To Thy Self Always Be True…

August 18, 2008 at 2:54 pm (Field Report, Inner Game)

God what a weekend! I have to say that this weekend was probably the most educational ones I have ever had plus I feel like I have reached a new level. Now allot of you will probably think, awesome I cant wait to reach that next level in my “game”. This is definitely the case I do feel a sense of joy but with each new level comes new problems that you have never noticed before.

Friday was probably one of the more frustrating days I had that week. Don’t get me wrong I still had a blast. Whenever Fred is around having fun is a given. We all hit up sets, Fred opened quite a few, I noticed that he does have AA but its funny because its not your normal type of AA. Fred has loopholes. For example if I point out a set that is a few feet away from him, Fred will jump in. However If I point out a set across the room or a distance where Fred will be by himself for even a few seconds he will stall himself out. I also noticed that you cant prep Fred for a set or else he will stall himself out. Hes running on pure instinct.

This is great for someone who has been in the game for only two months. I remember in my first two months I would approach maybe 3 sets (if I was lucky) and I couldn’t even hold a conversation. Fred got a insanely hot Brazilian to ask him for his number! I almost feel sorry for women when he starts to grow more and more in his “game”.

And back to me. Well the problem I was having on Friday was that I was forcing the sexual intent. I was trying to be Mr. Sex Guy which did not work at all. I mean if you new me you would think this was the funniest shit in the world. Heres the deal, I hate porn. I don’t like to see ejaculations or extreme close ups on vagina’s. I hate seeing shots other dudes units going into her love tunnel. Don’t like the close ups some of these directors have where your getting a shot of the dudes ass (what is up with that?). I actually get off to Cinemax porn. Yes I am into Skinemax.

So I kept pushing sexual intent in my interactions and it came off as needy or just weird. I ruined a kiss close with a girl by trying to kiss her in front of her friend. She was clearly into me but after that it fizzled out, I came off as a guy who wanted something from her instead of the cute guy who could have been fun.

Then came the worse point of the night when after hearing Steve (another PUA we know) talk about how you had to go sexual, I tried to sarge a cougar that was in a set of Love Pirates. I tried to push the kino very hard and tried to grab and kiss her but all that served was to get both L.P and I blown the fuck out. L.P was pretty ticked off, turns out he was sarging both girls to have a double make out and possibly a threesome.

I realized that night that I was trying way to hard. I was trying to be something I wasn’t. I was trying to be Mr. Sex Guy and thats L.P’s niche not mine. I decided the next night that I would just try to be me in every set the next night.

But that turned out to be harder than expected…


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  1. Fred said,

    You know….I never realized that I was that way into right now. You’re right, I go on pure instinct…which I would rather do because I usually overthink things. Eventually, I will be able to open any set I want comfortably at any point in time or distance away….just takes more practice and some pushing….

    And as for you….I would honestly suggest to keep pushing the intent as hard as you can. I mean, I wasn’t there on Saturday night to tell you specifically what to work on, but if you dont act sexually normally in set, than pushing intent is new…hence miscalibrated. Everyone goes through it…..and it just takes learning and calibration to fine tune it. You may be sloppy in the beginning, and you get blown out badly…but eventually being Mr. Sexy Guy will BECOME apart of you. One day, it’ll be normal…and instead of DOING youll BE. It’s like a new job….you mess up a lot, you’re unsure of yourself, and your work isnt top quality. Eventually…you keep at it, learn from mistakes, and one day it becomes a natural process for you…you dont even think about it..

    And lastly…I’ve been having a great time with you, and I really appreciation your selflessness when it comes to your game and helping my game. If you ever need anything, let me know.


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