Gamma Bomb!

July 16, 2008 at 2:30 pm (Inner Game)

So I recently had a Gamma Bomb go off on me. A gamma bomb is my new term for when you learn something that kind of throws you for a loop, it can be good or bad. This time its good.

I was listening to the free audio seminar from Tyler that I got for signing up for the RSD newsletter. I have to say its a huge Gamma Bomb of information. I really feel that this audio is something that will make me come at my game from a whole new level.

You see Ozzie said something that really didn’t click for me until I heard Tyler go in depth about it in the audio. He said “In the club everyone has the same value”.

This is something that I started thinking about on the ride home yesterday. We all are always putting value on things. Universally we almost all put value in our families and friends. Which I agree with should but then we put value in things that are just plain stupid. Our jobs (not because they inspire us but because of some false sense of status), the type of cars we drive, the type of cell phones we have, the clothes we wear, and of course the type of people we date.

This really came to focus for me, when I went grocery shopping and the very slutty and hot cashier girl started talking to me. At first I was like “holy crap her rack is so hot” then I realized it, I made 30 grand a year (not something to write home about), I lived in Puerto Rico, owned my own business, worked in radio, had my own apartment, published my own comics, have been to central America, etc. And I’m trying to tell myself that a minimum wage girl who most likely lives with her parents has more value than me because she has perky boobs. What am I high?!!

About 12 years ago I was dating a girl who pretty much was a bitch to me. I worshiped this girl and she treated me like scum. I was an Igor (or as you like to say AFC), she was obsessed with a comic called Dawn it was a great book full of metaphors and symbolism. A line that always stood out to me was…

“Things only have the power that you give them..”

I never really realized why that line stood out to me, I mean I didn’t get it, at the time I probably just thought it looked and sounded deep and cool. But I think it was my subconscious trying to tell me to get the fuck out of dodge.

Now this line is very important to me, because I don’t want to give things value, I want to give value in my self and actions.


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