Commentary to an episode of Keys to the VIP

November 26, 2008 at 10:08 am (Uncategorized)


I posted a commentary on one of the latest episodes of Keys to the VIP one of my favorite youtube obsessions. The episode featured “approach coaches” from Love Systems, the company that the infamous Cajun is involved in. They mostly spout routines. It was pretty disastrous hope you guys enjoy.

Part 1 (intro)

Part 2 (opening)…eature=related

Commentary from Mua:

Pier opens… he gets a smart ass girl but sticks to his opinion operner does some magic tricks but sticks so close to the script he comes off robotic and there is no sexual tension at all. Hes a dancing robot monkey.

Sphinx opens but also sticks way to close to the routine, notice how one girl was all “I went to vegas too!” she was complying to him but he ignored it to finish his stupid story. He should have dropped the thread and used that to build more momentum. Its no wonder he got the dud of the group. At one point he even says something like “oh i guess its just you and me” he set himself up for a fall by acknowledging that he couldn’t handle a big group. In the end the set fizzles out.

Part 3 (stupid advice from the “experts” and its text book routine time)…eature=related

Commentary by Mua:

Biscuit opens a two set trying to go “direct” and makes the usual problem with someone who takes routines too directly, he sees going direct as being chode and tries to overcompensate by being player man deluxe which backfires because he panics and without building rapport her drags them to Sphinx because he doesn’t know where to take it. Now I’m not saying taking the girls to your friends is mistake, it isn’t but Biscuit didn’t build any kind of rapport, his moves shows that hes “low value” as he would say himself. Then he tries to steal the number which is pretty needy and worst of all he tells on himself to the girl resulting in a pathetic number exchange argument that im sure everyone has been in at least once…its not pretty then worst all he tries to switch targets..WTF?!. Sphinx also fails as a wingman because he doesn’t help out his wing when its clear hes going down in flames.

Sphinx actually does better here, see he does routines but he knows when to drop them and actually have a “real” conversation. Hes not just mindlessly checking off a list of “okay step 3..check” he befriends the dude, gets the approval from the brother makes friends with the friend but sticks to his original target, it was slow and I saw a hint of sexual interest building before he dumped the set. The way it ended with the other girls is irrelevant to me because Biscuit did so bad he made Sphinx look like the prize which is why they hunted him down. Personally I think it was kind of sleazy by taking the numbers, he let the girls dis his guy. Not very cool in my book.

Part 4 Final Round (Free Style time! 3 minute timer)…eature=related

Biscuit uses the stupidly obvious “Hitch” move which he gets called out on. It’s obvious and it shows. But he recovers okay, I think he did better when he dropped the routine briefly and started speaking Italian which built up the BT pretty nicely. Now when he calls himself out well that was a risk but it worked out…but i think he got lucky to be honest with you. But then he does a routine “French goodbye” tactic but doesn’t go for the kiss on the lips?! Could this be a ploy for sexual tension? I don’t think so I think he just wanted to get the number in under the timer and he was afraid of being called out.

Sphinx opens the drunken set of the night. He stumbles into a set with drunken obnoxious girl. You can tell he freaks out a little and is on the defensive. He uses the classic “drunk I love you” opener he says it with conviction but the girl tries to call him on it. I see the guy as like a boxer who is on the defensive after feeling a powerful punch from an opponent. But he deflects her being called out nicely still theres no attraction here only interest so the number close doesn’t feel solid to me. As for getting a guy to pull the drunk girl away…whatever that like me clapping for someone who avoided not stepping on gum.

In conclusion Biscuit failed miserably! Sphinx did better but neither of them had any hardcore game that I have seen in other contestants on this show. Personally I dont think anyone should have one but thats just me.

Pier Aka Biskit recently posted his thoughts on his performance…

“I was in fact shitting bricks.

Things you don’t see in this are huge. First off, when you walk in the place, there’s a huge sing that says “By entering this place, you agree to be on television, an episode of Keys to the vip is being filmed.” So people kinda know whats going on. In order to have good sound, the music is very low, and there are spotlights. So it really doesn’t feel like the usual venue.

Another thing that sucked is that they pushed us alot, everything you saw happened within an hour an a half; they we’re shooting two episodes at once. I would have like to have a couple of warmup sets before the real thing.

But whatever, I was going there to perform and I didn’t, there’s no one else but me to blame.

It was still a fucking awesome experience



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