The Meeting of Minds (Published on 04.13.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:21 pm (Field Report)

 got a call from Shiznets that he was in the area around my job at 6pm. The week had been better on me this time around. I only two horrible days at my job instead of 5. I was glad it was over and was ready to sarge. In the elevator a HB 9 walked in.

“Are those shoes comfortable?” I said

“Oh yeah! they may not look it but they are” she said with a smile

“Really cause i can see that your toes are all squished together”

“Oh no they are comfy, i wouldn’t do that to myself” smiling.

I felt good about this interaction, it showed that i wasn’t afraid to approach such a smoking hot woman. But on the flip of the coin, i didn’t go anywhere with it. I feel this is a big issue, i don’t have an interest in leading the interaction with women who are 8-10 because I cant wrap my mind around women that hot going for a guy like me.

This is a huge inner game problem.

I start walking toward Grand Central and bump into some promoter for Rick’s a strip club/ stake house i went to on my b-day last year. Hes handing out free tickets. I grab a few and then meet Shiznets at Grand Central. I give some homeless guy some chinese food and head to catch my train with Shiznets. Im really glad I met Shiz, i not only feel that hes amazing PUA and Wing but more importantly a great friend.

On the long train ride and walk to my place we talk about game, life and personal tastes in likes and dislikes. At my place we hang and start the plan process about what we are gonna do tonight. A little drama then happened at this point. We both agreed we did not want to wing with Glasses. We felt he was a value taker instead of a value giver. Not to talk smack but we felt that if we winged with anyone it was because we enjoyed each others company.

We then made a promise to each other. Tonight we would just have fun, yes we had sarge goals but these were not the focus of tonight. It was to have fun and while we did that we would sarge.

We had 3 options for plans, each had merits and flaws….

a) Go to Park


-We have had success there
-The venue is nice what with there being 3 locations (2 bars and a dance floor) and isolation spots
– Allot of hotties frequent this place.


– Bootcamps and PUA’s like to frequent this spot which means every woman
has heard the same canned material 100 times in the past half hour

-Because so many PUA’s frequent this place the chances are you being AMOG’d are higher than usual

– That night it was confirmed by Raven there would be at least 3 pua’s we knew and a lair sarging in that location

B) APT (The Apartment)


– I had been there once and saw that it was very target rich, 10, 9 and 8 frequented this place allot

-Not many guys in the community i knew mentioned it which gave me the impression that it wouldn’t be oversaturated with PUA’s.

– It was a nice venue, the music wasn’t too loud, nice isolation spots and just a nice chilled atmosphere


– When we tried to go there last time it was only for guest list members only.

– It had been so long since i went I had no idea if it was still as target rich and cool as i remembered

C) Ricks (strip club)


– Do I even have to make a list?


– Im still thinking…

I got ready and we left my place. We still hadn’t decided what to do. So we decided to make Tommy (Who i shall now call T-Bone) the decider. T-Bone was not into the whole strip bar idea at all. He voted for park because it was a good venue and he wanted to meet the folks from this lair.

We hit the subway and felt the energy just completely die between the Bronx and 14th Street. Shiznets had told me his inner game was really weak. He was having problems in the machinery. I knew this couldn’t do, so i subjected Shiznets to what my ipod had to offer, rock songs, sexy music videos and cinemax porn.

This seemed to get him in a better mood. We hit park with guns blazing. I felt like i was a rockstar, then i checked my coat and somewhere between the coat check and the bar I lost my nimbus.

The AA dragon was waking up, I looked over at Shiznets and saw the terror in his eyes. We made the mistake of talking about AA which made it just the more stronger. Shiznets and I then decided to bail to hit the stripbar, we both figured it was a great way to get in state and beat the AA.

But deep down i knew this was a lame move. We were running away from the dragon instead of facing it. Lucky for us we bumped into T-Bone as we crawled to the door. T-Bone sat us down and gave us the talk, he told us that if we left to actually game strippers that was one thing but if we left to a strip club just because we were afraid of real women then that would be a completely different story.

We then began to talk about openers. Shiznets and I had a debate about how many members where in the village people. We then spot a hot blond walking toward us, I tap her on the shoulder and say…

“Hey, quick question, my friends and I cant decide, how many people where in the village people? Im saying 6 but their saying 5 and 4”

She smiles and turns to her male friends and asks them. At this point I knew i didnt want to piss off the men so i turned to one of the guys and ask him as well.

We do a little banter with them, she pulls out her blackberry and googles the answer for us. After a little more talk the interaction ends. They leave as they had planned.

The on switched had been activated we were on. Shiznets quickly jumped into a 4 set behind us and does the same opener. It was a little rough at first but his energy level was hooking. He grabs T-bone and pulls him in the set, i wander in a minute or so later. I didn’t want to seem to obvious.

T-bone tried to end the opener and go into another thread but for some reason we kept pushing the village people. Looking back now, i think we both were too scared to leave the warm waters of the opener. We wound up ejecting the set, which was a mistake because it was warm and i saw their faces of disappointment when we bailed.

We were pumped and happy, who should open the next set? I looked over to my left and saw a group of HB 6-8, I was about to open when i felt the dragon stir. I looked at T-Bone and said “oh fuck it” turned and threw my village people opener. It hooked.

We had the group doing a search for the village people, debating withing each other and us. It was beautiful thing. But once again we stayed in the opener way to long. The group broke and became a cluster of mini groups.
T-Bone ejected and i decided to wing Shiznets with the HB6 of the group. I threw in conversation bits and laughed at his jokes. But I screwed up, I should have ejected instead of staying there for so long, Shiznets later told me he didn’t number close her because i was still in the set with him.

At the lounge area of Park we all met up to talk. We gave each other advice.
I learned that I was leaning in too much in my sets. At this point Dinno arrives. Dinno was my second wing, this guy is a kino machine. When i first went sarging, he took me to Webster Hall where he hooked his first set and wound up fingering and making out with his set on the dance floor. Then had the balls to tell me he had inner game problems

I suggest we go back to the bar to wait until midnight when the dance floor would open and Dinno could go loose (his talent is dance floor game). At this point we bump into Glasses and the lair. Its funny because an hour before I had pointed to lair members and marked them as part of the community, Shiznets had asked me how i knew and i just told him I did. It was like in highlander when one immortal just knows another one is around.

I wasn’t interested in talking to lair members so just chilled with Dinno and Shiznets, we watched Glasses do multiple approaches and shook our heads with him making the same mistakes over and over. At this point i feel a tap on my shoulder and its a cowoker of mine, i give the dude a bar hug and talk the shit, he tells me hes with his sister and her coworkers.

I clearly remember his sister cause she is a hottie, shes a HB7. I had met her at the company bar night. He leaves to get trashed and I spot his sister walking by, I grab her and give her a hug. She laughs and hugs me back. At this point i announce to the guys that shes my girlfriend. She introduces Shiznets and I to her friend a cute HB6.5 asian girl. Shiznets immediately starts his kino, banter routine, he is on fire. I do my own routines with my target and continue to kino.

But after a while I dont escalate, this was due to fear and moral codes, shes the sister of my coworker. Who I know gets into fights when drunk. I joke around with her that I want to keep my fingers, she laughs. Since i dont escalate the train derails and I run out of things to say. I get blown out and my set ends. I lean back and watch Shiznets with his girl, the attraction is building, i see the puppy dog eyes she is giving off to him.

Suddenly I see one of her male coworkers start to approach her. I jump in like i was secret service going for a bullet.

“Hey dude! you work with samirs sister right?”

“Huh? Oh yeah”

“Yeah do you guys have the same job or are you in another position?”

“Blah, Blah, Blah”

“Hey let me ask you something, We hang out with this dude sometimes, hes not here, anyway he broke up with his girl, how long should Dinno here wait before he asks her out?”

This interaction goes on for a bit and he wanders off forgetting the cock block he had in mind.

Dinno says my move was smooth, but I cant relax yet because the incredible shode was staring at Shiznets now making out with his coworker. I shit you not this guy was at least 6’7. I tap him on the shoulder…

“hey…dude” trying not to let my voice crack in fear.

I have no idea what I said all i know is I kept him distracted for a bit and he wanders off. Whew! I say to myself when I see him come back with my clearly drunk coworker. Who is already getting rowdy. My coworker is about to tap the girl in the shoulder when i pull him aside.

“hey dude, congrats on getting that DJ gig at that club, how did you score that sweet gig?”

That line worked cause they both begin to talk and forget the massive cock blocking they had trashed, whenever he turned to do it, i would drag him back and introduce him to Dinno or Raven as the hottest DJ in NYC.

Finally Shiznets ejected. Shiznets said he felt disappointed because he didn’t isolate her and that it wasn’t a cold approach so it didn’t feel like a real success to him. We debated whether it was cold or warm approach for a bit.
Then we decided to hit the upstairs dance floor and let Dinno do his thing.

Dinno was unleashed and we sat back in awe as he approached with no fear and hooked set after set. Shiznets then jumped in the dance floor and found the Asian HB he had made out with and began to dirty dance and make out with her. I laid back and watch all of this unfold.

I had my blinking dog tag on which was getting attention, Im serious this thing is so bright you could land planes with it. An AMOG who was watching his hot Asian girlfriend dance came up to me.

“Hey! Why are you wearing that?”

“Uh…cause I like it”

“Oh! Well where did you get it?”

“At my job, we sell club items”

At this point his girl kept doing this lame move. Dance for a little leave her girl come up to him make out with him and go back to dance. It was almost like she needed to kiss him so he would feel cool.

“Do you know that guy?” points to Dinno


“How come hes listening to his ipod? who listens to their ipod in a club?”

“I got a better question, why do you keep noticing what guys are doing, instead of all the hot women around us?”

At this point Dinno waves me over to a set he opened, a HB7 white girl and HB5 short Dominican girl. I go over and see the HB5 is already giving me eyes. We dance and banter.

“What does Dinno do?”

“Oh hes a professional boy toy, Dont laugh! once he hits 30 its over!”

“How do you guys know each other?”

“Were twins!” (Dinno is 6’1 and black and im 5’8 and puertorican)

“How did you meet?”

“He saved me from getting beat up by two girls! At first i thought they were guys but they were really girls. Hes my hero!”

All these lines got huge laughs.

The HB5 and me had allot in common we talked about Comic Con, turns out shes a fellow dork. But I wasn’t interested in her, I have dated HB5’s all my life and I’m done with that. I deserve hotter women.

At this point this group of AMOG’s came on the dance floor they weren’t dancing but just looking cool, one spotted the HB5 and tried to dance with her.

Dinno looks at me and says “Dude your being AMOG’ed, I was like man I don’t care, im not even interested. He was like “Nah fuck that!”

Then Dinno pulled a move that was pure genius. Im serious I was so impressed by this I wanted to hug him.

He takes my HB 5 and looks at the dude and says “Hey dude here you go, I dont want her, take her! please get her away from me!”

This really tooled the guy! He got so frustrated and the girls laughed and were like telling Dinno.

“NOOOoooo dont make me leave! you cant give me away!”

We dance and banter a bit more. At this point Shiznets comes over and says he has to go home so we eject. I give the HB5 my business card and tell her not to be a flake and bounce (note guys, i only give girls my cell if I’m really interested in her, i give out my business card if I’m trying to be polite)

On the way out we said goodbye to Raven, I realized he was having a bad night and was frustrated. As we walk to the subway we start to talk about platoes I realized I might have hit mine. Where I am not leading the interaction anywhere and in turn not closing or getting day 2.

We have a good time on the train and talk allot, then as i’m alone on the train I start to think, i realize that im okay when I have a bad night than when I have partial success. Am I just welcoming failure into my life because success is so scary that I am running away from it? Am I self sabotaging myself?

These are things to think about.

Im very happy that I hang out with this group, we each bring sometime to the table and most importantly I feel like we make going out fun for each other. When I got home I then text Raven “Dude dont sweat tonight, your an amazing person who will be an amazing PUA. Dont let one sucky night frustrate you..”

Lets sum up shall we?

Sticking Points:

– I am not escalating

– I have fear of heavy kino which in turn leads me to getting stuck
in my head and makes the sets die

– I am afraid of leading and might have deeper inner game issues than I

Bonus Points

– I number closed
– Did kino with my targets
– Was an excellent wing
– Had good banter and jokes that hit big


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