Kiss and Tell

August 8, 2008 at 3:47 pm (Field Report)

Last night I hit plunge with Raven and bumped into every PUA and instructor in the east coast area. The RSD boys from the forum where there,  Fader and his crew from Mystery Method where there and both Saad and Alex were running bootcamps.

To be honest guys I thought I would have a chode night, I was not approaching, I was a chode in front of Alex (should have treated him like any other guy but still have that bad habit of giving instructors more value), was getting weird looks. Then as the night progressed I just started letting go, almost made out with a very hot Russian cougar but she had her own drama going on and her orbiter came in and I honestly thought I was going to see an actually fist fight between them.

One True Matt, Raven and I were just laid back enjoying the Jerry Springer episode unfold in front of us. When they left to make their drama mobile. I opened a hot cougar and her friend. I was kinoing like crazy. Raven came in and locked into my target but I didn’t care so i pawned her off on him while i sarged the friend, turns out the girl was a lesbian but luckily lesbians are Warlocks best friends and we were chilling just hanging out and cracking jokes.

Raven makes out with his target when suddenly midget HB cougar interrupts him makes a joke and his target leaves cracking up. Raven and I chilled and start busting on this girl. At this point something weird happens, I just get sexual. I’m not horny or needy but I’m talking about sex LIKE ITS NOT A BIG DEAL in fact like its funny. Suddenly were telling this girl she wants to have a Asian and Latino sandwich. I kind of ignore her to tell Jason how it really sucks when a woman doesn’t know how to kiss.

“Why are you a good kisser?” she asks.

I nod and give her a “what are you stupid? of course” look

“Let me show you”

I grab her by the back of the head.


She says im a good kisser, I shrug, she tells me shes married, shows me the ring. I shrug and tell her that she kisses like a married woman. She asks me what that means I tell her that she kisses like she wants more. She laughs and asks what else i could tell from her kiss. I call her a slow burn, that she starts out all sweet in bed and then suddenly the claws come out out and I imitate a lion and roar and I act like the guy in her bed scream “OH MY GOD! JESUS CHRIST” Then proceed to act out being attacked by her.

She almost pees herself laughing.

But she leaves because she has ADD.

And thats great, I’m on a high. Last set of the night. I didn’t think I would have had such an experience but I plowed, I pushed my comfort zone, I would have stayed and sarged but sadly it was time to put on my glasses and become Clark Kent but you know what? Once that bell rings and we clock out my duty calls.


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