Inspirational Video #2

January 8, 2009 at 10:11 am (Uncategorized)

Now for something completely different. When I used to go out sarging and had a hard time dealing with getting blown out I would watch this video. Its a performance of “The Impossible Dream” from the musical Man Of La Mancha. Basically Don Quixote is this crazy old man who believes that he is a knight. In the song he expresses how he strives to finish his quest. Yes it is insane and probably rather foolish but a knight goes in to battle regardless because he goes for honor and glory.

Basically I related it to myself as this, yes I may get blown out, maybe even horribly. I may get tooled or embarrassed but I will still stay on my quest undeterred. I do this for myself, I will keep going through the pain, through the sadness to achieve glory. So when I get blown out, rejected and on the rare occasion tooled, I just hear this song in my head and smile because I am a knight on a quest and no one can ever take that away.


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