The Last Straw

July 30, 2008 at 5:20 pm (Bio, Inner Game)

Once upon a time there was a chode named David. David had no control over his relationships. He dated sure, got laid a few times but he was at the complete mercy to any woman that came into his life. Maybe this is why his relationships never lasted more than 6 months.

David’s last relationship was not even a relationship he was a rebound guy to the girl. Even though they were close friends, David wanted more. He just wanted to solve his problem with women and figured that if he could get one girl who had a few qualities he liked or at least tolerated he would date her for over a year, maybe 2 and then he would marry her and he would not have to worry about being alone ever again.

Like I said he was a chode.

Well things didn’t work out that way. The girl of his dreams left him for more Alpha guys who in his mind didn’t appreciate her. So out of frustration he decided to move to the big apple to find himself. You see he thought that his chodeness came from his environment. All he needed was a new place and he would magically be seen by women as the catch he knew he was.

And to his credit when he got to the big apple he managed to find a nice fatty who was unlike the other girls he had dated before…she was an actress. But he kept his chody ways and 3 months later she dumped his ass, mafia style. Things soon started to snowball from there. He had dates that never went anywhere, he posted profiles on dating sites, and wasted money on extravagant dates that left him with wood and the only sex he had was either with himself or fat desperate women with kids.

David was spiraling downward toward depression. He asked his married friend who never had a problem getting dates for advice. He told him to watch a TV show on VH1 about a pick up artist. David did some research and found out that there was a book called The Game. So he went to Barnes and Nobles at lunch and bought the book much to his embarrassment. But soon he began to read and was sucked into the world of game.

He also downloaded the VH1 show and began to watch it, then he started trying out some lines and started to dress differently. He was tip toeing his way to game.

It was December and he jumped on a plane to visit his parents back home. He then went to see his x. Secretly he hoped he would finally be able to have sex with her. He still cared for her and wanted to see if he had a chance to change himself in front of her eyes. They made out a little and then like a true chode he let her lead and they started to drive around. He knew that nothing would ever happen between them, they would never be anything but friends. At one point she told him to pick up her friend who was a little down due to relationship woes.

He did and he was shocked to find himself drawn to her. By chance he wound up having to drop of his x because she was not feeling well and he wound up having dinner with this girl. This gave him more time to get to know her. He started to feel something strange happen to him. He was turned on, not just physically but on a intellectual level. He didn’t think he could feel that way and he thought she felt the same way. They flirted and laughed all the way back to her place were like a gentleman left her at her front door.

For two days David’s world was turned upside down. The air tasted better, the sun shone brighter, the food tasted better…you know the drill. He had his head up his ass. He then had the stupidity to call his x to invite her and her friends (excuse to invite the girl) to his parents house for a pool party. To which his x snorted and replied to his questions about her friend that her friends impression of him was that he was a weirdo and sleazy. That David was not her type and he had made a blunder of the situation.

His world was shattered. He felt his whole world go into a tailspin. He felt like a fool.

And in that moment of despair as he ate doritoes and looked at craigslist adds as he heard the New Years celebration outside his small little apartment, he came to a crossroads. He could let this experience of having his heart crushed turn him into a man of despair or he could use it to fuel his change.

And like that the chode inside of David started to die. He jumped in the pool. It wasn’t easy his coworkers teased him by giving him a new nickname, he was rejected by women, he struggled to learn. So finally after a few months things started to slowly gel for him. And when it came time to pick his PUA name, his handle, his pen name for his posts and reports. He decided to choose the name his coworkers teased him with, he would turn a negative into a positive, he would be known as Warlock. He would make magic happen.

And that my friends is how I stopped being a chode. Thanks for reading….


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  1. Fred said,

    I think the absolute best thing in life is learning from everything. The good, the bad, the weird, etc. Not only learning, but turning it into a positive. That’s a hard fuckin thing for people to do. You have a very good mindset…something that I share with you. You ride the wave of life, not against it. I’ll see you around soon man.

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