Push It! Push It Real Good!

August 1, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Field Report, Inner Game)

Last night was experimentation day and even though I was not in state I forced myself to open sets and push my comfort zones. There are allot of reasons why I had problems achieving state last night. The most common one is being outcome dependent. I think it all stems with the ridiculous idea that I have in my head that I will somehow magically find a new twist or turn that will take me to the next level in my game.

This is a bad idea to have, game tends to evolve naturally for me over time. Even the best in this took months or years to get to true mastery. I tend to see guys like Fred and Rudey who took boot camps and suddenly are pulling and get angry at myself for not being better. But lets be honest each of them can tell me a million reasons why they evolved and it had nothing to do with a magic pill or new trick or line.

Its all about pushing your comfort zone. How bad do you want it? Can you go through the pain of being in a set where the women clearly don’t want you there? Can you not flinch when a woman tells you fuck off? When set after set gives you the Quasimodo face? Can you go up to a 10 and start a conversation? Can you stay unaffected?

I learned this the hard way with Joe D’s boot camp. I threw a pity party for myself, I had Joe ream me out at the bar, I had women look at me with disgust and men laugh or ignore me. I wanted to cry, I wanted to run away, I wanted to go back to the days of cinemax porn and video games.

But I got up the next day and went back out there. And you cant really ask for more.

Every time I go out, I expect to push myself and jump into the waters of social pressure. The problem is that I am my worst critic and always fall short of my goals.

Last night…

1)I opened a 2 set, which required me to keep two women engaged, defend myself against shit test galore, a mother hen and actually had a girl stay and talk to me effectively squashing a pull away. So think about that for a minute, I had such high value that a woman ignored her friends who were trying to pull her away. Of course she still left because I didn’t stack forward, but thats a first!

2)I had a woman by me a drink…another first

3)I actually opened a 9, made her laugh and reopened her a little later on

4)I went direct with a woman

5)I was never blown out with any approach. I just ejected because the energy fizzled out due to me not being in state and not escalating

Oh and I did not use one magic trick.

These are all things I have never done before or positive things. But yet I wanted to do more. I wanted to go sexual, I wanted to pull, I wanted to kiss, to dominate, to have my sexual intent to be felt, etc. I am not satisfied, I always want more which is my drive. Question is, is this a merit of mine or a flaw? I guess it depends on how I feel at the end of the night.


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  1. Fred said,

    Hey Dave,

    Listen you’re doing great man. And as far as my “new success” is concerned….I am FAR from where I want to be. I still have a good amount of AA, and some of my sets dont go anywhere….

    And i think you should have a goal….but not to be with rigid with it. Go out and have fun….enjoy the feminine presence in front of you….how adorable she is, etc.

    You’re pushing yourself each time you go out, and with time and dedication, you will get what you deserve….and you are man.

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