The Legions Secret Weapon The Power of The Pivot! (4.23.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:23 pm (Field Report)

I woke up the next day too early for my own good. It was 10 am and I needed to get ready to hit the comic con. I was covering it for a website and needed to be early to get my press badge. As I got ready I felt myself getting depressed. I was fighting it with every ounce of my being. I would argue with myself, do mantras, listen to music to get me feeling good. But it was coming and I didn’t know I could stop it.

On the way there I got a call from an old friend who I shall call Caramel. Caramel was a coworker I used to work with, we developed a close friendship and she was someone who I always would ask for dating advice from. Caramel was a natural female pua, she had guys who would be considered 9’s chasing after her like super chodes. She is very smart and knows how the game is played from the woman’s side of things. I had been telling her about the community for months and she was very intrigued. She decided she would be my pivot for tonight, she wanted to see what kind of game I had or didn’t have.

The day was crazy, I was running around the comic con, surrounded by hot models and hot geek girls. It was my paradise, yet I could not open one set. I was completely terrified. After the con, I ran home to shower and change. I decided I would wear my suit tonight.

On the long train ride to the city I began to get out of my funk a bit. I decided that I would think positively no matter how horrible I felt I would try to change that into a positive thought. I didn’t want to cement a bad night. I’m not going to lie and tell you this magically changed my mood, cause it didn’t but it did help.

As I got off the train I told myself I would just let the night happen but I wouldn’t focus on the negative. I met Caramel at Virgin records and introduced her to them I felt the energy spark then and there. I knew this was a good addition to the team and knew something special would happen.

Caramel was fascinated by the way we spoke about dating. I think it was clicking for her, that all her natural tendencies were being given names. Shiznets had told us to meet him at Webster Hall he would be with a group of women, a previous conquest of his and her friends. So we hit Webster Hall thinking that we would wait for Shiznets. At this point Dinno calls me and says that he cant get in because he forgot his ID, he tells me that Union Square is target rich because everyone is dancing in the park. Apparently he had two number closes while waiting for us.

We all realized that Webster Hall just isn’t our scene. None of us dance and the only sarging that can be done is moving sets. I tried to open twice but was completely ignored. Both Martyr and Raven tell me that its because the volume of my voice is very low. This is amazing to me because I honestly thought I had projected it. Its funny how your mind and ears play tricks on you.

Its clear Martyr and Raven have AA. I can see Caramel getting bored. At this point Shiznets arrives and blows right past us. A few minutes later he comes over and tells us the plan. I introduce him to Caramel but he gives her a dismissive hi, since he is focused on iron out tonight’s plans. Caramel was not happy, I could tell Shiznets made a bad impression on her.

We all decide to meet up with Dino at Union Square, Shiznets would stay behind to keep his group company and meet up with us later. One the way to Union Square, Raven and Caramel get into a interesting conversation about the psychology of women. Caramel states one fact that blows our minds.

“Women decide on whether they will fuck a guy in the first 10 minutes of the interaction”

I wont go too much into detail here about that conversation because that would be a another post entirely but needless to say Caramel knows her shit. At Union Square Dino greets us. I can tell he is bummed out.

He begins to tell us that he is suffering from oneitus. A Spanish/Persian girl had done a number on him. Caramel began to give him advice but I don’t know if he listened. Sometimes Dino can be hard headed but I think we all have been there.

Dino busted on Caramel a little but the energy in the group was great. Martyr and Raven go to approach a set but they quickly bail. Then Raven tries alone but gets blown out. I then have this funny exchange with Caramel.

“Hey Caramel, what do you think Raven and Martyr do for a living?”

“Hmm I would say they work at Wall Street”

“Nope, not even close”

“What do they do?”

“Martyr works with energy alternatives to stop global warming and Raven works with kids with Autism”

Caramel flips out! She calls them over and tells them that they are not using there jobs as a boon because just by saying what they did was a powerful attraction magnet. I think they were both kind of awe struck because they were finally hearing this from a girl.

“Whats wrong with you guys?! Your job is a instant chick magnet! USE IT!”
At this point the power of the pivot came into play. Caramel simply says…

“I’m going to open a set”

She then proceeds to walk up to a two set of HB8’s. I foolishly thought she would be ignored but instead she had the girls just loving her like a sister. Caramel is sweet and she uses that sweetness to her advantage or rather ours. After about a minute I go over and she smiles…

“This is my friend Warlock”


The bitch shields have been disabled, the weapons powered down, The Legion’s secret weapon has done its job.

I begin to do some small talk and then decide to bring the rest of the crew in, I call them over. Caramel then hangs back and lets us do our job, I don’t think these girls knew what we were doing because it was so smooth. Hitmen don’t pull jobs like this.

But then the sticking point began again, I was going blank, a moment of silence passed between us and she turned away

FUCK! Im getting blown out!

I thought to myself. I looked at Caramel for help but she looked at me and said

Martyr then said

“Hey you know what my friend does, hes a freelance writer”

“Oh man what do you write?”

I was afraid of this in the past I have always hesitated to talk about my writing because of what I write. I mentioned this earlier to Caramel who told me to just be honest. This seemed insane to me but I had no choice I had to try.

“I write comic books, I self publish my own comics, which I make and sell”


They responded with glee. To my surprise instead of DLVing I DHVed. But I was going blank again. Time slowed for a moment, I was at a crossroads. I knew something was breaking in my head and it was a barrier. I could not face looking back at Caramel for help. It was time for me to fly. When I think back about this moment I hear “Chariots Of Fire” playing in the background.
I began to speak just about my work and school. I would take a key word in a sentence she said and jump on to another topic. I was stacking! I was jumping from thread to thread with ease! I felt so alive in this moment.

But I did not kino the girl. I got so involved in talking that I forgot to escalate. Martyr on the other hand was negging his target quite skillfully. He did some light kino but did not push it. Finally we decided to end the interaction because the window had closed or at least I felt it had. I gave the girls my number and said

“Were heading to this place called park, heres my cell phone if you guys want to meet up, now don’t call in the middle of the night to do monkey noises”

They really thought this was funny and laughed. Yeah I felt like the man right then and there but looking back I was a jackass. I could have used that to work the situation further but I was complacent. We took some pictures with the girls and said our goodbyes. Martyr number closed his target. As we said our goodbyes Caramel decides to test a theory. Apparently Dino had said he was self conscious about his accent.

“Hey Dinno, can speak French” she says



He starts speaking French and its almost like she creamed her pants right in front of us.

I have to learn French I think to myself.

We say our goodbyes the HB give Caramel a big hug. Dino bounces cause he cant do anything without his ID.

Raven wants to go to Union Square bar so we head over but its way to loud and crowded so we bounce. On the walk to Martyrs car, Caramel gives us he thoughts on what need to to work on.

Martyr is too high energy she says, he needs to pull it back a little
Raven has inner game issues and needs to work on his body language and clothing

And I am far too low on energy and need to work on my voice

We then meet up with Shiznets, who tells us that he left Webster Hall because he wasn’t into the club scene. He states that his conquest had gotten him a drink after dancing. But it was the way she got the drink was the real story. Apparently she went up to guy and he bought he a drink, she then bailed on him and have it to Shiznets. Wow after hearing this I will never supplicate myself like that again. She even got an extra drink between the first guy and her walk to Shiznets. He then decided to bail because he said he would have more fun with us than with his previous conquest.

Shiznets then really got relaxed and started cracking jokes which made Caramel laugh. I felt like her perception was changing. We then head over to park. On the way there we talk about the boards, the community and other things. Caramel is joining in and talking about the womans perspective on the game. It was all very interesting and entertaining, I knew Caramel would be a great addition to The Legion of Super Freaks.

We hit Park and decide to walk in, the bouncer tries to gives us shit because we only had one girl. He yells at the female “bouncer” and says “Stop letting guys in, its like a gay bar in there!” Ugh I hate these bar policies. But we get in park, unfortunately it is pretty fucking dead, no sets at all or if there are they are few and far between.

At one point as we are a talking at the bar, a 3 set of Asians order a drink behind Raven. I see one in green who is at least a HB7 give the eye to Raven. Both Caramel and I are motioning to Raven who ignores us and the set walks away. He later told us he just isn’t interested in Asian girls. At this point him and Martyr spoke two HB’s at the bar.

Raven goes and opens, Martyr wings him. After 10 minutes we see that they were blown out.

“This place is officially sarged out”


“They just asked us if we were taking the class for picking up girls taught by some Russian guy!”

So we bounce. Shiznets wants to hit Town Tavern which I despise! But we head over there anyway.

As we leave I say very loudly infront of the bouncer.


I could tell he was stemmed (thats what you get for tooling me last week douch bag lol)

We arrive and just like I thought the place was swamped, dirty and way to loud. Caramel gets hit on by some chode who she ignores. Shiznets tries to open this one girl but hes too high energy, shes looking at him like he must be on speed. Her body language was defensive, she blows him out after a while.

At this point Caramel wants to bail, I agree its late and I need to hit the con the next day. Unfortunately both Shiznets and Martyr have disappeared into the crowd, so we cant say good bye. We tell Raven to do it for us and we bounce.

On the walk to the subway Caramel I discuss the night. Shes impressed by my crew and wants to join. She says she wants to help us and loves spending time with us because its allot of fun to sarge with us. Shes already picked up the language! Shes talking about sets, sarging, and sticking points with me, i may have created a monster!

On the subway ride home I am happy that I have blown through my sticking point and filled with hope. I have overcome one of my problems but I must remember the advice of The Judge and not be sidetracked, not become complacent. I vow to myself to push my sets, to see how far I can go, no matter the consequences.

Lets Review Again Shall We?

Sticking Points

1)I become complacent and not push my sets
2)I am not approaching and becoming too wing dependent
3)I am not Push/Pulling or doing hard negs

Bonus Point

1)I blew past my sticking point and did not go blank
2)I was a solid wing and brought my crew into conversations
3)I was funny and gave off relaxed vibes


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