July 16, 2008 at 6:22 pm (Bio)

I’m always surprised at what I dig. Ever since my dick started working I have been obsessed with boobs. Its been the one thing I have lusted over. I still remember the first time I jacked off, it was to an episode of WKRP in Cincinnati. Loni Anderson was wearing an very tight blouse (like she always did) and I suddenly felt like scratching my dick.

Well it went off. Yep puberty was an interesting period of my life. Jesus I had so many raging hormones in me I could have killed an elephant with them.

When I was 15 I actually got to touch breasts, he name was Wendy Walker and she was everything a 15 year old dreams about….. Easy

My family and I had gone on a week long cruise. That week was probably the pimpest I ever was. I think I made out with about a dozen girls. But Wendy…oh Wendy she was special. We practically got naked in the movie theater (yeah they had a movie theater on the ship) to Sommersby. Proving forever that it was always in the worst movies that something sexually important happened to me.

Im serious look!

First hand holding -> Tango and Cash

My first kiss -> Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot

First Base -> Sommersby

Second Base -> Cop and Half

Sex -> Boys to Men Music Video “I’ll Make Love To You”….half the video

Uh you get the idea. Anyway to this day I will take an less attractive woman over a more attractive one if breasts are involved. Why do I love the puppies so much? Its a mystery, maybe its the sensation of setting them free, its kind of like opening a present on x-mas day.

Why do breasts have such appeal to me? They are my kryptonite.


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