Hate Is The Star!

July 23, 2008 at 3:28 pm (Bio, Inner Game)

So last night I was a little bored and started to IM people on my AIM who I had forgotten about. One person was on my list and I completely had forgotten who she was (I only have girls on my AIM or guys I still communicate with). Well I send a hi and who are you message and get a fuck you right back.

Well this entertains me and no matter how much of a insult she gives me I just give her a sweet and nice answer back. This frustrates her which amuses me, then I realize who she was.

Kelly Coffee

Kelly was a girl that went to high school with me. Back then she used to weigh 300 pounds. She was also a raging bitch. I’m not exaggerating, she was one mean bitch, she would insult anyone who would even look at her. I tried to be nice but I soon gave that up when she ripped into me in English class, it got so bad I insulted her back by calling her elephant girl, she didn’t like that one bit and it was the first time I feel like I really hurt someones feelings intentionally, not cool, not cool at all.

Years later I wound up working with my dad in tourism. Turns out her dad was working in the same company as a driver. I quickly made friends with him, mostly because I liked his stories and he was funny. The guy was a x-hippy and was an interesting cat. He got me in touch with Kelly, she was living in Salt Lake City and she had lost all her weight and gone down to 139 pounds.

Whats funny is that she still had the same attitude although it wasn’t as intense. She was rather negative, always about this person or that person being an asshole. But she was also really interesting, she was very independent and loved nature plus she had geek like interests and was a liberal.

I worked in tourism for about I would say 3 years (give or take). At first I liked it, it was an easy way to make money. But as time went on, I began to hate it, drivers would steal from each other, gossip and just act like complete ghetto chodes. Mr.Coffee was cool but he had the same flaws like other drivers, he would steal trips and try to make a profit for himself or give trips to certain drivers who greased the wheels if you get my meaning.

I stopped hanging out with Mr.Coffee because I didn’t really share his value of chasing money, I would hang out with the girls in the office because I could make them laugh and enjoyed their company. My Dad was on the board of directors for the company and a vote came down from the head honchos and Mr.Coffee lost his position as chief operator (basically the guy who assigns trips) and he became a driver again.  A few months later the company went belly up because Hyatt closed its hotel, I had saved my pennies and booked a ticket to NYC.

This was two years ago and I remember my time in tourism with a little disdain. Sure it was easy money and little work but unlike everyone else I didn’t put my ultimate value in making cash. To this day money isn’t as valuable to me as it is to anyone else. If I was told I could either get 300 bucks or have sex with a cute woman, I would choose the sex. If I had to choose between going home with a hottie and loosing my friendship with my buddy or going home with wood and keeping my friendship. I would have wood.

Mr.Coffee apparently told Kelly that my dad betrayed him and I stood by and took the side of the company. That Mr.Coffee was a noble and honorable man. And I was the son of Satan and my father was Lucifer

Its been 2 fucking years and shes still carrying this grudge against my family and I. She started cursing me out over AIM, getting pretty intense in her descriptions of incest I must have with my father and how I betrayed her poor innocent noble father. I was pretty much fascinated by her rant.

You can really hold on to hate for that long? Don t you have better things to do?

Now your probably wondering Warlock what does this have to do with game? Heres the deal guys. You are either a positive person or a negative one. You cant be both, you will lean more to either side. Kelly has reframed life to be that everyone is out to get her. This is why she will never really savor life because she will always look over her shoulder or not trust anyone.

But imagine if you thought everyone was trying to help you? That everyone was just a friend waiting to be discovered? That negative people are just sad and not worth your time.  How awesome would that be? How money would you be in your interactions? Food for thought.


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