United We Stand! Legion 4 Life! Golden Child and Judge Chill With The Legion (5.29.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:46 pm (Field Report)

My ear was hurting, earlier in the week I had gone and gotten my ear cartilage pierced. Caramel and Mistress Mocha (our new pivot in training) had come to give me moral support. When the needle first went into my ear, Caramel shrieked and ran out of the room in fear.

I tried not to play with my piercing during the seminar but it was like picking a scab you just cant help yourself. The second day of the seminar was really interesting we learned allot about the psychology of state and finding the core of who you are to present to the world. But the seminar went way overtime so I had to run home to change. I really have to move out of the Bronx, the commute is a pain.

I got to Virgin at around 10:30pm, Shiz and Raven were waiting for me outside. It was good to see Shiz, I really missed him (no homo) in the 2 weeks I last saw him. We all talked for a bit, I showed them my fire wallet that I plan on using on my targets. I was starting to pull back from props though the previous night I had taken my temp tattoos, a shocking lighter, my fire wallet, trick card, a temp dragon tattoo on my hand, and glowing thumbs. All I needed was a dove in my jacket…

So tonight I only had my fire wallet, the temp tattoos for the guys and the shocking lighter. As we were waiting for Caramel, I was told by the guys that The Undertaker was inside approaching sets. I then got a text from Caramel telling me she was running late. Well thats great I thought, suddenly another freaking bumb came by and started on his spiel asking for money by doing freestyle rap.

Not Again!

Yep motherfucker would not leave us alone. Anyway long story short Raven and I wound up giving him a buck each. Thats it I thought, I would not let myself get conned again, no money to bums not even if they apply the social pressure and try to plow. No means NO.

Caramel arrived and we called Golden Child who informed us that the Judge and he were in the east village wandering around. They would call us when they entered a location. We decided to hit second ave and try to find them ourselves, we walked around aimlessly. Finally Caramel had enough, she took my phone and called Golden Child. We were set we would meet them at Spitzers, it was only oh 12 blocks away!!!

I suggested we take a cab but everyone wanted to walk. I tried to tell them about my leg but I don’t think anyone really believed me that my leg was fucked up because of the motorcycle accident 2 years ago. 20 minutes later my leg was on fire and I had to have them stop so i could rest it. I was a little peeved, but I wasn’t going to let the pain feed my negative emotions like last time. I started doing the woo with Shiz. Shiz really enjoyed doing the woo, we were laughing and having a good time, just like old times. But there was an undercurrent of a sense that we needed to accomplish something. I didn’t feed into it, I just wanted to have a good time and eventually that feeling went away.

We got to Spitzers but it was a sausage fest. I swear I really hate that location. The area is nice, but popular places like Pianos are just so packed that its a turn off. I don’t mind if certain areas of a venue are packed but when I feel like they just have no control of the crowd and the pace is so tiny you can barely move thats just not good sarging.

Anyway we meet up with Golden Child and The Judge which is always awesome to see. We talk for a bit and some how the decision is made to hit Off The Wagon on west 4th. Personally I hate off the wagon but Caramel wanted to pick up a sailor and we did owe her so we all hopped in a cab and headed out.

We got to west 4th and hit a basement bar near off the wagon. Inside was mostly once again guys (from now on we are not hitting any bar Caramel suggests, we know her agenda ;p). We talked for a bit then Golden Child said.

Golden Child: Okay Warlock show me what an RSD seminar can do, so me this natural game.

Me: Fine

I look behind me and see a mixed 3 set. The nimbus is high. I go in.

Me: Yo! Whats up guys! I thought you all looked cool and I just had to meet you! My name is Dave

(I said all this with confidence and authority, this of course is key to hooking any set)

HB’s: Oh hi!

Chode: eh…hey

Me: Hey I dig the hat, that is awesome. Lets trade!

( I switch my fedora hat with her cowboy one)

HB 7: Lets take a picture!

She gives the camera to the chode and he takes the picture.

They ask me about myself and I tell them what I do and all the interview question bull crap. Looking back now I should have made jokes but I was so thrilled that I opened the set so well that I got complacent (lazy) and just chugged along. It went okay, I mean they really enjoyed my company, it was a nice first set.

At one point the chode was just looking rather annoyed by my presence and I realized it was because I had not given him the respect that he felt he deserved, so I switched my attention to him and had a nice conversation with the guy. It was like a light switch, the guy was now my friend, he lit up and i could almost read his mind. He went from thinking “This guy is hitting on my girls” to “Man this guy really gives a crap about what I have to say, what a cool guy”

Well another guy comes in and sits down across from the other HB. I figure that my entire set is a couple and decide to eject. Looking back I should have asked how do you know each other. I assumed like allot of guys that girl with guy equals boyfriend. Jeffy says that 80% of the time its not, so I should have asked because maybe I could have kept working it.

I told them I had to get back to my friends but that it was a true pleasure meeting everyone, did the taps on the back of friendship, hand shakes and the wave goodbye.

When I got back Golden Child said that he thought what I did was sick. The Judge was enthusiastic and told me that he thought I was awesome. This all meant allot to me that guys that have their games to sick levels were giving me encouragement. We walked outside and I saw the Judge take Caramel and approach a 2 set and they were really hot. One was a HB7 and the other was a large breasted HB7.5. Guess which one I liked.

Well I go in and start talking to the girl. Its funny because Golden Child went in at the same time.
So I’m talking when I hear ~Slurp~ ~smack~. I look to the side and The Judge is already making out with this girl!! Its only been barely 60 seconds!!! After their done I hear he tell him that hes a good kisser.


We then walk across the street to Off the Wagon. I tell The Judge that hes my hero and Caramel high fives him for having sick game. We head in and right off the bat I know where not staying here, the quality of the girls is low and its so freaking packed! The hottest girl had a sailor all over her and she was digging it, the music was way to loud. I saw a two set and contemplated going in but i decided not to because i wasn’t really attracted to them. Plus I hate the fact that the music was blaring and i couldn’t hear jack, maybe thats limiting belief, I think Ill start sarging in nothing but uncomfortable venues to get myself used to it, I will keep that in mind.

I can see Golden and The Judge are like “this place blows” so we all start heading out, they approach a set at one point but I don’t think it went anywhere, I honestly don’t know because I wasn’t paying much attention. I was to busy teach Shiz how to do THE CYCLONE OF FURY!!!. The Cyclone essentially is spinning around with your arms up screaming CYCLONE OF FURY. People were laughing and loving us while we did it, a few girls even imitated us, of course they were across the room and soon vanished in the crowd of chodes.

So we bailed and we did the Cyclone outside to the delight of the bouncers and passersby. We were the party. I saw a 4 set next to me and told Golden Child to open, he turned it on me and told me to open. I was about to jump in when I had some AA.

What the? Oh fuck this shit.

Took me about 40 seconds but I got over it and was about to jump in, when i noticed something and turned to Golden Child.

Me: Dude I cant open that set

Golden Child: Oh come on

Me: No I’m serious theres a reason I cant open that set

Golden Child: Oh really? Whats that then? (sarcastically)

Me: Their Deaf!

Yep when I went to go in, I saw them using sign language to each other. Golden Child looked at them dumbfounded, then he looked at me and said.

Golden Child: You know thats the first valid reason anyone has ever told me for not going in.

We then walked down to another bar down the road. Its definitely a step up from Off The Wagon, for one its not insanely packed. But the sets are still few. Golden Child tells us we must break the chode crystal so he and judge break off from us to approach sets near the bar. The rest of us head toward the back of the bar. Shiz looks at me and grins.

Shiz: “Its time…”

Me: “ for the CYCLONE!!!AAHHH!!”

We do the cyclone on the dance floor and the girls do it with us. But I don’t feel we capitalized because they kept dancing. Dance floor game…eh go figure.

We step off the dance floor and I spot two HB7’s. I jump in (with no fear and an authoritative tone)

Me: Hey guys I had to come over here because you guys are just way to cute

HB7’s: Awww

Me: I’m so serious, your cuteness was blinding.

At this point Shiz jumps in, a little to early but whatever.

Shiz: Yo who are these girls?

Me: This is my buddy Shiz.

I wound up isolated with one girl. Shes gonna do the interview questions, so i decide to go bizarre.
I do the Cyclone of Fury. It blew out the set, she was freaked out by it, she turned and ignored me. I guess she figured I must be high or drunk.

Oh well ~Poof!~ gone.

I go and hang with Caramel for a bit and get her a drink. At this point this sick nice jello shot girl comes up offer us some. I turn to her and say.

Me: Hey come here, I just want to say your doing an awesome job

HB8: Aw thanks

I throw out the claw and put my arm around her.

Me: Look at you, you are so cute

HB8: Thanks, do you want a jello shot? Their only 2 bucks
~remove the claw~

Me: Nah it will go straight to my hips

Her: Oh its not so bad

Me: Your a cutey, your sweet I want to just eat you up with a spoon

Her: Oh well then Ill go to your hips

Me: Hmm don’t worry your worth it, ill just get liposuction the next day.

She laughs and I eject. Why? No clue!

The guys want to bail from the bar, they are uncomfortable and don’t like it. So we head outside and Im bouncing off the walls. The Undertaker goes across the street and approaches a girl and talks to her for a bit.

I go back inside to check up on The Judge and Golden Child who are in set. Golden has traded his beads for a pink scarf from one of his girls. He tells us hes bouncing with the girls and for us to join them. And they do! The bounce two girls out of the bar! Wow solid game.

They tell us they will text us the location once they get there. As we walk Carmel and I suggest a hookah bar but as were about to go in The Undertaker says its not worth it because its all seated and walks away. So we all follow. To be honest I kinda would have liked to have stayed there, because I want to smoke hookah and I feel like we need to do seated sets to push ourselves. But whatever no biggie really.

I notice its 1:30am and I realize I better start getting ready to head out, its the last day of the Super Conference and Ozzie is speaking. I don’t want to miss it because he is definitely my favorite RSD instructor what with him being Latino and all. We hit Belgium Bar but I’m done for the night, I’m starving and want to eat. The guys go inside while I chill on the patio with Shiz and Caramel. I heard that Raven opened a set near the bathroom line.

I tell the guys I’m starved and we hit the dinner next door. We talk for a bit and eat, the food was good as always. We all admit that we miss Martyr and I talk about how I’m looking forward to bringing Mistress Mocha out on the field. Finally Caramel and I call it a night while the guys head out to sarge the night away.

On the way home, I thought about my progress so far, I was disappointed I didn’t get to hang more with The Judge and Golden Child but I now knew that I have to focus on the barrier I have about kino. I had a good time even though it was brief and thats really the most important part.

Lets sum up shall we?

Sticking Points
1)Fear of Kino
2)Being complacent in set
3)Prematurely ejecting
4)Not having sexual intent

Bonus Points

1)Lack of AA
2)Good Banter
3)Light Kino
4)Excellent attitude


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