June 14, 2008 at 7:02 pm (Bio, Inner Game)

I did not go out Friday night. Everyone flaked out and no one returned my phone calls.  I spoke to Love Pirate but he wouldnt make it till around 11pm to sarge. He also sounded a bit tired, I told him to stay in. One True Matt also texted me, turns out his Day2 flaked out on him, so he wound up going to 230 & 5th.

I stayed home and watched the entire 4th season of Greys Anatomy.

This can never happen again.

I go out every weekend twice a week. I have been doing that for 3 months straight. This is key for my development. If I don’t push myself to go out I will never get better.

Today had everything going for me. I scored a number from a girl on the subway (she was a old classmate I had a crush on forever who disappeared on me) and I re-opened HB Blue (See my b-day report) by doing some solid text game and got her myspace.

But I was too scared to sarge alone. So I choded out.

I cant be a chode, I can never chode out, it doesn’t serve me.


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