The Characters From Warlocks Life

July 28, 2008 at 2:42 pm (Bio)

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now.  So without wasting any more time, lets do this!

P.U.A’s I hang out with regularly:

The Judge:

The Judge is probably one of the best PUA’s I know, I first met him at The Newbie Sarge (a regular meeting of board members from every couple of months) It was early in my game when a solid interaction was something to dream about. The Judge was a monster, attracting girls like crazy and when I pointed to the hottest girl in the room (we dubbed her HB Beyonce) he killed that set, number closed her and had her texting him for the rest of the night.

I enjoy talking to The Judge about game, we normally talk about inner game stuff and life in general. Whenever I have a problem or sticking point I need to talk about, I can always count on him.

The Judge was a master at routine based game but in the past few months he has started to experiment and evolve a more natural/RSD technique.

Golden Child:

Golden was one of the last senior NYCsargeteam members I met off the board. At the time I was constantly posting insanely detailed field reports and was getting some attention from it. Golden told me that he would read my reports and want to go out to game. Goldens most powerful tool is his voice, he dominates constantly with it and is always talking in a breaking rappor tonality. Girls just melt when he opens his mouth. He also is a great guy to have next to you, to motivate you. He is constantly excited and ready to tear it up. His style used to be straight up routine based (although he always improvised between routines) but now is slowly starting to turn into a more RSD/Natural Style since I first told him about it after my Flawless Natural seminar.

Love Pirate

L.P is the moderator of the board but is also one of the most sickest PUA’s I have ever met. His game is all physical and natural based. Hes very out spoken against using routines. I’ve seen him in the field and his game is scary. He always makes out and pulls pretty consistently. He also has the talent of gab, Ive called him and been so involved in our conversation that I look up and 4 hours have gone by. Also dont try to AMOG him, I’ve seen many a PUA walk off with his tail between their legs.


One of the warmest most nicest PUA’s I have ever met.  He is also Puertorican, probably one of the only ones I have met in the field. Achilles is a good viber. He can vibe really, really well with everyone around him and bring this air of positivity. He is pretty much routine based.


Steve is a ninja. You might see Steve on one section of the club but half a minute later he will be gone and so will the girl or group. It took a while for me to get to know Steve, at first I just saw him as the quiet good looking guy who hangs with the guys. But over time I really got to know him and hes a really cool and decent dude. His game is pretty solid. He is also starting to convert to RSD.


Raven is my wing and good friend, you will usually see him by my side. If you want to learn more about Raven see my other posts.

Other PUA’s I know:


Martyr is a PUA I used to hang out with on a regular basis. Martyr has a very big heart and is a very nice guy. He says he has his own system now that is similar to RSD. I tend to see him probably twice a month or so, he doesn’t really enjoy the venues I sarge in.

The Undertaker:

The Undertaker is Martyrs wing. He’s an okay guy I guess, I don’t really know him to well. He is all about routines. I will be honest and say I do not like sarging with him because is pretty low energy and it tends to throw me off.


Shiz was a PUA I used to hang out with allot. I always thought we would tear it up together and become a PUA machine. But problems arouse between us and he kind of dropped off the map. I see him every so often. He now dresses like The Judge because he was told by a guru that he should imitate the style of someone that was good. He is very routine based and last time we spoke said

“Why be natural when routines work?”

He tends to be very high energy and does very well in warm circle game.


Blitz tends to wing Achilles since they are both from Long Island. Hes a really cool guy and has solid game. He tends to look like a music executive and always looks money. Caramel spoke to him once and he told her he was looking for a real connection with a woman. He is a very cool guy and its always a pleasure to speak to him.


York is a Asian PUA I see on occasion. At first I didn’t like York, I thought he came across as a douche bag but I later spoke to him a little and have revised my view of him. He winged me once and didn’t do a bad job and I could tell what I thought was arrogance was really nerves. I look forward to seeing him again.

People I Try To Avoid!

PUA Douche: This is an Asian PUA who I despise. He likes to pull this little move of coming up next to you while your in set and acting like he knows you so he can jack your set. If I see him again I might just wind up calling him on it or worse case scenario tooling him.

Vultures: These are guys who like to slowly ease their way next to you and  if you get distracted, jump into your set and steal it. They are insanely slimy and sleazy. I want to punch them in the face.

Gurus: I sometimes see PUA teachers while I’m at the bars. If the company is big like Venusian or RSD they tend to be very nice as long as your not trying to tool them or beg them for tips. But there are “gurus” from smaller schools. These guys tend to be jerk offs. I will elaborate about this more in future posts.

Guido’s: Nuff Said


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