Just Another Sarge….

June 12, 2008 at 7:07 pm (Field Report)

 So the following day I spent the day mostly sulking. I read some PUA blogs and thought allot about my game and my progression. All my life I have always been told that I do not appreciate what I have because I always crave more. Before I used to believe that there was merit to this but lately I wonder if thats just an excuse to be complacent. If I don’t crave more then how do I push myself? Why should I be happy with my success so far when its obvious that I need to be further along.


Anyway I figured that it would be a better night tonight. So I got dressed and hit Union Square. It blazing hot that night and I was wearing my usual blazer. I didn’t mind I used to wear a suit in the rain forest of Puerto Rico, so this weather was just irritating not unbearable. When I got to Union Square I met up with Raven, Shiz and Martyr at Starbucks. All of them were dressed to the nine’s. As we were leaving I turned and opened a two set.


Me: Hey do you guys know where I can find a Mr.Softies Truck?


HB7: Hmm I dont know


HB 6.5: Yeah I dont think I have seen one


Me: Ah man thats too bad


HB7: Why?


Me: I really wanted a vanilla shake


HB7: You should try (Names stupid starbucks drink)


Me: Nah Im kind of anti-starbucks


Okay so I ejected and yeah thinking back why did I have to say I hated Starbucks? I mean I was in a Starbucks! Plus the chick had given me a great window to jump in. She obviously dug me.


Anyway said my good bye and walked out thinking I was the shit since I had already one approach under my belt. Union Square was pumping with honeys. There were allot of ladies in their summer dresses looking mighty fine.


I noticed this was a common conversation with all of us.


Me: Hey look you should approach them


Legionare: Yeah you do it, you pointed them out


Me: ugh! I hate you! Fine!




Me: Uh never mind….


I actually kind of enjoy it really. I mean it forces me to open or eat it. The majority of the time I open even if it is to get blown out because I hate loosing face in front of the guys.


Martyr points out a 3 set for me and I go and open with my Mr.Softies opener. It works pretty well, the girls tell me theres one on the other side of the park but I do think it was a little obvious that I wanted to open them (no pun intended) because heres a guy in a suit, approaching them to talk about ice cream? What?! I think had I been in state it would have gone a whole lot differently. But still the set didn’t go that bad and I managed to have a few minutes of conversation before I ejected.


The park was packed and it was very target rich, lets be honest everyone goes to Union Square to hook up. Shiz started doing freedom social exercises, at one point he started dancing in front of some guy preaching to a group full of people. Martyr also joined in on the fun. The guys were running around telling girls knock, knock jokes, asking for directions or doing very basic interactions.


I bumped into Dino and we had a chance to catch up which was cool. I showed him my fire wallet and shocking lighter. He had to bail and Caramel arrived. I then spotted a really cute HB 7 Indian girl. Shiz had approached her and made a knock knock joke. She seemed friendly and I knew I had to approach her or else I would be thinking of her all night.


So I did…with Raven next to me (what? I didn’t want to get AA). I asked her (in a BR tone of voice) if she was lost because I kept seeing her walk around. I told her my friends and I were wondering who she was waiting for, they said boyfriend but I thought secret spy. Which she got a kick out of. I introduced myself to her and shook her hand, she gave me a warm smile. I think she dug me, I did a formula that I heard from the Judge “I like your _________ But don’t you worry that ________”. So I said “I like your dress but don’t you worry a gust of wind will blow it up over your head”


It was a pretty stupid line and it felt forced and although I know she found it a little weird, she didn’t blow me out. Instead I ejected for no good reason.


Arrrgh!!! So frustrating!


I told the guys I ejected cause she looked way to young but in truth I just panicked and ejected.


We met up with one of Martyrs non community friends who I shall call Doctor Love, cause he was a doctor. Doctor Love was a cool dude. The guys did some more social freedom exercises and we then decided to hit Plunge.


We took the long trek over there, I noticed that Caramel was a little grumpy. We all talked about game and as we were walking we noticed a 3 set standing in front of a porn shop. We tell Martyr to approach and he goes up and asks them if there was something going on that he should know about.


They all looked at him puzzled.


“Uh no why?”


“Because 3 girls standing in front of a porn shop…hello!”


They all burst out laughing! It was a hit! Martyr kept the interaction going for a bit but ejected.

Shiz also kept giving girls hi fives and telling women they were beautiful. Which got giggles and smiles all around.



We get to plunge and we pull a group of Asians to let us walk in with them, I also get a black girl to walk in with me but when we ask two French girls if they will walk in with Martyr they say


Will yuzzz biiii uzzz drinkzzz?


What? No


Whatzzz are yuzzz sheeep?


So Martyr had to wait downstairs for another couple while we went in. Value takers. Martyr walked in with two lesbians 5 minutes later.


Upstairs we bump into another PUA who I shall call PU Douche. He was Asian with a crummy shirt. I realize very quickly that this guy is a value taker and I don’t like him. I don’t know but I’m pretty sure Raven felt the same way. We head to the back of plunge and Raven opens up a two set with me winging him. Raven uses the fuck you opener and they are pretty responsive. Suddenly PU Douche appears and tries to horn in on our set by just standing there like he knows us.


Mother fucker! Apparently he does this allot, he sees a PUA and just jumps in and pretends he knows the PUA because hes too chicken shit to open up his own set.


We ignore PU Douche and box him out, he eventually gets the hint and moves on. Some how I wound up with a black haired cute HB Asian 7, this chick is cute and we start to hit it off, but I’m not escalating physically plus she is seated so I start to feel the attraction start to die off. Toward the end I get so desperate to turn things around that I call over Shiz and Martyr to help us out by doing the photo routine but its over. Eventually we get blown out.


I walk around with Shiz and Raven, I spot a very cute thin white girl and do the cheers woo move. It clicks we all start talking, I decide to take the initiative and tell her I think shes cute, she responds very well. Raven and Shiz split leaving us alone. We talk a bit and I deploy the claw and it works but I get scared and pull back, she realizes i wont pull the trigger and she blows me out.


I walk back to the guys. We talk for a bit, grumpy Caramel is pushing for us to leave and hit Gaslight because there are guys there. Raven and the rest of the guys agree, we go to find Doctor Love and find him in a two set with two very attractive British girls. He pulls in Martyr and their in set for a while, then PU Douche goes and stands there pretending he knows the, this pisses Caramel off and she goes to distract him. She talks to him for a bit, acting like shes just some random girl, he tells her that Martyr is his best friend and that and I quote “Us Asians stick together” and continues to spouts off random weird things, basically creeping her the fuck out.


Finally the guy gets the hint and disappears. Meanwhile Shiz and I are playing the word game, in which we all start a conversation with a girl based on a word we choose. I tell him Snare Dragon and he tells me Lemons. I ask a girl if she got her necklace at a store called Lemons and it actually hooked decently until her friend dragged her away.


Finally Doctor Love and Martyr end their set, The good doctor has gotten a number! Huzzah! So we bounce to hit another venue. As we walk out of plunge we head to Gaslight only to discover that it is swamped full of people.


As we walk by we bump into two girls. One looks really, really young and the other one is older. I have no idea what she wound up talking about, but all she said was cupcakes. This has got to be the most bizarre conversation I have had to date.


HB8: Cupcakes


Me: You guys are cupcakes? Ha thats really cute, its a good band name


Shes smiling at me and I see the googly eyes


I give her a high 5 and she responds, then she holds on to my hand. But I bail because my friends are leaving. Doctor Love tells me that she was really into me. The guys say that they thought it was mom and daughter because the other girl looked 16.


As we walked we saw another group of girls, one was wearing a hat. Shiz said cool hat and she gave him a look of disgust, Caramel got mad and told them they were being rude. Martyr went back and told them that they should be rude, to which they were just rude back. Martyr stayed in set and left on his own accord not when they demanded it.


We turn the corner and Shiz tells two girls that he can see their toes because they are wearing open shoes (another social freedom exercise) as we walk past them and are half way down the block, one screams JERK OFF!!!


Caramel tries to run back to kick their ass, I hold her back and wind up jokingly calling them the c word. Everyone is laughing having a good time. Thinking back I wish I could have gone back to those girls and just teased them for overreacting. Maybe it was a shit test or maybe they were just jerks. Still I shouldn’t have reacted even if I was just joking.


We hit Gaslight but wow it was swamped. We could hardly move in there, the heat was insane and It was a blur of people. We managed to squeeze to the back of the bar, and I saw a bachlorette party. I decide to go in, so I walk up, tap her on the shoulder. Tell her congratulations and give her a hug. The group loves me. So I eject and you all know the reason, thats right no damn good reason.


Some of the guys do some approaches and we decide to leave, as were leaving the bachlorette party approaches me and asks me if I know a doctor. I point out Doctor Love, turns out they had to take a picture with a doctor for their scavenger hunt. They all give me a hug good bye as thanks and we bounce.


We head out and bump into The Undertaker. We head to park which of course wont let us in because you must have girls with you. At this point Caramel and I are starving, the guys want to walk to union square, I know my leg will kill me with that hike, its already starting to cramp up due to all the walking. So we split up and grab a cap to hit a dinner I know on Union Square.


I was worried, I was worried I would miss out on something amazing to stop to eat. I had time to chat with Caramel for a bit which is is always fun. To be honest I was just happy to get some air conditioned air, it was boiling outside. It was still very very early, only 12:30 we had been sarging since 8pm.



I wanted to call it a night but I felt I needed to push myself, so we met up with the guys at Beauty Bar. Shiz had called it a night and already left. Beauty Bar was pretty packed. Raven tried to do an approach but the girls were foreign. Ugh not to hate but its those sets that almost always go bad, our humor just doesn’t translate and I find it hard to read them.


The guys decide they want to bounce, I know where this is headed. No one will approach and we will wind up at a dead location and call it a night. As we were living we started singing “Build Me Up Buttercup” (wow I just noticed that, how weird!) really loudly having a grand old time. Suddenly everyone around us joined in. It was so funny, there was this one girl who was pretty banging and she started singing with us and all the chodes around her, joined in to impress her. I found that rather entertaining.


Well sure enough we hit the bar next door and its mostly dead. The Undertaker approaches some girls. I hit the bar and buy Raven a birthday beer. There are some girls next to us, I try talking to them but they are not receptive at all. Oh well.


So I just hang with Raven shooting the shit. Suddenly I see an older woman, she is smiling giving Raven the googly eyes. Raven says shes not his type so nothing happens. Wow what is it with the Older Women that Raven tends to attract?


So we call it a night. I get on my train and rest while I think about my night. My sticking point isn’t blown, its still very much alive. I need to start pushing my sets. I spoke to Raven about this the other day its like were all over the place with no consistency. Its like were constantly fluctuating between hot and cold. Plus I have no idea how to lead. I am proud of myself for not letting AA get the better of me and can you believe I have only been doing this for 3 months?


It will take time but I will get through it. Just got to keep the faith.


Lets sum up shall we?


Bonus Points


  1. Got some attraction

  2. Had good banter

  3. Some kino (very light)

  4. Hooked sets


Sticking Points


  1. Not going physical

  2. Ejecting too soon

  3. Low energy


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