A Chat With Joe D

June 12, 2008 at 7:16 pm (Bio, Uncategorized)

So I have been talking to Joe D from “The Pick Up Artist” on VH1 and instructor for the Venusian Arts. Hes actually the one that told me to start writting field reports so he could read them. Heres a chat we recently had

12:23 PM Me: hey

12:24 PM Joe:
  I am reading your field reports from your birthday and boy we got lots to talk about
 me: good I am a sponge ready to learn
12:25 PM Joe: Ok first you seem to be using a lot of situational openers, no wonder you aren’t staying in set for a longer time
12:26 PM me: yeah I tend to bail really quickly cause i panic
 Joe: exactly thats because once that situational conversation is over you have no where to go, everything else seems incongruent
 me: yep
12:27 PM Joe: also I was thinking about our venues
  I want you to choose big places filled with 9’s and 10’s rather then 6’s and 7’s
12:28 PM me: yeah we sometimes hit the spots were the 6’s and 7’s are but its not as exciting as the meatpacking where the 8’s and ups are at
12:29 PM hmm
  sorry read really quickly
12:30 PM well meat packing is full of 8’s and up but I will be honest, I get very nervous around them, I have been interacting with them but its almost an immediate blow out or ejection
12:31 PM Joe: then we have lots to work on
  I don’t teach guys how to pickup average girls lol
 me: hahah
  cool dude
12:32 PM Joe: Another thing I am noticing is that these girls are giving you compliance tests all the time
  they are tooling you and making you look like the dancing monkey
12:33 PM me: yeah i love shits because it means their interested but im still not passing all of them and tend to fall for them cause i get caught up in the moment.
 Joe: they aren’t shit tests they are tooling you, they are using you to entertain themselves
12:34 PM do your fire wallet trick again (girls giggle as one goes behind you to look to see whats going on) when she sees you do your trick she calls you gay, they weren’t interested in the trick they just wanted to see how you did it
12:35 PM all these girls are making you jump through hoops and you are jumping
 me: hmm your right
 Joe: low low low value, thats why your attraction game is low you have no DHV
12:36 PM me: hmm
  man this is good
12:37 PM I had a suspecion i was doing something wrong
 Joe: bachelorette party: the girl is trying to take your crown and giving you fake IOI’s because you are entertaining them and the MOMENT you pick her up she is pissed. That wasn’t a coincedence
 me: wow so you can teach me the difference between fake ioi’s and real ones?
12:38 PM Joe: of course
 me: sweet
12:39 PM cause sometimes i think I can read things correctly but other times im like what the heck is going on?
 Joe: judging from these recent reports you are very miscalibrated but thats ok, we can fix that
12:40 PM me: cool cool
  yeah ive been feeling like im all over the place
 Joe: next big thing, keep work and pleasure seperate
 me: yeah you dont need to tell me twice
  i learned that one the hard way
12:42 PM Joe: alright my brotha let that stuff sink in, see ya in 9 days
 me: see ya


  1. rudey said,

    I’ve met you and you are DEFINITELY NOT uncalibrated. You are a really cool guy and vibe super well with people. I think you naturally have a good social intuition and the only thing stopping you is your own beliefs. Once you believe that you are a sex worthy man and start bringing your core sexual intent, you will be unstoppable. Hope this bootcamp helps ya unlock your potential. Play on brother man!

  2. Fred said,

    i gotta agree with rudey here. I thought you were a very friendly and chill guy, and i think you just dont have 100% belief in yourself.

    Just keep looking ahead, go out and socialize, and things will fall into place.

    I hope you enjoy the bootcamp…I actually signed up for a RSD bootcamp myself. Just dont get stuck in your head too much about IOIs, and all that terminology. Just be the awesome guy that you are and put your best self out there.

    Peace brotha,

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