The Battle Continues…

September 18, 2008 at 9:44 pm (Uncategorized)

Saturday turned out to be a complete flip from Friday. We hit Plunge thinking that we would wind up bouncing but when we got there we were greeted like celebrities from the staff. The hot blond bartender looked at us and said

“Let me guess guys water?”

“Only your best my dear!” I smiled and joked back.

As we walked around we bumped into The Judge! He was with a cute German girl, it was so funny because at first they acted like they were on a date and then things started changing and The Judge was openly tounging her down in front of everyone. Fred and I were trying to have a conversation while this was going down but it was a sham. It went something like this…

Me: So…um…looks…uh…like…a good…nigh

Fred: Yeah….uh……awsome


We then bumped into the RSD kids. Fred decided to sarge these Asian chicks who did not speak English he went in guns blazing and dominated that set. We were all cheering he owned that set, it was allot of fun to watch him. I felt like a mama bird who is seeing its chick fly.


At first I was finding it really hard to sarge. I kept having problems getting conversations going and getting in my head. I was getting ticked off at myself. I kept trying to use it. In sets I was not escalating, kinoing or doing role playing.

Then Plunge started to fill up with more and more people


I put down an empty glass on one of the sofas when this hot Asian cougar sits down right on it, she grabs me an begins asking me gibberish. I look at her and just kiss her. Shes cracking up and suddenly I am grabbed by another cougar this time a blond. ‘m thinking “oh boy I’m going to get hassled.” but shes also plastered and is talking nonsense so I kiss her and she is shocked because shes married and starts talking about her husband I ignore this and begin talking over her but I’m pulled away by the Asian.

The words coming out of this womans mouth were so stupid.

Me: what happened to your hand? (pointing toward a brace)

Her: Thats for you to know and for me to find out

Me: What?

Finally a third friend comes and pulls both of them away, Jason had been talking to blond and also kissed her just to freak her out. We were both cracking up. So yeah two kiss closes, back to back. Not bad but I realize now that after this happened I fell into a not pushing my comfort mentality. I pretty much thought to myself. Oh well I got two kisses I’m good, I don’t have to really push myself too hard, I can go home with wood and the good feeling. Which is complete bullshit. I began sarging like crazy, I remember one memorable set was a girl who I told this…

 Me: You know what I’m making you my girlfriend for the night

 Her: I have a boyfriend

 Me: Thats cool, for our first date I think we should go to the balcony

 ~She laughs~

 Me: I’m going to cherish you, ill write you poetry and hold you in the moonlight it will be awesome.

I didn’t push it further than the role playing but she kept telling me I was funny and giggling. I bailed early. I did a few more sets got a Brazilians number. Jason also did pretty well he sarged a girl who looks like the Kat Dennings.

I also ran into Achilles who was sarging two girls. I wound up sarging this on anorexic looking blond. I kept feeling up her ass. I also picked her up and swung her around. She was loving it but the friend pulled her away before I could get the kiss. Still got her number.

Toward the end of the night Fred and I just started getting silly we did our best imitation of annoying myspace girls you see in clubs


We called it a night after this, Fred and I hit a dinner in the elevator we started talking to two girls, we began to sell them on the dinner, we were doing really well. But we couldn’t quite get it. Still they looked disappointed that they had to see their roommate who worked in a bar. Still I got a hug out of it.

These are the kinds of night I love were we all have fun. We just goof off and sarge. The sets that work, really work and the ones that suck are horrible but funny as hell. Still I need to start really pushing myself harder. I need to go for make outs not being satisfied with just kisses.


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  1. Mix said,

    Yo Dave!
    I didnt see this blog before, you posted it in my profile, but i never check that shit.

    Im gonna read the rest of it tommorow at work. I dont mean anything specificly by this, but clearly your on the same path of transformation that I am on. We know that looks dont matter, but i wanted to show you what i used to look like when I was 21.

    I lost over a 90 lbs at one point. Anyway if you ever wanna start a workout or diet routien , i’d be happy to help. Its not an easy road, but either is pickup lol. See you while out man!


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