The Legion, Achilles and Golden Child Join Forces!! (05.13.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:40 pm (Field Report)

Special Note: When I first wrote this FR, I offended some of the legion with some statements it contained, since I don’t want to erase the report, I have edited the offensive part, I value my friends not my ego.

Saturday was movie day, I had planned to do a double feature with Caramel (get your head out of the gutter guys) we were going to see Speed Racer and Deception (a sexy thriller with Hugh Jackman playing a alpha male bad ass). On the way there I decided instead of walking all the way to the shuttle I would take the 7 train instead, I figured it would be faster…I figured wrong.

As I waited for the slowest train in NYC to arrive I spot a very cute HB6.5 waiting for the train. She had a very dorky look to her which I always dig. I had been reading “The Lay Guide” which is the book that inspired Neil Strauss to first start learning about the game. In it, it describes the 3 second rule, now the 3 second rule means you have to approach a woman in 3 seconds. What I didn’t know is that the rule stipulates that if you don’t approach, you have to pick another target.

Well I didn’t approach her in 3 seconds, I hesitated and then though about what I should do. Should I follow the 3 second rule and move on? That seemed a little counter intuitive, I mean doesn’t the rule wind up just becoming an excuse not to approach? And it seems tailored more toward night game (clubs, ect) than day game. What I had on my hands was a day game approach, something I had NEVER done.

I thought about having to think about how I did not approach this chick through out the day. I might as well approach, probably get blown out and move on with my day. So I pictured how the judge approaches, act like I’m lost and turn to her like i just noticed her. So I go over and act like I’m lost, I turn to her to act like I just noticed her but shes not facing me so the whole fancy approach was kinda wasted. I feel the Dragon start to roar, my heart is pounding, things are starting to blur but in my mind i figure “fuck I’m this close already I might as well open”. I tap her on the shoulder and say…

Me: Hey those are really cool glasses, what brand are they?

Her: Oh I have no idea, I got them at Wallgreens ~laughed~

Me: Oh ~chuckle~ I ask cause they look a little like mine, and these are Alan Arkin.

From her accent I could tell she was British (what a turn on!)

Me: How old are you by the way?

Her: Im 18

Me: Yeah I figured you were young, you look young, when I saw you i briefly thought you were 16 but you dressed more mature for a 16 year

She laughs at this. Hey this ain’t going so bad. Turns out shes not British, shes from South Africa! She also is staying in Connecticut (Fuck!) which kind of busted out any plans for me to number close (which i knew i could as the interaction continued). Also turns out shes an Opare! This continued the conversation for another 15 minutes when we got on the train, she actually almost fell and I grabbed her hand and kept her from falling (kino baby!). But I ejected from the set because it was useless to close a girl who:

A) Is below my age limit (I only want to date 21 and up)
B) Lives in Connecticut so even if we did hook up it would be too much
of a pain to see her

Speed Racer was not as bad as everyone is saying, yes it campy but it also has good acting and amazing effects. I dug it, I thought it was insanely faithful to the cartoon. Deception on the other hand was neither thrilling or sexy, seriously I expected lots of boobs and R-Rated sex scenes, two brief shots of boobs are an insult to the R rating! They should be ashamed of themselves.

We had dinner afterwards and I decided to hit the can. As I got there I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I didn’t like what i saw, I didn’t feel my shirt complimented me, in fact I felt it made me look chubbier than usual. My confidence started to drop, its almost funny how you can flip in a few seconds…almost.

We met up with Shiznets and Raven at Union Square.

I grabbed a cab for us, Martyr was not sarging tonight but wanted us to meet his AFC friends who were celebrating the announcement of one of their crews engagement at Park. In the cab Raven got a call, Golden Child and Achilles wanted to sarge with us. Shiz and I let out a girlish scream of joy. We were acting like we had just scored Hannah Montana tickets.

Shiz looked at Raven and said.

“You know dude when I look at you and think about how you used to look and now I don’t even recognize you. Your money!”

Both Shiz and I acted like proud parents to Raven. We were so proud of the progress he made.

Lady luck was on our side because we arrived at park early enough to avoid their retarded door policies. It was early so it wasn’t as packed as usual.
We met up with Martyr who was still a little down with yesterdays sarge. We also bumped into another PUA who is pretty popular on another board.
He was talking allot to Raven, I tried to socialize with him but this is what transpired.

Me: So you think there are any boot camps going on tonight?

PUA: I don’t do boot camps

Me: Oh, no dude i meant do you think there are any boot camps going on tonight.

PUA: Don’t know, don’t care, you know what you have to do when a boot
camp is going on?

Me: Uh no?

PUA: Fuck up their game

Me: Why would you want to intentionally fuck up someones game?

PUA: Well you don’t, just wait until they blow themselves out then you
can go in.

Me: uh…riiiight

My Douche Bag sense was tingling. Raven then commented about how Golden Child was right Park was “Asian’ed out” (Raven is Asian by the
way and so is this other PUA). I said I didn’t mind because I liked Asian girls.

PUA: (sarcastically) Oh you you got Asian fever?

This kinda ticked me off. My Douche Bag Alarm was going off:


I went to hang with Shiz, two girls looked over and checked him out, I told him to jump in, without hesitation he did. And he hooked, Raven came up to me to help him find sets. We walked a bit to the bar and I spotted a 4 set. But Raven was too intimidated by the size of the set. Raven started to get upset, I told him to chill because we were going to hang with G.C and A in a bit so we would get sets in. I told him to go hang with Martyr for a bit. He said I was right and went to hang out with Martyr and Caramel. I decided to wing Shiznets.

When I entered his set, the set seemed to be dying. Shiznets had lost attraction and the women turned out to both be in “5 year” commitments. The whole issue of marriage came up and Shiznets was dead set against it. So we got blown out. We decided to hang out with Martyr and his crew who were stand up guys. Caramel was having a good time as well, talking to guys like crazy. She knew how to work the room. I spot two HB7’s standing and talking alone. I tell Raven to go in, he hesitates.
I tell him…

“Dude just approach and get blown out, the more you blow yourself out, the more it will be out of your system until we meet the guys later”

He agrees and jumps in, to his surprise he hooks. He used the “Fuck You” opener that the Judge invented for us. I knew he was solid when they both bust out laughing apparently, he told them the story of my friend who would respond to fuck you with “When and Where?”. Note to self must use this bit in routine.

After a while though he gets blown out, once again its because he is not kino escalating.

At this point Raven and I were waiting by the phone anxiously awaiting G.C text to the meet up location, we got it. R-Bar located in the Bowery. We all got up, said our farewells to Martyr and jumped into a cab. On the way there Shiznets started talking to us about how he had sex in a movie theater the night before with his fuck buddy. As always it was a rocking story told by a rocking PUA known as Shiznets. This had a snowball effect and for the entire cab ride all that was the topic of conversation was sex. Even the cab driver was into it, much to my horror (no one is sleazier than a horny cab driver), he told Shiznets he could have sex in his cab but he had to watch.

Lets take a moment here to all say


The vibe in the cab was crazy, Raven and Shiznets started pointing out girls they wanted to fuck. Finally Caramel had enough, she stuck her
head out the window looked at group of guys and said


They all responded with hoop and hollering.

“Okay were here” the cab driver said not 2 seconds after Caramels outburst.

“WHAT?!” Caramel said in shock.

Yep we had to get out in front of the guys who Caramel just screamed at. She was redder than a radish. At this point Caramel said she was horny from all the sex talk. Shiznets then slapped her ass. We all then took turns slapping Caramels ass for fun. She was not thrilled.

But R-Bar was not located exactly where Golden Child had told us. I wound up opening and asking a HB8 where the R-Bar was, she helped us out and gave us directions. I told her she was a superhero and she should call herself Direction Girl. She thought this was pretty funny. We said goodbye to Direction Girl and walked up the street and found R-Bar.

Then we encountered another problem, unless you were there for a private party or someone would come out to get you, we weren’t getting in. We desperately tried to call and text Golden Child but he wasn’t responding. The God’s smiled on us because the bouncers felt bad for us and let us in with VIP passes! Wow maybe my luck with bouncers is changing!

Let me now take a break and talk about what I thought Golden Child looked like.

From the boards and posts I thought Golden Child would look like a Italian guido looking player. Raven then told me that he was built so I thought he was some muscular Italian dude who said “Forget about it” allot.

Lets get back to the story.

I walk into R-Bar and I felt like Mystery walking into the club because this place was fucking pimp! Everything was red and smooth looking. It looked like the type of bar I picture TV types to hang in. We followed Raven and eventually found Golden Child.

Yep once again I was completely wrong. Golden Child looked like a gigantic frat boy, you know one of those guys who is the leader of a fraternity and calls the shots behind the scenes… you know like in Skulls.

He looks at me and he just says “Warlock!” and gives me a hug. Man do I have Warlock tattooed on my face? Achilles greets us as well, as always the dude is styled out. We talk for a while. Golden Child says my reports are “sick”. As we are talking Achilles opens a set. Hes the man, he has her completely where he wants her, I almost feel sorry for her, the man is a pimp. In the middle of a conversation Golden Child tells us he has to wing Achilles or else he will get blown out. He jumps in and Shiz and I are freaking out, its like were both 10 and watching Hulk Hogan team up with Junkyard Dog against Randy Savage. Its beautiful.

Shiznets is so in awe that he starts to circle them while there in set trying to hear and observe their style. Raven and I are just laid back and watching them from a distance. Shiznets is excited, hes inspired, he grabs me and tells me to wing him. We approach the hottest girls in the club in the complete wrong way. I knew we would
get blown out, we just walk up to them not indirect not over the shoulder but just straight up, the body language from them was not good. Shiznets thought if he was high energy and plowed they would flip but they didn’t and of course we were blown out. We didn’t care.

We go back and Golden Child and Achilles are out of the set. We talk for a bit and I realize that Caramel is sarging guys in the club! Golden Child decides to make his move on the same hot girls we approached. Turns out he had his eye on her for a while but wanted to build social proof before approaching….genius!

Raven and I are talking when I spot a girl who Achilles called “The Make Out Girl” shes tipsy but acting “drunk” I call her over and give her a high five then i twirl her and she smiles and gives me a peck on the cheek. I hug her and show her off to Raven telling him shes a sweetheart.

Raven is blown away. Hell to a certain extent so am I. I just realized that this girl was really needy and wanted to feel like a sexy princess. Hence why after I treated her like one, she gave me a peck on the cheek. I then tell Raven watch this and proceed to twirl her and let her dance, but this chick is so tipsy or self absorbed that
shes slamming into people and spilling her drink everywhere, when she slams into Achilles target, I’ve had enough and let her go.

She then points to a chubby chode guy who is sitting at the bar by himself with a drink to his chest. She smiles and points at him and starts to try to dance seductively which was quite amateurish. This guy is eying her like a tiger looking at a t-bone after not eating for 2 days. It was so creepy, I wondered I looked like that in my AFC
days. He tries to grab her almost like reaching for glass of water like hes dying of thirst. Her friend comes in and slaps his hand away and calls him a creep. She doesn’t care, shes not aware of whats going on around her. Her friend is annoyed and walks away in disgust. Shiznets then comes in and starts dirty dancing with her, spilling beer and drinks everywhere.

So he gets blown out (Thank God cause I was tired of getting wet).

Raven and I decide to go sarge in the VIP area but when we get there our AA is so bad neither of us can go up to a girl to open, we both go blank and have no idea what to say. We get frustrated and leave. At this point things start to blur. I’m not feeling so hot, I feel like I might have wasted my mojo earlier in the day and maybe i wasn’t
going to get it back tonight. I though true that would suck especially since I wanted to make a good impression on Golden Child and Achilles, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

I wanted to learn from these guys and wanted to show them that I could learn.

Some how I lost Raven in the crowd, I got Shiznets and tell him about the high five move, he goes up to a cute little red headed girl. And goes


She looks at him strangely, she start to walk away

“HEY, come here”

She approaches him with hesitation. He high fives her, spins her and begins to dance and talk with her.

He hooked, hes money.

Golden Child and Achilles start talking about whats going on. Its been a while and Shiznets is not closing. I turn over my shoulder and yell out “PULL THE TRIGGER!”. I do this twice and he either ignores me or cant hear me because he doesn’t. After a bit she gets bored and leaves. Hes been blown out.

Golden Child is sarging 3 girls at this point, I have lost both Caramel, Raven and Achilles at this point. Golden Child ends his set, I think he number closed but I didn’t ask,
he tells me we need to bounce. We go to try to find the rest of everyone. So we hit the VIP section. Golden Child looks at me tells me, that hes going to make me a approach machine, I feel my stomach knot.

He asks me what I think my game is, I say 4, he says that my game is a 10 and that for tonight my game is elevated to a 10. I know what hes doing I have seen the same video of Tim in transformations. I tell him okay but inside I’m like “This dude is crazy, I’m clearly less experienced than him, I’m a 4 maybe in a few months ill be a 7”

He then tells me to pick a girl I like, I look around and don’t really see anything I want to approach and tell him, he tells me I am rationalizing which makes sense. Suddenly a 8.5 blond walks bye, i point at her and say her. Golden Child calls her to ask for gum, she starts screaming


Hes not phased, “No you don’t understand…”

Shes gone. Hes doesn’t care, neither do I really. He asks me how I feel, I tell him I’m cool, he says that the exact attitude I need.

We decide to bounce and we grab Shiznets go outside to meet Caramel. Once outside we text Raven and Achilles. As were talking, Golden Child sarges two girls next to
us, they are both blond HB 7.5, they are into him, I see the puppy dog eyes they give him. God hes good.

He ejects from the set after her gets what he wants and continues to talk to us. Both Shiz and I are amazed by these feats hes doing. After a bit Achilles and Raven come out. Turns out they were in the back twirling girls.

We decide to go to some more bars, on the way there were talking, Caramel bonds with Achilles and Golden Child. She says she needs a break from us because shes becoming a PUA and needs some girl time. We all crack up about that.

We wind up at the same spot that the Bum hit on Caramel and Martyr. Golden Child makes Caramel give us missions. I break out into a cold sweat. She tells Raven that he needs to number close and that Shiz and I should kiss close.

“WHAT?! Dude I’ve never kissed closed before!” I say

“Then tonight is the night you do” Golden Child says

The AA dragon is circling.

We go in and the place is pretty dead for sets. We hit the back and see that its a little more livelier but not by much. Golden Child tells me to approach a set he picked but I confuse my left for my right and bump into Achilles, we start talking about Iron Man and Sam Jackson. It was cool. I look and see that Shiz is in a set with a HB8.5, hes doing pretty well and wound up number closing.

Both Achilles and I look over to the set I was supposed to open to see a PUA doing Mysteries photo routine. This guy is a pro and is working the girls like a MPUA. The girls are mostly HB8’s by the way. While Golden Child, Shiznets and Achilles are talking, I go to hang with Raven.

Raven looks at me and says..

Raven: Okay I’m going to open that seated set, HB6 is my target, HB6.5 is your target.

Me: Okay..dude what should I do?

Raven: Ill open and sit, you count to 30 seconds then come over and sit down and say “Hey who are your friends”

Me: Okay…~sweating with panic~

Raven opens and I figured I wouldn’t even make it to 15 before he got blown out. I was already on a minute and 30 seconds and counting before I realized he wasn’t getting blown out. I said fuck it, went over and sat down next to my target. My brilliant opener was looking at Raven and saying…

“Hey dude did you know they served French fries here? Sweet!”

My God, I’m such a genius….dork. My target is hostile, she is not please we have invaded her space. It turns out their on vacation from Russia. She is giving me shit, I look at her earing’s and say

“Hey is that a four leaf clover earing’s?”


I touch her ear and her earing’s.

“Your earing is this a four leaf clover?”

“Oh no everyone thinks that but if you notice its 3 leaf”

“Oh yeah”

“Yeah same with my necklace she says touching it, people think I’m Irish”

“What are you?”


I try to talk about other things but shes very non responsive. So I decide to do the following.

“Show me your smile”

~smug laugh~ “No”

I look over Golden Child and Achilles are giving me thumbs up. Oh boy.

“No you don’t understand….you have something in your teeth”

“Yeah right”

“Okay” I shrug

She looks over to her friend.

“Do I really have something in my teeth?”

“Yes you do”

Yeah it was mean but I did it anyway. Of course we both eject because Raven wasn’t going anywhere with his target. Golden Child and Achilles give us thumbs up for just sitting down. It was nice. We go to the front and Caramel is talking to some girls. We enter the set, Raven sits down to the target I wanted a really hot brunette that reminded me of Betty Page. I am stuck with the two obstacles, the conversation is okay but pretty bland, I try to spice it up by trying to teach them salsa but they are having none of that. Achilles gives me props for trying, we all eject.

We all bounce again and Golden Child wants to hit a bar called Happy Endings. But we don’t know where it is, Golden Child starts going up to girls asking how to get to Happy Endings, they look at him like hes an asshole, once he explains it though they crack up. We also bumped into an old friend of his. Achilles is awesome hes just talking to girls in the street making them laugh. Its awesome.

Golden Child picks a random bar and I learn why he is so golden because this is where everything changed.

We enter the bar and its not too packed. Its a decent place. Golden tells us to sarge, I tell him that theres nothing to sarge, he calls me on my bullshit. I look and see a two set in the corner behind Shiznets. This is what transpired…

Me: Dude theres a two set behind you, turn around and approach

Shiz: What?

Me: Theres a two set behind you turn around and approach

Shiz turns to look to the right

Shiz: Where?

Me: Dude! Don’t look just turn around and open..

Shiz turns to look to the left

Shiz: I don’t see it.

Me: Fucking A…

I go behind him and approach the set to get myself blown out. I was so annoyed at this point that I wanted to go in, get blown out and go to him and say “IT WAS BEHIND YOU SEE!”

Me: Hey!

HB7.5: Hey!

I see that they are wearing glow stick crosses.

Me: Where did you get those? Those are cool

HB7.5: Oh someone gave them to us when we came in, Whats your name?

Limiting Daemon woke up at this point.

Wait? What?

Me: Warlock whats yours?

HB7.5: ~BLEEP~

Me: Hey thats a guys name!

HB7.5: No its not! I didn’t meet any guy with that name till high school and then I told him he had a girls name.

We both laughed, she was really cool, turns out shes a counselor who works in the Bronx. She then looks at me and says..

HB7.5: You know what I want you to have this, but you have to promise
to wear it all the time.

She gives me the glow cross.

The limiting Daemon.

Are you shitting me?!

Me: Are you…er I mean…really?

HB7.5: Yeah

Me: Okay cool.

She then gets distracted by her friends, I figure oh well got blown out, whatever and go to the guys. I show them the cross and tell them
what happened. I then, wing Shiz in a set, I learned a new compliance test in this sarge. I high fived my target (who was a HB8) then I
interlocked our fingers and she complied.

My target got a phone call and bailed. So did I. I went to speak to Achilles and Raven when HB7.5 walks by, I grab her and say..

Me: Hey HB check this out, these are my buddies Achilles and Raven, You guys this is the HB who gave me the cross

HB7.5: Yeah I don’t mind, I’m a Scientologist.

Raven: LOL, Damn that Tom Cruise!

Golden Child walks in and I go

Me: Hey Golden Child this is HB, shes my wife

I put my arm around her.

HB: Yes darling, see his cross is out wedding ring

She put her arm around mine

We go into this whole spiel with Golden Child about how were going to get married. He actually ejected and were still talking about this. I say I want us to get married in Vegas by Elvis and she says only if she can dress like Madonna from “Like A Virgin” for the ceremony. Shes completely into this, we talk about kids and adopting, I say it has to be a Chinese baby, she says South African.

My limiting belief daemon is doing math to try to figure out how this is happening.

I introduce her to Caramel, because shes obviously my sister in law. Its a amazing sight how this girl is just furthering the role playing. At one point she looks at me says

HB: So how am I getting to your place tonight?

Limiting Belief Deamon


Me: Oh darling thats easy I want to take you back to my place in style, were taking a train but not just any train, the 5 train! Well have an entire cart to ourselves, and entertainment! We will have musicians, dancing and people acting! All for you my darling! The sky is the limits!

She is digging me throwing out this insane stuff.

At one point during the conversation I hear Golden Child behind me say, Kino! So I kino by putting my arm around her. Then he says “Pull Her Hair”. In my head I’m going…

Are you out of your fucking mind? I’m in uncharted waters here! Your asking me to jump into a dark cave when I’m already in a swamp that is dark and uncertain.

This was my first mistake. I put value in her approval, I gave away my control because I was too invested, a real PUA is willing to walk away. I wasn’t.

I then look at her and say

Me: You know what, you gave me something to show your love for me, let me do the same.

I take out the temp tattoos and tell her that she needs to get a tattoo, she loves it. She then asks me where I got the tattoos I tell her I was babysitting my cousins and put them in my pocket and realized I still had them today.

She says

HB: So your saying you stole from children

This was a shit test, my reply

Me: Yes I steal from children and have no problem with that.

She laughed.

I asked her were she wanted the tattoo

HB: Oh my breast of course.

Limiting Daemon


Yes I wound up applying a temporary tattoo to a womans breast, in a bar. In my head my mind was screaming.


I gave her an American Flag, Her friend comes over and I am introduced. Looking back now, her friend was probably coming in to see if I was an okay guy. I’m introduced as her husband which makes her friend laugh and she shows off her tattoo the friend wants one to, so I apply one as well, to her arm. My HB then tells me that her friend
is gay lover and asks me if I’m okay with that.

This was another shit test. And I failed, I should have seen it coming but because I was so invested I got blinded. I told her I would need to join them she said I could watch thats it. I said okay. This was mistake #2.

Raven tries to wing me at this point but he cant save the set at this point and the friend drags away my target, as shes being dragged away she tells me she will
be right back.

I turn and get the welcome of a hero by the guys. Golden Child tells me we are bouncing and I should close. I tell him I have no problem with that, Raven asks me if I think he can # close his target. So I tell to go for it. Golden Child tells him to tell her that hes taking her to this amazing place called Starbucks, its a Jeffy line.

And this is how I fucked up the close also known as mistake #3, I tried to close in front of her friends. She hesitates and tells me to give her my number. While I am doing this the two chodes that are with her go ape shit. One in a drunken stupor says “NO NUMMMBeeeeerzzzz” I ignore him and act like hes not even there. I’m talking to her, I’m
not fazed she acts the same way. The guy then tries to take the pen away from her, her friend comes in and stops him, telling him to let her “do her business”. She writes down my number and gives me a kiss near the lips.

I bounce.

I only recently learned what happened on Ravens end of the close. When he tried to number close his target, she laughed at the starbucks joke but declined to give him her number. At this point one of the chodes takes out his digital camera and flashes Raven directly in the eye, blinding him. At first he thought it was a accident but it was only
when he was down the street did he realize that they had tooled him. When he realized it, it got into his head and ruined his night.

We walk down to another bar, and bump into some friends from Ravens old high school, they were really cool guys. I point a girl out to Golden Child and say shes cute, he tells me to approach. I reply that its too late theres a guy there. He says I should anyway. So without thinking I go over and sit down. I say Hi, she says Hi and I say

Me: Hey so check this out, this girl I don’t know gave me this cross. I’ve never had that happen to me.

Her: Oh wow cool

The opener hooked but I felt uncomfortable talking to a girl with a guy around so I ejected. I got props from Golden Child so its all good, he told me to pick a set out for him, the place was pretty bare, mostly guys. I told him to approach the only blond in the room. He sat down and started talking to her. Then her boyfriend came by, Golden
Child was not fazed.

According to Golden Child this is what transpired….

El Douche: Hey thats my girl
GC: cool dude, I’m just keeping her company shes a cool girl
El Douche: …..
GC Smiles
El Douche: (looks at the girl) Lets go I got to get my nut off!!!

He grabs her and leaves. Gee isn’t that guy a keeper? We all have a laugh about it and take off.

When we leave the bar, we all decided to hit a dinner that Achilles knew about, we head down there and get a seat, turns out the place is a bar/dinner. The food was fucking horrible but we had such a blast talking about the night. Shiz and Raven were grilling the guys on game. I had questions myself but I didn’t ask them. It was mostly for 2 reasons.

1)I like these guys and don’t want them to think that I’m a value take
and only hung out with them because of what they know, instead of who
they are.

2)Every question I had I didn’t want answered right away. I liked the
fact that I learned allot tonight, let me open my gifts one at a time
and saver them, thats the fun part.

Golden Child said that we had impressed the shit out of him. I think we were all dumb founded, I mean these guys were guys we looked up to, hard core PUA’s and they said we impressed them. We all felt like the shit there.

It was late so we all headed home. It was day light when my train reached the Bronx. All I could think off was how amazing the night had been. My sense of reality had melted and my mind was trying to backward rationalize the insane things that happened. For the rest of the weekend I had to wrap my mind around the fact that I had built a shit load of attraction with a gorgeous woman.

The days that have followed have been different. Its funny my mind still tries to rationalize the events of Saturday making up excuses.

She felt sorry for me
She was drunk
She was making her BF jealous

But all of this is bullshit, she just found me attractive. I am so socially conditioned to think that I am not attractive. That its wrong for me to approach a woman. Hence my AA and my fluctuations in state. This is why its so important for me and everyone who feels this way to go out every weekend and train my body to go against these social
conditioning thought.

Lets Sum Up Shall We?

Sticking Points
1)Need to work on delivery
2)Still Have AA
3)Need to get over shit tests
4)Need to learn to be able to walk away

Bonus Points
1)I built attraction
2)I built comfort
3)I kinod pretty well
4)I got pecked on the cheek, true not a kiss close but a start


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