Experimentation Day #1

July 18, 2008 at 3:18 pm (Field Report)

So I have officially decided to go out 3 days a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Since Thursday will be a night were I tend to go home early due to work the next day (I turn into a pumpkin at 1am) I have decided to make Thursday experimentation day.  Basically its the day to try things and get blown out, in fact getting blown out is a plus because you are adapting to social conditioning.

I wanted to go out guns blazing on Thursday but I found myself not in state last night and even though all my sets hooked last night, I did spend the early part of the night choding out a bit. I want to do like 30 approaches like they do in boot camp and really push my comfort levels, but I find myself only doing small baby steps which is fine but I guess I’m stugeling between my fear and gun ho mentality which creates a small back lash.

I do consider Experimentation Day a success, I made a point of speaking to 8’s and up. I pushed Raven into a set of Australian models. He had said he wanted to approach hot women and then tried to convince me to pass up the 9’s to go for 7’s. I looked at him dead serious and told him he was not going to open those 9’s that I would not allow him to open the 7’s. Well he did and wow those girls were smoking and the sweetest girls in the world. I want a Aussie girlfriend now 😉

We wound up getting their face book because it would have been a waste to get their number and we failed to befriend the male friend who pulled them away from us and bounced them out of budah bar. Immediately afterwards we turned and opened a two set of  7’s who started throwing shit tests galore at us, one kept telling me I was gay and I started acting all flamboyant because I actually thought she was kidding then I realized she was tooling me and I looked at Raven and gave him the code of “these girls are giving us shit tests because their not very hot, lame” so we ejected.

We then hit Plunge for the rest of the night where we did a few more approaches but then got sidetracked talking to other PUA’s. I really need to put my foot down and just sarge instead of being polite and continuing the conversation as the hot sets walk past me. I wound up opening a very hot Ukrainian model and made her laugh so much I got her number. Shes a bit of a bimbo to be honest with you which is a turn off but I might call her. I also strangely enough bumped into Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy.

Only in New York right? I know I said keep your value but fucking a! I couldn’t go up and talk to her, which shows my flaws in my inner game i need to work on. I was star stuck. I’m lucky I didn’t find her attractive and never did because i probably would been freaking out.

Things I have learned from experimentation day

1) Girls who rate an 8 and up are really easier to open and possibly close. They don’t give you shit tests as much or tool you. As long as your not intimidated by them and don’t be a slime ball then you should be good.

2) Girls who rate bellow an 8 tend to be more insecure and give allot of shit tests. They tend to be a bit too try hard in always saying “I’m hot! Really I’m hot! Do you see?” This is something that can really be exploited. I think I’m going to start playing around with maybe being brutally honest like saying something like “Seriously why are you so insecure?” after they throw another shit test at me.

3) Women are really starting to form paterns. I’m starting to see that they can be categorized Ill probably be posting my thoughts a bit more on that.

4) I am seriously going to start weeding out the magic tricks from my game. Its so fucking lame. I really only use it when I seriously run out of things to say in set. Its like my desperate attempt to break glass in case of emergency bit. And its so trying for rapport it makes me sick.

5) I am not getting into state lately, this is because I am focusing on what the result of a set would be and I am thinking a bit to take as much information in as possible. Not that I fear blow outs, in fact i welcome them its just that I only get into state when I truly don’t care if a set goes good or bad. Right now I actually care about the result due to curiosity I have decided to make Saturday of my sarge The Day Of The Ultimate Nullifier! So what is the Ultimate Nuliffier? Its when you truly don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of you. It nullifies AA, outcome dependency, EVERYTHING. Basically its a fancy word for saying your having a good time with your buds and meeting women.


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