First Pull….

July 14, 2008 at 2:28 pm (Field Report)

I got laid last week, I guess you could say thats a huge step for me. I pulled the girl off myspace. She is unlike any other girl that has had sex with me in the last 6 years. For one, she is actually thin. Plus shes not latina and is actually a geek.

I used the techniques in the e-book “Window Shopping for Women”. Their stuff really works but the problem with it for me is that allot of New Yorkers are jumping onto Facebook and I have yet to pimp out my facebook profile like my myspace one.

So I first contacted her per the book and then pushed it till she called me at 1 am. We went back and forth a bit. I spiked the BT pretty high, and went for the pull but she resisted. I then just froze her out, not intentionally I just got bored and moved on. That weekend I scored 5 numbers and two e-mails, so my confidance was high. I then started talking to her again well I just assumed the pull.

She complied! I also kept the conversation very sexual. I told her we would be making out, when she tried challenge it, I just told her it was going to happen.  The day of the meet up I started hearing my inner chode say

“Dave, your not going to have sex with her, you want to keep this one, you should buy her things and take her some place nice…your a nice guy”

FUCK THAT!!! I said to myself, Im not some chode!

We met up and I immediatly kissed her. Well after that she was all over me, hugging me, tickling me, being all lovely dovey with me and ofcourse kisisng me.

We went to dinner because I was hungry and to be honest I liked the girl and didnt want to treat her like a full out whore. I guess I still have some chode in me. I mean maybe if we had started talking from the go that we were going to meet to fuck then that was one thing. But I had established the role of being friends with something more.

After we ate and talked. I told her we were going someplace more private. I honestly had it my head that if she protested I would have said “The comic store…wait where did you think we were going?”. She just looks at me and says “I just want to let you know I need to be back here to get my bus at 11pm”

Its so on. I thought to myself. So I took her by the hand and lead her to the subway and back to my place and well glory.

Heres the funny thing….I DONT KNOW HER NAME!!

Yeah I never bothered to ask and just assumed I knew her, so to this day I still do not know her name. I call her babe, baby, sweetie, hun. I have no clue if she even knows my name. Probably does since its all over my myspace, unlike hers (I have searched everything on that thing).

I was actually a little bumbed out afterwards though. I spoke to The Judge and Rudey about it basically this turns out to be a common thing. We think that sex will fill us or worse we think that we need to find the one insane pull, were you are battling Amogs and pulling a girl from a venue after extracting her from the mother hen.

We all make such a big deal about closing but really its not a big deal. I know Raven (my wing) says that its not a real pull since it was online but I think it is. I mean I hadnt gotten laid since november of last year and that was a fattie. This was awesome and best of all we still talk. I cant wait till round 2



  1. Race said,

    Rock on man! And it is definitely a “real pull” because you created a relationship with a girl from out of thin air. Not only that but YOU got her attention, attracted her and made her comfortable enough to come meet you. At that point she found you worthy as a sexual partner because YOU are awesome. Kudos!

    ps don’t worry. Facebook is easier to set up 🙂

  2. Kevin said,

    Good job! You could of had the first meet be awkward and it wasnt. You two had fun.
    It doesnt matter if it was a pull or not. Heck people get married from internet sites like match and eharmony, and it is designed for a soul purpose of finding that special one.


  3. Kevin said,

    BTW thats hilarious that you dont know her name! couldnt stop laughing. 😀

  4. Fred said,

    AWESOMEEEE!!! Big smile on my face….and yes…it was a real pull. If anything, its more difficult than a regular pull for 2 reasons…

    1) Most girls are apprehensive/hesitant about meeting up with guys online or myspace…let alone hooking up with them

    2) Sometimes personalities seem different online than in person. Usually they go the negative route once u actually meet….but in this case, it went positive.

    Again….awesome job…and some week after my BC, I’ll bring my ass into the city again…ill hit u up

  5. rudey said,

    If your penis was inside of her vagina…then it’s a real pull. period. If this was all a dream, then I agree with Raven. Kick ass job bro! Can’t wait to read more of these!

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