Dynamic Duo

July 16, 2008 at 1:44 pm (Bio)

This past weekend was pretty interesting.  Raven and I have practically become a dynamic duo of sarging. I always tend to be out and about with him whenever I sarge.  I have noticed that I am rather defensive on who I sarge with mostly because I have had some pretty lame wings when I first started (although not as bad as The Judge or other PUA’s horror stories of bad wings).

I first met Raven after I had a disastrous outing with a guy who was so awkward he literally bit himself in the hand before he went up to talk to a girl. It was probably one of the worst nights I had, had. Raven had sent me a message on the stylelife board where I was in danger or becoming a keyboard jockey.

I remember I was so defensive with Raven on AIM I wouldn’t even tell him my age. But after thinking about it, I decided to give a new wing a chance.  So I met up with Raven, my first impressions of him was that he looked like the type of guy who if married would be married to a hot white girl. Turns out he was a pretty cool guy (thank god) and we got along just fine.

Over the past 4 and half months Raven and I have sarged with over a dozen different wings. Some have come and gone but the constant has been Raven and I. Raven has improved dramatically over time and I like to think that I had a hand in helping him but thats just cause im an ego maniac. It used to be Raven could not even hold a conversation now the dude is like the make out king.

I will say this though we still have a long way before we actually gel really well as a team. I have the bad habit of ejecting from sets and his sets last a very long time, sometimes over an hour. I’m sure over time we will calibrate a bit better and eventually just lording over the club.


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