I think she went outside to get a smoke”

“Oh okay” I turn to leave…

“Hey wait up!” (grabs my arm and pulls me back) “ I want you to meet these cool girls, this is HB7 and HB7.1”

This was a beautiful wing. I have to say I was very impressed with both Raven and myself. It was like a ballet. So graceful and smooth.

Raven had given them nicknames but I decided to throw a line I had been thinking of.

“I don’t like those names, I think ill call you (Ravens target) Daphene and you (my target) Velma”

“ Velma?!” My target cries “Shes a nerd!”

“Yeah your the nerd of the two of you, i can see that” Raven chimes in

“Hey I think Velma is way sexier than Daphene, I love nerdy girls!”

She immediately begins to touch her hair. Holy Crap! I think to myself, this is a clear IOI.
As the conversation continues we talk allot, she is answering my questions and continuing with the conversation eagerly. We kino a little and at one point I lock in, but once again I hit my fucking sticking point, I get afraid to up the kino. When this happens its like the train derails, I begin to panic and have no idea what to do, this gets my in my head and out of state.

As Raven is continuing his set, i see that he is staying way to long in banter, so I tell him to do his ring routine and DHV, I can see the energy spike in both girls. I also whisper in his ear to kino his target.

The body language of my target said it all, the conversation died and she turned her back to me to look over the bar. I was crashing and burning. At this point I hear Ravens target mention her “husband” I knew we were both in trouble, I knew that Raven had been frustrated the last couple of days because of his platoe, so I did the ultimate wing move.

I point to Raven and tell my target.

“Do you know what my buddy here does for a living?”

“No what?”

“He works with kids with Autism”

“Oh my god! I am so impressed!” she squeels

“Yeah check this out, hey Raven! Tell her that story about what happened to you at work, this is awesome, your gonna freak”

At this point Dinno comes over and tells me that hes bouncing with his crew, I wish him well and hes off.

Raven tells his story and i lean back to the bar. My target is now all over Raven giving him heavy kino. I talked a little to Married HB but there was no energy and her eyes glassed over to the TV set to watch the baseball game. Yeah I was dead weight at this point. Raven then tried to pawn off my target toward me, HB Married then perked up, you could tell there was a jealousy plotline starting, my original target began scanning the room while i spoke to her. It was brutal.

Raven then pulls me aside

“Dude we should eject, your target is all over me”

“Buddy thats why i gave her to you”

“So you don’t mind if i number close her?”

“No way man, i would be pissed if you didn’t”

So Raven number closes, I was very proud of him. We then decide to hit Park. It was 11:30 and we new we would face a problem. T-Bone met us outside and casually strolls up to a group of HB6’s.

“Hey guys can you do me a favor? Can you walk in my buddies to the club?”


“Oh awesome this is Warlock and Raven, you guys rock”

We quickly entered club do to the fact that we were accompanied by women, it felt good to get revenge on the bouncer who has denied me access last Saturday. We entered park and it was not as packed as it had been on Friday, it seemed like everyone was already upstairs dancing. T-Bone did not want to hit upstairs because it was pretty loud and very packed.

I know allot of MPUA’s say that music doesn’t matter that all you have to do is project your voice. I do agree this is the case with loud bar music, I’m sorry but blaring dance music on the dance floor is just far to loud, I can barely hear myself screaming let alone some girl.

We quickly entered the bar area and began our approaches, we developed a new approach system based on round robin. Basically we each took turns approaching no one else could approach until it was their turn, this was basically peer pressure put to good use.

The AA Dragon had stirred. It was not happy, I was terrified to approach. T-Bone reopened a set he was conversing with, the girl was very talkative but it turned out she was married. Raven then hit up a seated set but it was blown out pretty quickly, turns out they didn’t speak allot of English.

It was my turn, I went to approach a two set, began walking and felt the hot breath of the AA dragon on my neck. I quickly did an about face. “Why is this so fucking hard?’ I thought to myself. We walked out to the patio to get a breather. T-Bone wasn’t letting up, I was going to approach, there were no if’s ands or buts about it. I spot a group of Asian girls, I’m going in I cried, Raven and T-Bone groaned (they hated Asian girls, both of them being Asian themselves) I counted to three and jumped in.

My delivery was horrible, I didn’t look them in the eye, my head felt like it weight 10 pounds because I felt my neck slump and my anxiety made me blurt out the words as fast as I could with a terrified smile.

“I dunno”
Blank Stares
“You serious you don’t know? Oh man” I felt my shoulders relax.

T-Bone then did the smoothest move, moved next to me, sat down casually, leaned back and crossed his legs.

He was Bond.

“Here’s the thing, I’m going for a new look tomorrow, who should I model myself after?”

They all light up. Smiles were everywhere now, when previously it had been faces of annoyance.
They answered but then bailed pretty quickly. Still it was impressive.

It was Raven’s turn. I pointed two another Asian 3 set. “Fuck” he said under his breath. He jumped in.
These girls were not happy. What im about to describe is probably the worst blow out I have seen.
The faces of the girls were of immediate annoyance and disgust. Two turned away and one literally just walked past him. Not even a look in his direction, it was as if he was beneath her.

You know I know that were not supposed to judge women here, I mean Style says “There are not bitches, only bad approaches” but I honestly was very angry at that girl for treating my friend like that.
Here’s the funny thing I have noticed about myself. When I get blown out or rejected I no longer take it personally, sure I may feel bad in the moment but it fades very quickly. So being ignored or given what I like to call Quasimodo face (where a girl gives you that look of disgust) doesn’t mess with my state of mind anymore. But I value my friendships and I take my friends being treated badly very personally.

Basically I hope karma works and she gets what she gives.

Raven wasn’t phased about what happened even though both me and T-Bone were shocked. “See this is why I hate Asian girls” Raven said. We all shrugged it off, I pointed to two white girls dressed in red, and said T-Bone go! He dives right in without fear. And once again his set hooked! They were laughing and having a good time. Then they leave.

“What happened? You were doing so good” I said

“Yeah they had to leave, I wanted to bring them over here but they wouldn’t budge. That’s my problem I don’t take it anywhere, I cant build comfort” he responded.

My next set was two girls sitting down, I approached and did the village people opener. One pretty much got bored and ignored me. The other answered my question, looking back I think I could have worked her. But I felt weird standing up with her sitting down and to be honest I just wanted to use up my turn. So I ejected.

Raven then approached a seated set. I give Raven points he’s not afraid of the dreaded seated set.
He later told me it went really well but because he couldn’t sit down, apparently there were no chairs. He felt his energy go down and he ejected.

It was my turn again, I was dreading it. I went to open up a set, but when I said “Hey guys..” The girls turned I was about to speak when I was interrupted by a waitress “ Excuse me! Coming Through” She tapped me on the shoulder I looked back she went past me, I turned to finish my opener and the girls were gone.

“FUCK!!!!!” I was so pissed all that AA fighting for nothing! Man major frustration.
I walked a little ripping my social proof, I walked up the stairs to open a two set but turned around in fear, I felt a kick in my leg. It was two HB7…

“Do you have a cigarette?”

No we all said.

“Come on I need one!” they whined.

T-Bone jumped in and began negging one of the girls, it was going good but a group of AMOG’s came down the stairs and stole T-Bones set. They had cigarettes. Im not sure if they were PUA’s or not, I had the sneaking suspicion that there were allot of PUA’s in park that night because I saw guy after guy approach set after set. One guy tried to open a girl with “What’s your name?” Yes I know brilliant.

T-Bone was pissed. I didn’t blame him but at the same time I think he put two much importance on the set. Still we have all been there.

A cute HB7 was about to walk by us when I stopped her and used the village people opener. She was very polite, T-Bone said it was a cold set but I disagree I think if I would have followed it up with a DHV routine or something I could have turned it.

It was T-Bones turned but his AA was high. He could not approach, finally I physically shoved him to a set and guess what? He opened! And HOOKED! I went in to wing him but it was rough, I was not in state and I mostly just stayed quiet. But T-Bone started strong and was doing well but he didn’t escalate, he told me he wasn’t interested in her, so we ejected.

At this point we called it a night. We all walked out, I asked the bouncer for a good dinner recommendation. We were about to leave when Raven spotted a girl crying up the block being surrounded by her female friends.

“T-Bone! Go approach her!”

We all made way toward her only to discover that the reason she was crying. She had stepped on some glass and was bleeding. You would think she was shot, the way this girl was carrying on. The girls were asking the bouncer for a first aid kit and he was trying to disown the problem.

“OW! OH GOD!! WHYYYYY!!! GOD WHYYYYY!!!!IT HURTS!!!! AAHH!!!!” she screamed.

T-Bone looked at Raven and said “Dude are you crazy I’m not going to open her…”

We left Nancy Carrigan and started walking toward the Dinner. We spot two HB9’s. Oh my god they had some kicking bodies. T-Bone bolts after them, Raven and I quickly follow haste. T-Bone then throws out his version of my Bond opener, and once again guys it hooks. These girls are all into this while were walking. But they get to their car and we say good bye.

Two minutes later T-Bone realized that he could have asked them to come with us to eat. He cursed himself out. I told him to learn from his mistake next time.

We got to the dinner and sat down to eat, behind us was a 3 set of Spanish girls. I told T-Bone to open cause he was closest. I noticed one of the girls smiled at me. But T-Bone refused. So we sat, ate, talked game, other PUA’s, and geeked out on comics and star wars.

Finally we called it a night. T-Bone and Raven drove me to the subway. T-Bone mentioned how happy he was to have met our little group. He said that sarging was now allot more fun for him. I said that we should name our group “The Legion Of SuperFreaks Sarge Team” just out of the sheer absurdity of it. We all laughed out loud at trying to say that with a straight face.

I then got on the subway and started my long ride home. The subway is a good way to unwind and go over the night in my head. I felt that I had solid interactions but still feel I have a long way to go. I worry that I might be my own worst enemy. I had talked to T-Bone about how I felt better a night I had absolute failure and felt like crap than when I had partial success.

T-Bone said that I might be becoming complacent and that being complacent wont make you learn because you wont push yourself. Am I complacent? I don’t solo sarge or do any day game. Am I floundering in my own small pond, instead of swimming for the ocean?

So much to consider.

Lets sum up shall we?

Sticking Point

– I am not escalating
– I am still not doing heavy kino
– I am ignoring IOI’s or worse am two scared to pull the trigger
– My delivery needs work
– I need to stop letting the train derail and let it take me out of state

Bonus Points

– I have amazing wing skills
– I don’t let rejection affect me after a set is over
– I had very good banter skills
– I was supported of my wings and gave them pep talks
– I was not easily led by other males


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