Warlock and Joe D Take Manhattan…

June 24, 2008 at 2:51 pm (Field Report)

Hey guys,

So this past weekend I was very lucky to have one on one training with non other than Joe D. Joe flew all the way from LA to The Big Apple just to help with my game and I have to say that it was an amazing experience. These past 3 days have been ingrained in my life.

First off guys Im going to say right now. Your not going to see much detail in this review. The reason is because I learned allot about myself and one of the things I learned was that I over analyze everything. My field reports only make this worse. So this will probably be my last field report or at least until I can overcome this flaw in my game.

My experience with Joe D is something I am still actively processing. Joe was insanely organized guys I was really shocked at how well he broke down the system to me. He was also gun ho! At one point I DLV’d myself with a stupid comment and Joe stopped what he was saying and read me the riot act. I was not allowed to be lower value. I was a high value man and I should show it.

The first night out guys was intense. My thoughts before the weekend were. Oh I am an intermediate PUA, I get numbers (even if they 100% flake out), I open sets (5 in a night), I don’t have AA anymore. Guys I was full of dodoo (I’m trying to cut the cursing), that night I opened 15 sets and proceeded to get the worse AA I have ever had! I had thought that taking a boot camp was fun. No guys it really is a BOOT CAMP, you will push yourself harder than you have ever gone, you will be forced to face things you had ignored for a long time.

How bad do you want it?

We all say “oh yeah I want it no question” well that bull guys because you say you want it but you spent most of the night being a wall flower with your friends or you sit at your keyboard typing on message boards. No if you really want it you will open set after set and get horrible reactions that will make you feel like you got kicked in the nuts. You will want to cry, you will want to run, and you will want to go home, jack off to you tube porn, cruise the net and watch movies while eating junk food.

Thats what I went through. I came to a crossroad on Saturday morning a HUGE chunk of my brain was saying “David (yep thats my name) just stay home bro, just stay home read comics, cruise the net, watch your netflix”it was very alluring guys, I have to be honest I was very tempted. But more than anything I wanted it, I wanted to live to be part of the party. Yes I am saying that if you spend all your evenings playing warcraft, watching netflix films ON THIS BOARD then you are not living, you are the walking dead.

Guys the first night was not only intense for me but also for Joe, I was a hard case. Joe could have been like “well he hasn’t gotten it, whatever I got my money” and just thrown information at me. But he didn’t he sat me down and told me he was not going to stop until I got this information. He would not sleep until he found a way to get through to me. Guys thats the kind of coach you want. Someone who believes in you even when you are not.

I was running sets that night, I was DHVing, I was making jokes, guys Joe met old friends of his who brought with them insanely hot women, these girls were Alpha females they would have not given a crap if I was friends with Joe D or not, they would have ignored me. By the end of the night I e-mailed closed one and was making them laugh and love me. The following day Joe told me one girl asked him who his student was and he told her. She was shocked. She could not comprehend how I could have even needed to be trained when I seemed flawless.

Guys I feel a huge change in me. I am an alpha male, I always was I just tricked myself into believing that there actually was such a thing as a beta male. We are all alpha males guys. I now have the 5 attraction switches ingrained in my head. All I want to do now is give value to other value givers. I want to enjoy life and meet Men and Women. I want to build a life. I want to eat healthier, look better, and most of all learn. Game is not my life its only a small aspect of the bigger picture.

Thanks Joe you gave me wings bro…you gave me wings.


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  1. Fred said,

    I know I talked to you on the phone last night about it, but awesome job with pushing yourself through the pain and fear that weekend. DONT STOP NOW! You 100% have amazing momentum going for you…..DONT PUT ON THE BRAKES! You’re an awesome guy….rock some girls night kid haha


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