You Sarge Some, You Loose Some… (Published 4.29.08)

June 10, 2008 at 2:33 pm (Field Report)

I woke up to my phone ringing. It was an annoying sound, when i picked up the phone it was Raven asking me for directions to my apartment. I quickly got in the shower and got dressed. I was not happy the styling cream I’ve been using has seemed to have lost its magical properties. I don’t know if its the change of the weather or the length of my hair but its been a wild beast lately.

My hair looked like crap but i didn’t have a choice in the matter, the guys were waiting for me and i had to go. So i jumped into Martyrs car and took off, we stopped off to get gas and magazines. Raven told me he was feeling pretty down because of last night. He was worried he was regressing, i told him that he wasn’t because he had gone out and actually spoken in set. We are still new at this and he couldn’t expect us to be in state all the time, were not at that level yet.

We got in the car and headed out on our journey to Woodlawn. I was having a great time, since i don’t have a car I don’t normally get to get out of the city. On the way there Raven asked to see the PUA videos on my Ipod, specifically Hooby a Asian RSD PUA who Shiznets built up to Raven. We all listened to Hooby talk game. It was a pleasant drive, good weather and great scenery and best of all great conversations.

Once we parked and entered the outlet malls I knew it would be an interesting day. There were allot of HB’s there. Raven stated he would not leave without a blazer. We hit allot of stores during that day, Raven and Martyr opened a few sets but the most memorable sets of the day game encounter were the following..

In the Guess store there was a blond HB9, Jesus H Christ this woman was hot! Gigantic breasts and flawless skin. I told Martyr to open her, so with trepidation he asked her what she thought of his outfit. IT HOOKED! She was giving him great body language, smiling and laughing. Yeah she was a hired gun but i felt it was more. But Martyr decided to eject because she was far too hot. It happens.

20 minutes later as I was paying, I told him to reopen the set and close! Once again I had to physically push him into set and once again he hooked! She was really into him, he was making her laugh, she was flipping her hair. Yeah it was awesome and once again he prematurely ejected. Without asking for a phone number.

We then hit a shoe store and I spot a insanely wicked HB 8.5, she had curly blond hair, a tongue ring and very perky breasts that she showed off. She was a sales girl and i asked her to come over to get her opinion on some shoes i picked out for Raven. Another sales clerk gave me a look that screamed “Yeah I know why your asking her and not me, so fucking obvious perv”. Like I give a shit!

We all sarged her but i think the person with most success was Raven who teased her. She laughed and kinod him. As we left both Martyr and I told Raven that she was into him, he didn’t believe us, he said she was a hired gun and was paid to be nice to us. I didn’t buy it, because she did kino him and felt like it was more than just a sale. She was fricking hot, I had her in my head all day long.

As we left Martyr stated that he wanted to go back to the guess store to get the HB’s phone number, we said fine and he went in, a few minutes later he came out and told us he couldn’t find her and wanted us to go in for him to look cause he didn’t want to DLV himself, so we went in and yep she was gone.

So we went back to Martyrs car, as he started the engine he said he was going back to the store to try one last time to find her. As Raven and I sat in Martyrs now double parked car, we shared our concern that Martyr was being to needy. When we confronted him, he stated that he didn’t feel he was being needy but rather he was just pursuing, that if he called it quits it would mean that he was being complacent and not going as far as he could. I told him that next time he should close in the same interaction or at least the second time, if he kept coming back into set it could be seen as a DLV

As we drove home to the sounds of Raven snoring and Jlax from RSD talking game I thought about how far I have come since I started sarging. I decided then and there that i would try peacocking that night.

They dropped me off at home, so i rested a bit then got ready to go out. Since my hair was being a bitch I decided to wear my fedora which always got a good reaction. I got out my blue suit, unfortunately the color of the hat was lighter than the blue but i said fuck it and wore it anyway, then i made the boldest choice ever. Since I was tucking my shirt in my pants, I decided to wear suspenders. I have never worn suspenders before but i figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. Oh what a fool I am.

On the trip down to Legion Headquarters also known as Virgin Record I started to feel uncomfortable. I was not in my comfort zone and tried to put the assumed perceptions people had of me out of my head. I felt that this was necessary to push my boundaries. But it was hard, I felt like everyone was looking at me and laughing but i know this was in my head. When i picked up a family guy button when I hit Union Square. I met the guys and we decided to hit Pianos.

Theres is something so refreshing to drive around NYC in a car. Its really just comforting to know you don’t have to depend on the NYC subway system. After some searching we found it, I was wishing that we could bump into some of the guys from this board but no luck, Pianos was PUA free but packed full of mixed sets. We were intimidated, none of us could approach. I saw one set of HB5’s who looked my way and gave me IOI’s but even if i wanted to the AA Dragon had me in its clutches.

We walked out, as we did we dodged a water balloon, apparently someone on the roof was throwing water balloons at pedestrians. We walked across the street and Raven opened up a 2 set, Martyr winged him and 30 seconds later I joined in. The girls loved my hat, they said it was very cool.

Yep hat plays, to bad i have nothing to follow it up with.

So the interaction ended because we couldn’t build enough attraction. As we are looking for bars in the area we bump into two more HB’s having a smoke. As we are talking about what bar we should go to, one HB7 approaches Martyr and says we should hit this bar, they have a brief interaction and its clear the girl digs him but Martyr didn’t sarge the friend as well and she gets pulled away by her insecure friend (women are weird). We head inside and I get a few looks with my hat, some of the girls give me the Quasimodo face when I just casually say hi (you know when they give you a look like your a creep just for saying hi), I cant approach, the openers i have memorized all sound stupid in my head and i don’t want to use them. I see a girl with a black hat and I want to just go up to her and tell her we should switch hats. It would work, if i could get my legs moving. Martyr approaches a girl at a bar but she blows him out, she looks at him like “who the fuck are you? Why are you talking to me?”, Raven goes to the bathroom and apparently approaches but that goes no where.

We bounce and decide to hit a bar Martyr knew on 59th street, at this point the suspenders started to hurt my back. We tried to get into this mega bar that was target rich, the bar had 3 floors, up to the roof. But I was told that i couldn’t go in with the hat, at this point I had hat hair so it looked really bad, i didn’t want to go in. The guys got annoyed with me but were cool enough not to let me bail on them. So we hit a bar down the street that had no problem with the hat. Plus the bouncer liked my pin!

We get in and the dragon is roaring. I want to run, seriously I felt this wave of pure fear wash over me. I was paralyzed. Martyr tells me its my turn to approach. I tell him I cant, I wont be approaching all night, he tries to convince me but I am ashamed, the AA Dragon is breathing all over me. Raven decides to approach a two set to his right of two blond girls. The look visibly annoyed and blow him out.

Everyone is singing and having a good time. I want to be one of these people but I feel like an alien observing strange human rituals. Martyr approaches a 2 set and he hooks for a bit but it fizzles out.
We decide to leave, we hit another bar but its mostly guys and little women so we bail. I tell them we should go to the first bar, since i wont approach it doesn’t matter that my hair looks like crap.

As we head in, Martyr points to two girls who are standing outside waiting for their ride, and says i should open them.

“Hey guys”


“Do you guys no any cool lounges or bars around here better than this place” I point to the no hats policy bar.

“No were not from the city”

“Oh from jersey?”

“Ew no, long island!”

Once again could have capitalized but didn’t.

“Oh well cause the reason im asking is that this place wont let me in cause im wearing a hat”


“Yeah! I know and its a sweet hat”

At this point their ride arrives, I eject and go inside with the guys and my shitty hair. The bar is very cool. The music was loud but nothing too insane, we hit the roof and once we get up there Martyr asks the bouncer if i can wear my hat, he says okay!

As were standing there talking and basically looking pretty chody, it starts to rain. The crowd goes nuts over a few drops of water. Martyr and I walk out to the open area while Raven approaches a set. Two HB7 are smoking by themselves.

I tell Martyr that I wish i could just take my hat and put it on a random girls head. Then i would take it back and say “yeah I was right it looks better on me”. But my AA wont let me. Martyr takes my hat and puts on one of the HB’s head and does my line, it gets a smile and soon were talking.

I thought the interaction went pretty well. I called them Daphnee and Velma, we were talking and at one point it started raining and I took out my umbrella. I might as well had taken out my penis for all these girls cared cause they flipped out when they saw my umbrella. I was the star and it provided more things to talk about and tease with. But Martyr prematurely ejected us from the set and we lost them. Then one of the HB said goodbye but you could tell that there was still a window to save it, sadly I did not use it and she bounced.

Raven sarged two HB’s, one was a 5 and the other a 6. It seemed to be going well for him so i decided to wing him with Martyr. Turns out the HB 5 was very talkative, she was from Boston, I really enjoyed speaking to her but i made the mistake of telling her what Raven does for a living turns out they work in the similar industry, so she jumps into talk to him and I’m stuck with the HB6, good for me right? WRONG!

Oh my god, this woman was pure boredom. Yeah she was okay looking but every conversation she brought in wanted to make me jump off the building in boredom and every topic i brought up she would turn it into a very boring subtopic. I really hated talking to this girl. Finally after 20 minutes i couldn’t take it anymore and just slowly closed her out. I turned to see Martyr talking to a Brazilian HB9 bartender!

Turns out he knew her and she was laughing and kinoing as he made fun of her. She was loving it! I talked to her for a bit and put my hat on her head for fun. But she got dragged off by a coworker. Raven came over, his set had been blown, he told me the same thing about the HB6 she was as entertaining as watching paint dry. He was happier talking to the HB5 and thought he made a solid friend.

We decided to bounce, so Martyr hugged the Brazilian HB goodbye and we decided to grab a bite at a dinner down the street. As we headed inside Raven tried the drug dealer opener and got laughed at by some woman and her dog, he thought she was high. Go figure!

As we ate we all talked about the night. Raven asked me how i kept my attitude after such a shitty night. I said something that even surprised myself

“I wont ever let anyone dictate how i should feel ever again. I control how I feel not the people around me. Besides I am out on the town with my friends, how can I feel bad about that?”

As I headed home that night, I thought about how far I’ve come. I didn’t feel bad about the night we had. I had a good time I always do when I’m with the Legion, and besides I still had that curly blond haired girl in my spank bank.

Lets sum up shall we?

Sticking Points

1)I am far to wing dependent
2)I am not approaching
3)I have self-worthiness issues
4)I am not capitalizing on the windows presented to me

Bonus Points

1)My inner game is getting stronger
2)My banter was good
3)I provided moral support for my wings
4)I projected my voice and was talking at a adequate speed


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