Rough Nights and British Kisses

September 18, 2008 at 3:18 pm (Uncategorized)

It was a rough weekend. This weekend was another testament of how persistent I am becoming. I have been talking on the boards about how bad you need to want it. How bad do you want that change in your life, its your drive, your fuel. Because believe me I have realized that you can progress allot but when you get to that cosmic barrier, where its the point of no return, the deep identity change thats when your brain starts to freak out on you.

You start to get complacent. You don’t push yourself. But on to my report.

Thursday was 9/11 I did not expect to get any action at all. In fact I sort of felt a sense of dark glee at the fact that we were out trying to get laid on the one day that is a mood killer. We hit quite a few venues and hung out with Mix who is a very cool fellow. We were trying to entertain ourselves, on the way out I spot these two older women, they look pretty…well just not pretty. You could tell these women were hard core coke whore party girls in their youth and still thought they were 10’s. But in reality they were now a 6.

I said Hi and immediately I knew they would give us shit. They tried to treat us like crap but every insult they threw at us was a joke.

Raven: Where you guys headed?

Skank: Not were your going

Me: Oh i know that place, it sucks.

We hit a few more venues that were dead when Mix recommended Hiro a club in the meat packing district, we headed over and were forced to pay a 10 buck cover which wasn’t so bad (normally its 15).

Hiro was pretty cool, it had an Asian style with barely any Asians in it. This place was full, the only other club I have ever been to in NYC was china club which my first encounter with racism and one of my best crash and burn in my chode days, the infamous adventure with Super Chode at APT and my early adventures in Webster Hall or Grope Hall as I like to call it.

Another fun fact about this place was that it had huge screen and it would show pictures of people on a moving platform doing crazy poses. Turns out if you went to the balcony of the club you could take a picture and have it play on the screen, in other words instant date.

I bumped into Kydd from the forums, awesome guy. The man was sarging a hottie, got to love Kydd he always has good taste and knows what he wants. His height also is very attractive to women, I see allot of girls just staring at him from afar.

For the entire night I was having a hard time getting out of my head. I felt very stifled when we hit Hiro we all realized that standard game we use at Plunge would not work. We had to get more aggressive. I wound up high fiving girls. This turned out to be a good screener. Women who high fived me back were fun and energetic those who didn’t were stuck up or just too serious.

But then the curse took hold. Kydd mentioned that since I was standing by the bathroom I would be confused with security. Next thing I know every girl is asking me questions like “how do i get a table?” “were are the bathrooms”.

Finally I got ticked and grabbed the first hottie I saw, the dominance I showed there was amazing. This girl was loving it but then I choded out. It fizzled and it was gone, although I got some kisses out of it. I walked out and went home considering work was only in 4 hours time.

Friday turned out to be the worst. Fred came into the city and we hit Plunge which was completely dead. We spoke to the bartenders and did a few sets which went no where. So we bounced to Park which turned out to be okay, on the way there we bumped into Shiz who was now dressed like a emo rocker. He even wore mascara, he was freaking out. I looked at him and just got pissed.

This dude was the man when we went out. Now he was acting like a chode which I knew he wasnt. So interrupted him while he was talking chodeness to me.

Me: (angry) What the fuck is this?

Shiz: huh?

Me: What is this chode shit?

Shiz: Whats a chode

Me: This pity party. Your not a fucking chode, stop acting like one. When we went out

you were the man, this right here is bullshit, its chode shit. Sarge mother fucker.

That helped him a bit. While we were at park, I shoved him into sets and tried to push Fred into sets too but he has having none of that. I started to realize I was pushing Fred too hard, once Fred decides not to do something he wont do it, end of story. Raven got a little annoyed with me for being so pushy with Shiz but Shiz wound up thanking me.

We then jumped to Washington Square park but as usual it was a waste of time. All through out this we were opening sets like crazy, most of them would fizzle out though. Finally we wound but back at Plunge and it was popping but all of us could not get into state. Fred wound up calling it quit early and Raven and I hit the balcony and began to crash, our energy was gone. Raven tried to open sets as they walked by but he was dead tired. Then a British cougar passed by I claw her (weakly i might add due to the lack of energy) but managed to get a kiss close. In hindsight I should have gone for the make out but seriously my mind was putty. Then she got dragged away.

After that I winged Jason on a Spaniard cougar set but they were not pretty, I felt no interest other than speaking to them in Spanish. Jason tried to go for the make out but was denied. And they soon took off.

The Douche Bouncer came up to us and we finally made friends with him, it only took us 2 months of trying but I think we got him close to our side. Well at least hes being nice to use.

Raven I then called it a night cause it was obvious that we couldn’t do anything which was a shame because it was that magical time of night when women are more open (i.e drunk) and sets open with ease. I soon passed out on the train ride home. I was proud of myself, I was not deterred from my mission of pushing it and realized that If i keep doing this, I will wind up breaking the cosmic wall.


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  1. Kydd said,

    I’m so flattered to have been included in your FR! There are pics from Hiro here so poke around…you’ll find 1 of me 😉

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