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August 15, 2008 at 4:36 pm (Field Report)

Last night Raven and I hit Plunge, I knew the crowd would suck when we got in with no hassle whatsoever for not having girls. I figured allot of folks stayed in due to the weather (scattered thunderstorms…please I survived 3 hurricanes bitches) and I was right, it was pretty dead although as the night progressed a few nice looking girls walked in.

I was very stifled. I have been lately on Thursdays, I think its because I have been listening allot to Tyler speak on inner game and psychology which I find fascinating but tends to get in my head. I did not approach once last night, I just didn’t feel like it, call it AA or laziness I just was very bleh. When I’m in state this does not happen. I have no fear. I jump into set after set and I’m on. Still it was Thursday what like to call Experimentation Day or Fuck Up Day, were everything can go wrong its allowed hell its encouraged.

Yesterday could have been seen as chode by my part due to my lack of opening but I learned allot. I observed Jason’s first set in the night and man I read her like a book! I could tell she was into him due to her body language and facials expression. She kept leaning in to talk to him, getting her face very close. She laughed and smiled but I could also tell something else. I could tell she was waiting for him to escalate the set. He kept doing the purposeless hand of doom by just touching her shoulder whenever she kino touched her. I saw the interaction start very strong and then I saw her face change and it was like she screamed “This guy wont touch me! Hes a pussy” Not that Raven’s a pussy, because he is far from it but he showed lack of intent.

The set soon ended afterwards.

Our other set proved to be the most educational. Raven opened a “throw away” two set of two women who he found unattractive. Well it hooks and I wing him, quite naturally frankly. Our winging dynamic is getting pretty good we dont use the stupid “have your seen Michele?” line or the “whos the good girl” crap, I usually go up to him and ask him if he wants a drink while hes in set (something ANYONE would do) and he brings me in, with his body language he indicates to me who his target is.

I’m getting distracted from my lesson. Heres what happened. My girl in the set at first was a little resistant to me. It seemed at first like she didn’t want to talk, so i kept talking making jokes (very low key mind you) and little by little she opened up. Next thing I know, I learned that one of her x’s is now a porn star, her other x is a Mexican who is in jail, she was from LA and move here, she likes pickles and stripper name would be Princess Mckingly. All through out this i kept trying to kino but the closer i got to her the more she would move away. It was funny, it was like we were doing a dance.

Now if it wasn’t for Jason I would have ejected from that set once I started getting kino resistance but heres the funny thing. I decided to just be myself, I made her laugh,we talked and when we merged back with Jasons set, we even did some role playing. We kept getting divorced, married, and wound up as fuck buddies. By plowing I was changing the course of the interaction, I even got offered a drink by her. Toward the end I number closed and realized why I had such a hard time with her.

She was hurt before, her x boyfriend now in jail a two year relationship down the drain. To face the possibility of going down that road again had left her paranoid. She liked me, both Jason and I could tell but she was scared and tried to dissuade me. To which I disregarded her protests of being older than me. I finally looked her dead in the eye and said “I just want to enjoy your company”. I got the number and gave her a kiss on both cheeks and I felt a sexual energy when I did that, I was gentle and touched her face as I kissed her cheeks and squeezed her arm good bye.

Its interactions like this that make me love the game. When you learn something in your set and grow as a person. When you make a real connection with someone and all the bullshit and games just fall away.

This is why I hate routines. Routines is all about pushing buttons and manipulation. Its all about acting one way and meaning something else. Those PUA’s who get good at routines are just button pushers. Do they have real connections with women? Maybe but not after a bit of time.

Newbies also get fucked by routines. I cant tell you how many interactions I screwed up because I was worried what my action would say, all my interactions had a vibe of us vs them. Just last week a member on the forum was talking about how he said no to a date with a woman who’s company he truly enjoyed to go out with one who he didn’t know because he didn’t want to seem to eager to spend time with the girl who he had an interest in. He didn’t want to loose value in her eyes so he said no. Then it blew up in his face when he saw her that night holding hands with another guy.

Another PUA I know waved over a girl he liked at a bar, she smiled and waved him over. For about a minute they had a battle of who should come over before she just turned her back to him to talk to her friends. I then told him he should go over to talk to her (because she clearly liked him) he told me he couldn’t because if he went over then it would look like he was to eager because he lost the waving over battle.

I looked at him like he was an idiot, walked over tapped the girl and said

“Have you met my friend? OMG! You have to meet this guy hes so cool”

I dragged her over to him and introduced them


Heres my point, guys if you like something then fucking go for it. Stop giving a crap if you “look needy” or “show to much interest” just go over and take what you want. If I like a girl and she doesn’t respond to my phone calls, Ill text her if that doesn’t work ill e-mail her and then ill start the whole process again. I don’t care if she tells me to fuck off at least I know I pushed it and went for what I wanted. The only way your needy is if you look at the girl as being above you, if you say this woman is out of my league, she has more value than me, ect. Thats fucking needy but if you honestly like the woman and know that no matter what type of reaction you have whether she squeals for joy at your voice or tells you to fuck off, your mood stays the same because deep down you know that tomorrow is another day filled with women who are equally cool if not more so than this girl.

Thats the abundance mentality. Abundance mentality doesn’t sound like “I’m the shit! I banged 5 girls! Fuck this bitch! Shes missing out yo!”. No it sounds like this “Girls come and go, if this one leaves then she leaves but there will always be another to take her place”


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  1. Fred said,

    Sometimes I just love to sit back and watch an interaction unfold. Like sometimes you approach, ur just soo in the zone that you lost track of minute details. So being able to sit back and just watch a girl and how she reacts, and how her emotions fluctuate within minutes is so fascinating.

    And i totally agree with you when you talk about how guys will be stubborn and not approach in order to win the “battle” with the chick (us vs. them i guess). I tend to do this a few times in a night. If I hang out AROUND a group of girls for awhile, I self sabotage myself saying that they SEE me preparing to go in a mile away so theyll obviously blow me out. But they might not. Maybe its a self fulfilling prophecy. I should learn to say fuck it to that.

    Anyway man, I’ll see you tonight.

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