Warlock Goes Natural (special appearence by Jeffy) (05.27.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:44 pm (Field Report)

It was the end of the first day of my RSD seminar and I was running home to change for my night out. I was very impressed by the seminar, today I heard Tim speak who broke down the natural method for us. It would be impossible for me to write down everything he taught us but to sum up. The natural method is composed of 3 steps.

Step 1 Woo! Which is getting into state

Step 2 Spontaneous Love Struck. Which is having intent while in set

Step 3 Bubble of Love. If you have accomplished step one and two, you will automatically create attraction that will create a bubble between you and your target. Not a literal bubble but rather a deep state of rapport and attraction.

Basically its going direct with high state inside of you. I was psyched to go out, Tim really did a number on us and got our state very high toward the end of his talk. I was ready to take on the world with Love Pirate and Raven.

When I got off the subway and was pretty close to plunge I got approached by a bum. I tried to ignore him at first but this guy was persistent as fuck. He made me laugh and get this..I wound up buying him a sandwich, giving him cigarettes (I don’t smoke but had a pack in my jacket) and giving him two bucks. Yeah that guy sarged me!

I felt like I did good deed that day. I then met up with Raven and spoke for a few minutes, turns out that because of Fleet Week (its when sailors converge on NYC) they were not letting any single guys in. Love Pirate texted us and told us it would not be a problem, he would get us.

At this point guess who shows up. THE BUM! He comes right up to me and starts in on the spiel about needing money, yada yada, throwing jokes. I look at him and tell him

Me: “Dude I bought you a sandwich, see!” and point to his hoodie pocket. The guy had forgotten the last 15 minutes! Every time I pointed to something I gave him he would look at me in amazement, like I had some how magically conjured a sandwich in his hoodie or cigarettes in his pockets. He had the balls to ask me for another 2 bucks and I laughed in his face and told him not to bother Raven.

He apologized, laughed and immediately ran after some girls to get money from them. Raven commented at how we need to learn to plow like him. If it wasn’t for the drugs frying his brain then I probably would have agreed.
Love Pirate arrived and I pretended to mug him, he laughed and pretended to slug me. He approached two girls in line and convinced them to pretend to be with us so that they would let us in. They were cool and agreed, so we hit Plunge. It was pretty stellar upstairs, filled with allot of fine women, chodes and sailors with no necks. I don’t know why but it felt like we were all celebrating the beginning of summer, the atmosphere was different that night.

I then met the man who is the mastermind behind NYCsargeteam.com Now I know he goes by another name on the board but for this report I shall call him The Creator because he did in fact create the board. The Creator was very cool cat. We spoke for a bit together and then decided to start the prowl. I was trying to get into state but was having a real hard time doing it, I felt the AA grow and I was getting pissed because of it. I wound up seeing an RSD intern who I had spoken to there and he informed me that Jeffy was conducting yet another bootcamp in Plunge.

Raven was providing moral support during my dilemma, he suggested I get a drink. I completely refused because I hate alcohol. This caused us to debate the pros and cons of alcohol for social lubrication. At one point I heard The Judge’s voice saying:

Warlock DUH!

I turned to a two set of a hot blond HB8 and brunette HB7, I asked their opinion on drinking to get over shyness. The set hooked, Raven was talking allot to his target and so was I but the same problem presented itself. The set was going nowhere fast, I was not sending out any emotional spikes in fact it was flatlining. This was just a pleasant conversation between two people, I might as just cut off my dick and throw it out the window because I was not going to be doing anything with this woman.

After about half hour, my target ejected and dragged away Ravens target who was digging him a little. I turned and saw the RSD intern who smiled at me, I smiled a sarcastic smile and said

Me: Yeah that went fucking nowhere.

Raven: I thought it went well.

Me: No it didn’t, I mean they were nice but there was nothing there but fluff. I’m getting so sick and tired of having pleasant conversations. I want to make out and get laid.

Raven: I hear ya

The RSD intern heard me and told me to chill that I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself and that all he had been doing was wooing and if he heard someone woo back that was the person he would approach. He reopened a set and introduced me, it went well but for some fucking reason I prematurely ejected. No clue why.

I walked to the other part of the bar with Raven frustrated as hell, then a funny thing happened. I began to let go and I felt a wave of relief wash over me. I wooed! And I heard a woo back, turns out it was a bachelorette party,

I had struck gold. I jump in and go direct.

Me: Hey whats your name, your cool!

I shake her hand, and she tells me shes single for tonight I high five her and give her a light hug. Im on fire, im throwing jokes and making the 12 (yes thats right) girls laugh, I make the barchelorette pinch a guys ass, who gives he a look of shock. I tell her to put her phone away when he calls because its against the rules. But then I run out of steam and I eject. Ugh what a pain in the ass. But the AA is gone. I am on fire, I start approaching girls left and right. I see a very cute Asian girl and I say

Me: Hey! (in a powerful breaking rapport tone)

Her: Hi (a little taken aback but in a good way)

Me: Whats your name?

Her: (Looks at her friend, then me) Whats your name?

Me: Im Warlock what about you?

This my friends was a shit test, Its pretty clear now because they girl coded each other. My correct response should have been.

Taking a step toward her, look her straight in the eye and say

Do you really want to start out our relationship like this?

But I didn’t. So the set blew out. She smiled and said she would catch me later and left.

We walked into the hot room and stood there talking, Raven asked me about the claw and how it operated. I decided to demonstrate so when a hot Asian girl walked by I gently deployed the claw and grabbed her hand. I made one mistake though I turned my body to face her.

I was surprised though at how easy it was, she didn’t yank her hand away from me. But complied fairly well. I turned and looked at her and said

“Hey, I just wanted to say I thought you were cute, whats your name?”

She smiled and told me her name but ejected because I didn’t immediately stack, I was too impressed the move worked so I lost her. Raven was impressed.

Me: Look Ill do it again.

I spot a very hot tall Russian girl. She was a HB8, but shes grabbing her arm.

Hmm cant deploy the claw, what to do? What to do?

Me: HEY! (as she passes)

Her: She smiles and says hey.

Me: Wait (with authority) Whats your name?

(she stops and looks at me)

Her: HB8

Me: I just want to say, your fucking gorgeous.

Her: Your pretty gorgeous yourself

Me: Oh my god I love you

I then grab her and hug her.

I stop.

Her: Thats it? Wheres the love?

Me: Oh baby Ill show you love!

I hug her tighter then lift her off the ground, she squeals with delight

Her: Too much love! Lol

Me: Okay now give me a kiss, and point to my cheek

Her: What? No!

Me: Why? Just a peck on the cheek

Her: Are you collecting kisses tonight?

(whoop, whoop! Shit test!)

Me: Oh I’m sad (in a corny melodramatic way)

Her: Why?!

Me: Oh I don’t know…(puppy dog eyes)

Her: Quick without thinking, what makes you sad, 123!

Me: I’m so lonely…(I said with a smile)

Her: No dont you know that people with the first letter of your name cant be sad!

Me: Really?

Her: Yeah!

Me: Okay so im not sad anymore

Her: Good! (gives me a peck on the cheek) Bye!

And she leaves.

I look back at Raven who has his jaw to the floor.



We both start squealing like little girls.

For most of the night I am just telling random girls how cute they look. They are loving it, I never once got a angry or annoyed face. I go up to a girl with a really pretty face and just tell her.

Me: Wow you have a very beautiful face

HB7: Oh thanks so much it really means allot to me

HB7.5: Yeah its her birthday

Me: Oh happy birthday! (I give her a high five) you know it will be my
birthday in a week.

HB7: Awesome!

Me: Guess how old I’ll be.

They try to guess.

I tell them the truth.

HB Girls: OH MY GOD! You dont look it!

Me: I know!

We talk a little bit but once again I run out of steam and eject. Raven does
as well.

We then meet up with The Creator! Who last we saw him was approached by two HB8.5’s and spoke to them for a long time. We chat for a bit and I see a 4 set next to me. I am about to approach when I am struck by a flash of AA. I struggle for a minute or so and just jump in.

Me: Hey! You guys look cool, I just had to meet you!

HB 7’s: HI!

Me: Okay what are you names.

HB’s begin to tell me their names.

Me: Wait were are you from?

HB’s: Germany!

Fuck me…

Me: Awesome! Okay so whats your name?

I go through the whole group and the one with the glasses I look at her and say

Me: Oh you are cute! Your so cute come here!

I grab and hug her and they all laugh. Shes laughing very hard.

Me: Im going to make you my girlfriend! Whats your name?

She tells me some weird as German name starting with B

Her: Can you pronounce it?

(shit test)

Me: No fucking way, I’m calling you B.

They all laugh.

We talk for a bit but like every freaking European conversation I have its hard to get my humor across and I start to see things turn downward so I eject.

The Creator: That wasn’t that bad.

Me: Yeah I guess I just ran out of steam.

At this point Jeffy comes up to me and Raven with his student.

Jeffy: Hey Man hows it going?

Me: Cool dude, cant wait to hear you speak on Sunday

Jeffy: cool.

He then turns to his student and give him his mission, I chime in and give the guy some moral support.

The student smiles and jumps in set, Jeffy later comes up to us dancing and cracks some jokes which as always are funny as hell. We had a pleasant conversation and go our separate ways. Raven and I do some laps, I am content as a motherfucker, Raven has some AA but opens a few sets. At one point we’re just standing near the bar when Jeffy passes us and says

“Chode Crystal!”

I scream Chode Crystal! And weird out Raven (those of us who have seen the Jeffy show know what I’m talking about) a little.

We head back to the hot room and I just start giving out compliments left and right as women walk by. Its all smiles. At one point a cougar starts to pass us when she points at Raven and says

HB Cougrar 7.5: Your really handsome

Me: And your gorgeous darling!

HB Cougar 7.5 (laughs) Yeah but hes really handsome.

She then walks away. I look at Raven who is looking at me blankly.

Me: What are you doing?

Raven: What?


Raven: But


Raven: Hesitates but then jumps in and goes up to her and hugs her. Then amazingly holds her hand! I am so happy! I almost wanted to cry. He comes back after about 15 minutes, he number closed!.

We head back to the bar and Love Pirate is in a set, I go up to say hi and he ignores me. The Creator then drags me away because I’m left standing there. I don’t hold it against L.P, I figured he was really working the set and hey whatever its just girls right? We roam around bit more, Raven opens a few more sets. I see Love Pirate again, this time he introduces me to the girls, I say hello and they are off again 15 minutes later though we head back to the bar, Love Pirate comes up to us. He is pissed, apparently someone blew out his set. I tell him to chill out but hes rilled up. It sucks when you work a set for nearly 2 hours and some fuck comes and blows it away. I feel him.

He leaves to roam for new sets. At this point its late and I need to head back home early because of the seminar the next day. We get in the elevator, Raven tells me to hurry because some cute Asians are in there. We hop in. I see this very cute Asian girl behind me.

Me: Hey so how was your night

HB7.5: Good you?

Me: Awesome as always

HB7.5: Yeah were probably going to bounce somewhere else

(Thinking back now, she was probably hinting at inviting me…I should pick up on this in the future)

Me: Yeah were heading home

HB7.5: Yeah how come?

Me: I got a sales seminar tomorrow (yeah i have no problem lying about the seminar)

HB7.5: Oh that sucks.

Me: Yep, where you from

HB7.5: Boston, where here for the weekend, I come to the city often though.

Elevator doors open.

HB7.5: Bye

Me: Bye…I will treasure our elevator ride always.

She laughs.

Raven and I hit a pizza parlor by the subway, on the way there he is blown out. In the Pizza parlor I open a Spanish girl an have a decent conversation but I’m tired so it doesn’t go anywhere. Fuck I wish I lived closer to the city, living in the Bronx is a pain in the ass to commute at night. I’m a little frustrated going home but then I realize that I accomplished allot tonight. I just need to keep at it.

Let Sum Up Shall We?

Sticking Points
1)Need to start leading the conversations
2)Need to get over the fear of kino
3)Need to have more sexual intent
4)Need to stop putting pressure on myself

Bonus Points

1)I had my AA handled
2)I got allot of kino
3)Had good banter
4)I got in state on command


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