Im a VIP! Im a V.I.P!!!!

July 28, 2008 at 4:26 pm (Inner Game, Thoughts)

You know your game is getting better not just when you get results but when you get new problems. Im talking about AMOG’s or as I like to call them Pradeeps because its almost like they are screaming “Im a VIP! IM A VIP!!”. So fricking annoying.

This past weekend I encountered a few.

On Thursday this guy came into my set and tried to Amog me by weirding out my girl. This is guy from my previous post about saturdays adventure. Anyway I decided to make friends with the guy even though he had tried to go into my set. The guy wound up inviting us to a PUA party where he claimed there would be hot girls, good vibe, ect.

We decided to go because we felt that it would be an adventure…boy was it ever that! Turns out the guy was full of shit. The party was a karaoke thing (took us 45 minutes to get there) and the girls were creeped out by us, with good reason. It was a birthday party! Here are these two guys who are over dressed and no one knows. Duh! Of course its weird. Raven and I left after 15 minutes.

Heres the funny thing. This dude kept saying the following:

“Oh me and Matador are close, I helped him write his book”

“Yeah all these guys at this party are my students”

“You can learn allot from me”

You get the idea. At the end of the night Raven and I just kept making jokes about how I was helping Style write his book and he was going to wing Tim from RSD. We were giggling like kids.

The next couple of days I noticed this phenomena of being a Pradeep. I barely ever have a problem with a guy who is non community in my sarges. I always befriend them and show them respect and they tend to help me out. Other P.U.A’s on the other hand are a different story.

I don’t get the hate. Seriously I don’t get it. There are a million other girls who are probably equally if not hotter than any that I speak to, but these guys act such needy little bitches.

You got your vultures who wait until you get distracted to go in, you can see them very clearly because they are literally behind the girl as your talking, licking their lips and staring like a complete slime ball.

You also got the Booze hunters. These are the guys who see a drunk girl and descend on them like harpies. I hate gaming drunk girls, its the sleaziest sort of move.

But the worst are the too cool for school guys. These are guys who when you talk to them they act like they are the shit and are just douche bags to you. They give you attitude, disagree with anything you say and never ever smile. Of course they never game in front of you either.

I seriously dont understand I mean were here to be social and get laid. How is acting like a completly needy douche ever going to get you laid?


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