Ugly Duckling No More!

July 25, 2008 at 8:44 pm (Field Report, Inner Game)

Yesterday was experimentation day, once again I learned so much. I tend to do on those days. Raven and I hit Plunge after once again we were not let into Budah Bar. Man those bouncers just hate our guts, this time they just told us they were only doing reservations and didn’t even look at the list.

I honestly don’t know why they make such a big deal. I mean the place is tiny as hell, over priced and has crappy music. The only reason Raven and I even try to go in is that we like it as a warm up spot because its usually has some very high quality targets and there seems to be very little PUA’s (growing problem in the club scene).

We hit Plunge and did some sets. It took us a little while to warm up but I noticed a few things.

1) Women are really starting to notice me or maybe I am finally noticing that women are noticing me. Quite a few women were giving me warm smiles. I even opened one or two and they were very warm to me.

2) AA is not completely gone but thankfully its nothing like it used to be and once I get a few sets under my best its completely gone. Also my early sets hook but I tend to let them fizzle art early in the night if I haven’t warmed up.

3) Once again my theory about the less attractive girl the more of a chip she has on her shoulder and harder she is to sarge. We got a snarky blow out from the chodier of a two set. We are also noticing how chody girls act in a club, they hold their drinks up their chests, stare at each other waiting for guys to approach, look at the ground nervously, have trust issues when you compliment them, etc.

My plan for that night was to try to be myself in set, Although its not like a completely different personality in set, I do tend to fall into dancing monkey magic comedian guy. So I wanted to do something Fred recommended and be a bit more real. I think I completely failed at that because once again In found myself doing the secret handshake and wound up testing a new magic trick I call it:

The Flaming Heart of Desire.

Its a flashy piece literally, I use fire and its very cool. But its going to go lame the minute I get bored doing it. Once again I cant depend on tricks to get through my set, its a crutch and I’m really not capitalizing it correctly.

Anyway after I do this, a PUA comes up to me while I am in heavy kino with my target, at first it was working out we started doing role play. She was into it (although I will never forgive myself for not doing the whole marriage rpg) but then this dude tells me that hes been in magic for 2 years. I was like cool then he goes and says “Oh let me guess you got into after you read THE GAME” and he said with emphasis on it then turned and left.

This girl got pretty weirded out, luckily I defused it but it almost wrecked my set. But I busted my set when I started a joke about how Raven and I met in prison. It started out funny but I took it dark and in the middle of the stupid joke I thought “Oh no I’m about to fuck myself over here”. Wow what a break in the vibe.

I’ll go into the very funny about what happened to Raven and I when we met Matadors “BFF” in another post.  But for now I want to talk about what I learned that night.

Heres the deal guys. I’m a good looking guy. I’m not bragging or trying to be funny, I’m serious when I say this. It took me a long as time to realize I was cute and people had told me I was a good looking guy in a matter of fact way but I never really bought it. But last night I just realized I’m a handsome guy. Women dig my look they want to fuck me, I just keep fucking it up. All I have to do is stop doing the things that screw me up and I should be good.

Everybody thinks being handsome means that women constantly throw themselves at you. Well that only happens if you believe you are handsome. A negative mentality about your looks can seriously hamper for enjoying those rock star looks. I think looks are really 20% physical appearance and 80% mental confidence. Well right now I feel I’m 40% physical and 60% mental confidence.  The numbers are going up guys.



  1. Fred said,

    Hey man….I’m glad you’re making progress. You’re last couple of posts were kinda negative…and I dont really care for that at all mister! haha Ill see you soon man

  2. Fred said,

    P.S. NO MORE MAGIC TRICKS! The only magic you want a girl to see is in your pants.

    thank you…goodnight

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