When In Doubt Online Game!

June 16, 2008 at 12:54 pm (Online Game)

 So I completely choded out this weekend.  I felt pretty crappy about it, on Saturday I couldn’t get any concrete plans out of anyone and allot of my regular wings did not return my phone calls.  Turns out everyone decided to take the weekend off.

So I spent the weekend trying out some online game and I actually made allot of progress. I realized that my profile tends to attract geekier girls. The uber hotties on the other hand are a no go.  I’m kind of torn on that issue, on the one hand I could alter my profile to cater to the clubby sex in the city wanabee girl but would that really be me? I’m a geek and I like being a geek but why am I attracted to social club butterflies?

I got 2 solid interactions, re-opened one girl who flaked out on me years ago and reestablished communication with a girl who is my x’s friend.  Lets call her HB Poison, I really dig HB Poison but shes dangerous. I cant read her and last time we hung out (December), I thought I was building attraction when in fact I later learned that sparked her danger chode meter (she realized my intentions and I was still very AFC back then). I don’t normally meet women who spark an intellectual attraction. The few who do always floor me. I get very attached and take it hard when they reject me.  I hear it happens to everybody (even Tyler) so I don’t think I should be too concerned about it.

Still online game is not real game. First off I don’t understand why guys keep saying its easy. Its actually hard. First off you dont have any body language to fall back on, second it takes a while to even know if your initial opener hooked or not, I have sent 20 messages out and only gotten 1 or 2 responses.  So no its not easier, your judged allot on looks online this whole “oh they see the real me” on internet is bullshit. Maybe your just funny and being funny goes a long way online but if you don’t have a picture or worse have bad ones up, thats going to be big strikes against you.

Yeah give me real interactions were I know in half a second if I have won or lost.


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