August 6, 2008 at 4:46 pm (Bio, Inner Game)

Its been a interesting week. I started speaking to a girl who pretty much sparked my road to game, I wound up going chode and spilling my guts on how much she meant to me yada, yada. She took it in a neutral way which threw me for a loop.

For about 3 days I wondered if she liked me or not. I also thought about my role in the game. What do I want out of this? And what would make me stop?

In my opinion there are certain guys who get into the game.

The Pussy Hunter – These guys get in the game to get off. I see them like big game hunters on safari. They are on the prowl for that great lay or to just get notches on their bedpost. Which is not a bad thing, I mean we all have penises. But trust me this is more than sex to me, I did the whole sex route. I’ve gotten laid, but simply getting off is something i could do with porn or paying for a call girl. Players and horn dogs tend to fall into this category.

The Tin Men – These are the guys who have a chip on their shoulder. They are the guys who got hurt because they were orbiters or super chodes. Now they have a us against them mentality and want to get even with women. They claim that they don’t have a heart. They carry their axes and are ready to swing. Social robots, neg kings, and people afraid of intimacy fall in this category.

The Romeos – These are the guys who are looking for their princess. The guys looking for a wife or a long term girlfriend. They are the complete opposite of Tin Men. They want to express love and make a woman feel like shes fallen into a cheesy romance novel.

When I finally spoke to her she gave me the usual “lets just be friends speech”. I was sad and almost threw myself a pity parade but then I stopped myself and said “Wait whats wrong with this girl? Doesn’t she realize what she just passed up? I’m THE David. I’m not some 22 year old chode (7 years her junior) who wont pay attention to her. What a retard!”

And I really meant it, I could not for the life of me understand how utterly stupid this girl was. I mean I’m the Moeby Dick of catches. I really believe that. Which of course makes me feel amazing. Because this is just a step closer to my goal of the ultimate abundance mentality.

Yesterday she called me crying and asked for my advice which I gave. After she got her validation she hung up. I sat there and for about a minute or two I thought “Wow that felt good. I got to make her feel better yay”

Of course I realize that I was being a chode. I slapped myself and screams “Whats wrong with you?! Your not a chode!”. I realized that I jumped through her hoop and gave her the validation she needed to feel better because she cant get it from herself. She wants to make me her orbiter because turns out her last one jumped ship. Fuck that! I did that with my x and I have no interest in doing a version 2.0 more chode for more time!

I spoke to Love Pirate and I realized that this entire experience has made me realize what I want out of the game and what I value. I want intimacy with a woman. I want to be that guy they had an amazing experience with who they will remember for the rest of their lives. I want to be the Don Juan of New York. Its not about sex, its about the romance and connection. So I suppose if you had to classify me then I am a Romeo.


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