The Legion sets sail with Love Pirate and meets JLAIX (5.18.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:42 pm (Field Report)

Yet another weird week for me with work and all. On Thursday I attended the Jeffy freedom tour. It was a very impressive sales pitch and yes it was a sales pitch even Jlax himself said It up front “I’m not going to insult your intelligence here guys”. I spent allot of time with Blizz who was an awesome guy and got to talk game with OnetrueMatt. The Jeffy session was allot of fun, he kept us laughing and having a good time. I also learned something really key to my game.

“When a girl is giving you a shit test or compliance test as I like to call it…” Jeffy stated
“It means that she honestly feels like you have a chance, she wouldn’t test you if you didn’t”

I felt a click in my head go off, when he said this.

“The fact that you got the test means there’s already attraction, so if you pass it, its only going to enhance the chemistry between you two”

I learned some good responses from women. For example I now know how to reply to this:

Woman: “Are you gay?”

Me: “Pfftt! I am now”

Or if a girl tries to tool you, you should say

“Hmm that reminds me of an old saying…fuck you”

On Friday I woke up and just wanted to sarge. I wanted to get shit tests and blown out by girls, the more experience I got then the more I would learn and get it better. I first realized that it would be a good day when on the subway commute to work a tall blue eyed, blond HB 7 walked in and looked down on me briefly and smiled.

Hmm okay this is a passive IOI

I cooly took out my ear plugs, looked at her, then looked at her ring. I pointed and said.

“You know…that’s a real bad ass ring you got there” I realize now that as I said this I was calm and spaced out my words.

“Oh MY GOD! You’re the first person to notice!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!” She went on to say that she moved to NYC a few months ago from Connecticut and that she had gotten the ring from a client of hers who cut her a sweet deal, 500 bucks for a 2k ring! She commented on my glow stick cross. We talked for a bit and her stop came up. I could tell she was hesitating wether to leave or stay. Looking back now I should have gone with her but at the time I was running late for work. First lesson of the day, closing is the most important thing of the day…unless if your shot….wait…no if your shot then I guess you really have to eject.

Love Pirate had called me and kept me talking the night before talking about game. I swear if you ever start talking to Love Pirate your just not going to want to stop. He is just naturally blessed with the art of gab. I was psyched to get to sarge with Love Pirate and both Martyr and Raven had confirmed that they would also be attending. I was happy that we would all be together to sarge, I was also told that another PUA would be joining us Ray.

Now I have to stop here and just say I have decided to give Ray a new nickname. After meeting the guy, I don’t think Ray does his game or the man himself justice. So from now on I will call Ray….THE UNDERTAKER! Cause he is a bad ass in his game.

I decided to waste time around the city until 9:30 when I would meet up with the Legion. This turned out to be not a great idea cause the weather was pure shit on Friday. It was raining, windy and cold. But like a true Legionare neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow will keep me from sarging. So I spent a few hours in bookstores, Starbucks and the best place for a PUA…the magic shop! I got some good DHV tricks that will be fun to throw out in the field.

Finally its nearly 10pm, everyone was running late. So I decide to head upstairs and hang around. When the elevator doors open the first person I see is Jeffy! In set! Yes that’s right, it just so happened that RSD was doing a boot camp that night. That’s not all apparently a Mystery Method boot camp was also going on and I saw the independent tall blond PUA instructor who I encountered in the newbie sarge. I saw his student and my heart went out to the guy, he looked incredibly depressed and I could see the AA dragon was the size of Godzilla on this guys back. I was annoyed at the instructor but he seemed more interested in gamming and trying to impress Jeffy than helping out his student and pushing him in sets.

I watched Jeffy for a while until the guys arrived. We said our hellos and I said I was going to go into set. I spotted a HB7.5 and a small cutey Asian HB7. I dug her cause she had glasses. Anyhoo I told the guys I was going into set, I walked over and told the girl.

Me: Hey what is that your drinking?

HB7.5: You wouldn’t like it

Me: Oh don’t be so sure, my friends call me the “Girly Drink Drunk”

(HB Asian starts laughing)

HB7.5: (slightly amused) Well then maybe you would like it, it’s a (some stupid martini name)

Me: Oh I don’t know I only drink, drinks with little umbrellas.

(HB Asian is cracking up)

HB7.5: I don’t think they serve any drinks with umbrellas here

Me: Yeah that’s why I go high class places where they make drinks with umbrellas.

HB7.5: Hmm

At this point I ejected, HB7.5 was pretty cold. Looking back I realized I should have just started a conversation with HB Asian when HB7.5 gave me attitude, and locked out HB7.5, I was catering to her when she didn’t deserve my attention. I said my goodbyes and went to talk to the guys, Love Pirate arrived and we all spoke for a while.

I pointed a set for Love Pirate, it was a older HB with a hat, Love Pirate told us to give him a few seconds to get into state. But when we turned to look, we saw that the set had gone to the corner to stand and talk. Love Pirate was not deterred, he said “Okay I’m going in”

We are all looking at him thinking, man he’s going to get blown out. But what he does is pretty genius, as he walks into the group, I see the women give each other faces like “Oh god here comes another guy to hit on us” but Love Pirate walks right past them and grabs the door behind them to open it (which of course is closed), this completely disarms the women because they immediately think that they are arrogant for thinking that they were going to be hit on. He opens the set and they are hooked. I decide to open two very tall women standing.

So I go over and say

Me: Hey really quick, I have to know. How tall are you?

Giant HB7: Im 6’8 (she has a European accent…uh oh)

Me: Cool. Is that with your heals or without (god this is a boring conversation)

I look down

Me: Oh wow your not even wearing any heals (why am I saying this?)

I look up, she has turned her back on me. I have been blown out.

Oh well. So I bounce back to the guys. I’m pumped and ready to go for more. I want shit tests thrown at me
I want to get blown out, the more sets the better I get, the better I get the closer it will be to the day when I will not be blown out again. I spot two HB7’s. I go in.

Me: Hey guys, real quick what’s a good come back to “Fuck You?”

It hooks they start replying to the opener and I was about to jump into a new thread when I feel a tap on my shoulder. It’s the Undertaker… fuck he’s come in to early. But I bring him in because I know he has AA and I want him to get into a set so he can get over it. He asks who’s the good one and bad one. I didn’t know that this was a PUA routine, at the time I just thought it was just regular banter, although I was confused as to why he brought it up so early when it was pretty clear I had just opened the set and didn’t have enough rapport to say that. I through out my Velma and Daphne bit to let him know that Velma was my target because it felt more subtle. We kept going into who they were naming new shows to name each other but that was a mistake it went to long.

I expect the Undertaker to suggest a new thread but he mostly stayed quiet or suggested threads that weren’t very interesting. I think the reason why it was so rough to wing each other because we had really just met and didn’t know each others vibes. I always think that winging each other is like acrobatics, you really need to know your partner before you can do it, I mean sometimes if your lucky it works but a wing dynamic is something is built overtime.

It was a little rough at first, I’m pretty sure that the girls didn’t know what to make of us. Turns out they were Canadian and in town for a small time. But then something interesting happened. Some how after plowing I got into a thread about how old I am. When my target heard my age she tried to shoot me a shit test.

Her: Wow your really old? (her tone was one trying to tool me)

Me: Oh I know right! (sarcastically) I just come here to hit on younger women.

They were pretty amused and I could tell I scored some major points with her. But I was bored with the conversation and I could tell The Undertaker was not digging the set so we ejected. They were clearly surprised that I ejected from the set. My target leaned in very closely to me and kinoed me when I said goodbye.

We went back to the group and talked for a bit. I spot a group of HB8’s and 9’s, Martyr tells me to open them and I suddenly feel the AA dragon wake up.

Wait I thought I killed you?

I’m not dead yet!!

I was paralyzed I could not open them. This is new I have no AA but when a woman is a HB8’s suddenly I get AA? None of the other guys could open them and Love Pirate was in set. We then head to what I like to call the hot room of plunge. It’s the large seated area of plunge. I call it the hot room because there are allot of hot women there.

I’m between two sets, one is two blonds HB8 and HB7 and two brunettes HB7 and HB7.5. Martyr tells me to open, I still have AA.

“I don’t know what to say”

“Just say anything”


I turn and open the brunettes with my James bond opener, its not going well. I don’t like the opener and only said it because it was the first thing that popped into my head. They are not responding well and I am just babbling trying to milk the opener as much as I can, which is never a good idea. They turn and give their backs to me. Im out!

I am psyched, I am ready to just get blown out again. I turn to the blonds and say.

Me: Hey guys (took me a bit to get my voice up because I wasn’t projecting) real quick, I need to tell you guys something.

They look at me but instead of a face of annoyed they would be hit on, it’s a face of curiosity.

Me: I just have to say that you really need to do something about that ring because oh my god it is blinding ME!!!

They start cracking up. Me and Martyr are talking about how huge their engagement rings are. Turns out they are both married. The interaction is great. I am making them laugh by saying that its obvious they are trying to make the women jealous with their bling. I’m making exaggerated hand movements imitating them. They love me and are kinoing me. At one point one says

HB8: Oh no we are happily married
Martyr: hey you don’t have to defend yourself
Me: Sweetie with a rock that big, it must be a good marriage!

More laughter. We eject but tell them that if any guys try to hit on them we will chase them off. We do our best tough guy voices which cause more laughter. Yeah are feeling high. Thinking back now I realize we could have pawned them (turned them into pivots) and used them to give us more social proof.

As we get out of set we bump into Love Pirate and talk for a bit. I spot the group HB8’s I couldn’t approach earlier and point it out to Love Pirate, I tell him to go in because I know I’m not going to anytime soon and I would hate to see some boot camp go in and fuck it up.

Love Pirate goes in and hooks pretty well. The hottest woman in the group turned out to be the mom of the other two girls. She is kinoing Love Pirate and talking pretty close to his ear. The guys are impressed and so am I. After a while we decide to roam for more sets while Martyr goes to the bathroom. We walk around and I spot a mixed set (3 girls and one guy). I want to approach because I suddenly get the idea for an opener, but I don’t because of the guy. We head back to the hot room and meet Martyr who tells us that Jeffy saw him coming out of the bathroom and complimented him on his peacocking style. I was so jealous!

I turn to Martyr and tell him I need his help. I bring him to the other side of the bar near the mixed set and tell him to give me moral support. I turn to the group, smile and say.
Me: Hey guys! Real quick, help us settle a debate here.

They all look at us with curiosity.

Me: Okay who is the leader here? I bet people think its you (pointing at the tall one) but I’m sure its really you! (smallest one) You look like you could have a napoleon complex.

They all bust out laughing. Man I have to trust my noggin more often.

We bantered with them for a bit but I was so impressed with the reaction I got, that I was stumped on how to stack forward so I ejected. Walking around with the guys I had small interactions with women like smiling and saying hi or throwing the occasional joke here and there but no solid sets. I had lost my energy from the location and so had the guys. Except Love Pirate who entered the mother of all sets. He kept telling us not to leave to stay because Plunge was hot he said.

Martyr and I went and talked to Jeffy for a bit, Martyr had gotten blown out by being called on being part of the community by a mixed set of a-holes. In the middle of the interaction they asked him in a flippant tone who he thought was better Mystery or Juggler. Martyr ignored it and stacked forward then ejected. Jeffy was really cool, he remembered me from the seminar and told Martyr that next time that happens he should say

“I think your confused, see I’m not a PUA, I’m a sexual predator (stare at them for a few seconds) where do you live? (give them a creepy smile)”

Jeffy had to continue with his boot camp so he excused himself. We went and found the rest of the guys, Raven and I were watching Love Pirate and he waved for us to handle his obstacle. I went to say hi and she pushed me out of the way saying “Excuse me” quite rudely.

Oh you want to play with me missy? LET PLAY!!!

So I sat down with raven in her seat. She came back and she was like

“No! No! Get out!”

“What? Huh?”

“These are our seats! You have to leave” (notice she’s alone while she’s saying this)

“What? Huh?”


“What? Huh?”

Love Pirate tells me to let the young lady sit, so I move to the side to give her a seat on the couch.

“NO YOU HAVE TO LEAVE?!” Shes pissed.


“Because my friends going to sit there”

“Okay so when your friend comes ill get up and give her my seat”

“What? Huh?”

“You’re a jerk!”

I laugh in her face!


“No, hey Dave what‘s up with her?”

“Is this your friend?” she asks Love Pirate

“Yeah that’s David” he says sweating.

“Move next to him then”

“No I’m fine here thanks”

“MOVE!” she hits my shoulder with her umbrella lightly


She gets annoyed and her friend gets up and talks to her, they leave to make a phone call. Love Pirate tells me that she was a bitch because one of the girls in the group said she was tired got up and just left, leaving her cell behind which freaked out the mother hen. Looking back, I was just being a dick. On the one hand I enjoyed fucking with her because I felt I was somehow proving to myself that someone being rude to me didn’t matter and I wanted to make her pay like the other times I had been tooled.

It was immature and dumb, I should have let it go when she first brushed past me. But my ego wouldn’t let me, I need to watch out for that.

So we decide enough is enough, we need to bounce. So we say our goodbyes to L.P and head out. But we didn’t realize how late it was (2am). Its still raining a little and cold, I wanted to hit Sutton but obviously with the rain it would be dead so we decide to hit Ludlow street and Spitzers. We drive over but Spitzers is dead and so are allot of the other bars in the area, we wind up at Pianos and its decent but I am exhausted at this point. My energy is dead, its been too long between sets. The Undertaker opens a two set (Indian and Asian HB6 and HB 6.5) and I go in to wing him. I didn’t know who his target was, I thought it was the Asia, so I neg the Indian one but that was a mistake, I over negged and could tell she was really turned off by me. Undertaker starts interacting with the HB Indian and I start talking to the HB6.5 Asian girl.

Its rough, I dig her but I am out of state and things are not flowing at one point she says in grad school and is studying research. I figure Martyr might do better than I am doing in the set. So I tell her to wait a second and go to find Martyr (contrary to popular belief I did not “Run Away”) I come back and the interaction picks up quite considerably, I eject. 15 minutes later Martyr ejects, he says she’s not his type. Oh well.

I tell Martyr I am ready to call it a night. Raven and Undertaker open some sets and stay for a bit then we all decide to bounce. We have some Mcdonalds talk for a bit and head home. We had some solid conversations in the car. I catch my train and fall a sleep on the train. I felt it was a good night and felt bad I couldn’t sarge the rest of the weekend due to finals. I feel like I need to keep the ball rolling for me to learn. I wish I was rich so I could just sarge every night. If only right?

Lets Sum Up

Sticking Points

1) Didn’t push my sets and ejected prematurely
2) Missed an opportunity to pawn
3) Lost my energy
4) Had AA with high quality sets

Bonus Points
1) Hooked allot of my sets
2) Got kino from girls
3) Passed shit tests and got a women to lean in while speaking to me
4) Made them laugh
5) Had very little AA, I learned to keep the dragon at bay


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