To Thy Self Always Be True…

August 18, 2008 at 2:54 pm (Field Report, Inner Game)

God what a weekend! I have to say that this weekend was probably the most educational ones I have ever had plus I feel like I have reached a new level. Now allot of you will probably think, awesome I cant wait to reach that next level in my “game”. This is definitely the case I do feel a sense of joy but with each new level comes new problems that you have never noticed before.

Friday was probably one of the more frustrating days I had that week. Don’t get me wrong I still had a blast. Whenever Fred is around having fun is a given. We all hit up sets, Fred opened quite a few, I noticed that he does have AA but its funny because its not your normal type of AA. Fred has loopholes. For example if I point out a set that is a few feet away from him, Fred will jump in. However If I point out a set across the room or a distance where Fred will be by himself for even a few seconds he will stall himself out. I also noticed that you cant prep Fred for a set or else he will stall himself out. Hes running on pure instinct.

This is great for someone who has been in the game for only two months. I remember in my first two months I would approach maybe 3 sets (if I was lucky) and I couldn’t even hold a conversation. Fred got a insanely hot Brazilian to ask him for his number! I almost feel sorry for women when he starts to grow more and more in his “game”.

And back to me. Well the problem I was having on Friday was that I was forcing the sexual intent. I was trying to be Mr. Sex Guy which did not work at all. I mean if you new me you would think this was the funniest shit in the world. Heres the deal, I hate porn. I don’t like to see ejaculations or extreme close ups on vagina’s. I hate seeing shots other dudes units going into her love tunnel. Don’t like the close ups some of these directors have where your getting a shot of the dudes ass (what is up with that?). I actually get off to Cinemax porn. Yes I am into Skinemax.

So I kept pushing sexual intent in my interactions and it came off as needy or just weird. I ruined a kiss close with a girl by trying to kiss her in front of her friend. She was clearly into me but after that it fizzled out, I came off as a guy who wanted something from her instead of the cute guy who could have been fun.

Then came the worse point of the night when after hearing Steve (another PUA we know) talk about how you had to go sexual, I tried to sarge a cougar that was in a set of Love Pirates. I tried to push the kino very hard and tried to grab and kiss her but all that served was to get both L.P and I blown the fuck out. L.P was pretty ticked off, turns out he was sarging both girls to have a double make out and possibly a threesome.

I realized that night that I was trying way to hard. I was trying to be something I wasn’t. I was trying to be Mr. Sex Guy and thats L.P’s niche not mine. I decided the next night that I would just try to be me in every set the next night.

But that turned out to be harder than expected…


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Learning Games

August 15, 2008 at 4:36 pm (Field Report)

Last night Raven and I hit Plunge, I knew the crowd would suck when we got in with no hassle whatsoever for not having girls. I figured allot of folks stayed in due to the weather (scattered thunderstorms…please I survived 3 hurricanes bitches) and I was right, it was pretty dead although as the night progressed a few nice looking girls walked in.

I was very stifled. I have been lately on Thursdays, I think its because I have been listening allot to Tyler speak on inner game and psychology which I find fascinating but tends to get in my head. I did not approach once last night, I just didn’t feel like it, call it AA or laziness I just was very bleh. When I’m in state this does not happen. I have no fear. I jump into set after set and I’m on. Still it was Thursday what like to call Experimentation Day or Fuck Up Day, were everything can go wrong its allowed hell its encouraged.

Yesterday could have been seen as chode by my part due to my lack of opening but I learned allot. I observed Jason’s first set in the night and man I read her like a book! I could tell she was into him due to her body language and facials expression. She kept leaning in to talk to him, getting her face very close. She laughed and smiled but I could also tell something else. I could tell she was waiting for him to escalate the set. He kept doing the purposeless hand of doom by just touching her shoulder whenever she kino touched her. I saw the interaction start very strong and then I saw her face change and it was like she screamed “This guy wont touch me! Hes a pussy” Not that Raven’s a pussy, because he is far from it but he showed lack of intent.

The set soon ended afterwards.

Our other set proved to be the most educational. Raven opened a “throw away” two set of two women who he found unattractive. Well it hooks and I wing him, quite naturally frankly. Our winging dynamic is getting pretty good we dont use the stupid “have your seen Michele?” line or the “whos the good girl” crap, I usually go up to him and ask him if he wants a drink while hes in set (something ANYONE would do) and he brings me in, with his body language he indicates to me who his target is.

I’m getting distracted from my lesson. Heres what happened. My girl in the set at first was a little resistant to me. It seemed at first like she didn’t want to talk, so i kept talking making jokes (very low key mind you) and little by little she opened up. Next thing I know, I learned that one of her x’s is now a porn star, her other x is a Mexican who is in jail, she was from LA and move here, she likes pickles and stripper name would be Princess Mckingly. All through out this i kept trying to kino but the closer i got to her the more she would move away. It was funny, it was like we were doing a dance.

Now if it wasn’t for Jason I would have ejected from that set once I started getting kino resistance but heres the funny thing. I decided to just be myself, I made her laugh,we talked and when we merged back with Jasons set, we even did some role playing. We kept getting divorced, married, and wound up as fuck buddies. By plowing I was changing the course of the interaction, I even got offered a drink by her. Toward the end I number closed and realized why I had such a hard time with her.

She was hurt before, her x boyfriend now in jail a two year relationship down the drain. To face the possibility of going down that road again had left her paranoid. She liked me, both Jason and I could tell but she was scared and tried to dissuade me. To which I disregarded her protests of being older than me. I finally looked her dead in the eye and said “I just want to enjoy your company”. I got the number and gave her a kiss on both cheeks and I felt a sexual energy when I did that, I was gentle and touched her face as I kissed her cheeks and squeezed her arm good bye.

Its interactions like this that make me love the game. When you learn something in your set and grow as a person. When you make a real connection with someone and all the bullshit and games just fall away.

This is why I hate routines. Routines is all about pushing buttons and manipulation. Its all about acting one way and meaning something else. Those PUA’s who get good at routines are just button pushers. Do they have real connections with women? Maybe but not after a bit of time.

Newbies also get fucked by routines. I cant tell you how many interactions I screwed up because I was worried what my action would say, all my interactions had a vibe of us vs them. Just last week a member on the forum was talking about how he said no to a date with a woman who’s company he truly enjoyed to go out with one who he didn’t know because he didn’t want to seem to eager to spend time with the girl who he had an interest in. He didn’t want to loose value in her eyes so he said no. Then it blew up in his face when he saw her that night holding hands with another guy.

Another PUA I know waved over a girl he liked at a bar, she smiled and waved him over. For about a minute they had a battle of who should come over before she just turned her back to him to talk to her friends. I then told him he should go over to talk to her (because she clearly liked him) he told me he couldn’t because if he went over then it would look like he was to eager because he lost the waving over battle.

I looked at him like he was an idiot, walked over tapped the girl and said

“Have you met my friend? OMG! You have to meet this guy hes so cool”

I dragged her over to him and introduced them


Heres my point, guys if you like something then fucking go for it. Stop giving a crap if you “look needy” or “show to much interest” just go over and take what you want. If I like a girl and she doesn’t respond to my phone calls, Ill text her if that doesn’t work ill e-mail her and then ill start the whole process again. I don’t care if she tells me to fuck off at least I know I pushed it and went for what I wanted. The only way your needy is if you look at the girl as being above you, if you say this woman is out of my league, she has more value than me, ect. Thats fucking needy but if you honestly like the woman and know that no matter what type of reaction you have whether she squeals for joy at your voice or tells you to fuck off, your mood stays the same because deep down you know that tomorrow is another day filled with women who are equally cool if not more so than this girl.

Thats the abundance mentality. Abundance mentality doesn’t sound like “I’m the shit! I banged 5 girls! Fuck this bitch! Shes missing out yo!”. No it sounds like this “Girls come and go, if this one leaves then she leaves but there will always be another to take her place”

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Kiss and Tell

August 8, 2008 at 3:47 pm (Field Report)

Last night I hit plunge with Raven and bumped into every PUA and instructor in the east coast area. The RSD boys from the forum where there,  Fader and his crew from Mystery Method where there and both Saad and Alex were running bootcamps.

To be honest guys I thought I would have a chode night, I was not approaching, I was a chode in front of Alex (should have treated him like any other guy but still have that bad habit of giving instructors more value), was getting weird looks. Then as the night progressed I just started letting go, almost made out with a very hot Russian cougar but she had her own drama going on and her orbiter came in and I honestly thought I was going to see an actually fist fight between them.

One True Matt, Raven and I were just laid back enjoying the Jerry Springer episode unfold in front of us. When they left to make their drama mobile. I opened a hot cougar and her friend. I was kinoing like crazy. Raven came in and locked into my target but I didn’t care so i pawned her off on him while i sarged the friend, turns out the girl was a lesbian but luckily lesbians are Warlocks best friends and we were chilling just hanging out and cracking jokes.

Raven makes out with his target when suddenly midget HB cougar interrupts him makes a joke and his target leaves cracking up. Raven and I chilled and start busting on this girl. At this point something weird happens, I just get sexual. I’m not horny or needy but I’m talking about sex LIKE ITS NOT A BIG DEAL in fact like its funny. Suddenly were telling this girl she wants to have a Asian and Latino sandwich. I kind of ignore her to tell Jason how it really sucks when a woman doesn’t know how to kiss.

“Why are you a good kisser?” she asks.

I nod and give her a “what are you stupid? of course” look

“Let me show you”

I grab her by the back of the head.


She says im a good kisser, I shrug, she tells me shes married, shows me the ring. I shrug and tell her that she kisses like a married woman. She asks me what that means I tell her that she kisses like she wants more. She laughs and asks what else i could tell from her kiss. I call her a slow burn, that she starts out all sweet in bed and then suddenly the claws come out out and I imitate a lion and roar and I act like the guy in her bed scream “OH MY GOD! JESUS CHRIST” Then proceed to act out being attacked by her.

She almost pees herself laughing.

But she leaves because she has ADD.

And thats great, I’m on a high. Last set of the night. I didn’t think I would have had such an experience but I plowed, I pushed my comfort zone, I would have stayed and sarged but sadly it was time to put on my glasses and become Clark Kent but you know what? Once that bell rings and we clock out my duty calls.

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Push It! Push It Real Good!

August 1, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Field Report, Inner Game)

Last night was experimentation day and even though I was not in state I forced myself to open sets and push my comfort zones. There are allot of reasons why I had problems achieving state last night. The most common one is being outcome dependent. I think it all stems with the ridiculous idea that I have in my head that I will somehow magically find a new twist or turn that will take me to the next level in my game.

This is a bad idea to have, game tends to evolve naturally for me over time. Even the best in this took months or years to get to true mastery. I tend to see guys like Fred and Rudey who took boot camps and suddenly are pulling and get angry at myself for not being better. But lets be honest each of them can tell me a million reasons why they evolved and it had nothing to do with a magic pill or new trick or line.

Its all about pushing your comfort zone. How bad do you want it? Can you go through the pain of being in a set where the women clearly don’t want you there? Can you not flinch when a woman tells you fuck off? When set after set gives you the Quasimodo face? Can you go up to a 10 and start a conversation? Can you stay unaffected?

I learned this the hard way with Joe D’s boot camp. I threw a pity party for myself, I had Joe ream me out at the bar, I had women look at me with disgust and men laugh or ignore me. I wanted to cry, I wanted to run away, I wanted to go back to the days of cinemax porn and video games.

But I got up the next day and went back out there. And you cant really ask for more.

Every time I go out, I expect to push myself and jump into the waters of social pressure. The problem is that I am my worst critic and always fall short of my goals.

Last night…

1)I opened a 2 set, which required me to keep two women engaged, defend myself against shit test galore, a mother hen and actually had a girl stay and talk to me effectively squashing a pull away. So think about that for a minute, I had such high value that a woman ignored her friends who were trying to pull her away. Of course she still left because I didn’t stack forward, but thats a first!

2)I had a woman by me a drink…another first

3)I actually opened a 9, made her laugh and reopened her a little later on

4)I went direct with a woman

5)I was never blown out with any approach. I just ejected because the energy fizzled out due to me not being in state and not escalating

Oh and I did not use one magic trick.

These are all things I have never done before or positive things. But yet I wanted to do more. I wanted to go sexual, I wanted to pull, I wanted to kiss, to dominate, to have my sexual intent to be felt, etc. I am not satisfied, I always want more which is my drive. Question is, is this a merit of mine or a flaw? I guess it depends on how I feel at the end of the night.

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Ugly Duckling No More!

July 25, 2008 at 8:44 pm (Field Report, Inner Game)

Yesterday was experimentation day, once again I learned so much. I tend to do on those days. Raven and I hit Plunge after once again we were not let into Budah Bar. Man those bouncers just hate our guts, this time they just told us they were only doing reservations and didn’t even look at the list.

I honestly don’t know why they make such a big deal. I mean the place is tiny as hell, over priced and has crappy music. The only reason Raven and I even try to go in is that we like it as a warm up spot because its usually has some very high quality targets and there seems to be very little PUA’s (growing problem in the club scene).

We hit Plunge and did some sets. It took us a little while to warm up but I noticed a few things.

1) Women are really starting to notice me or maybe I am finally noticing that women are noticing me. Quite a few women were giving me warm smiles. I even opened one or two and they were very warm to me.

2) AA is not completely gone but thankfully its nothing like it used to be and once I get a few sets under my best its completely gone. Also my early sets hook but I tend to let them fizzle art early in the night if I haven’t warmed up.

3) Once again my theory about the less attractive girl the more of a chip she has on her shoulder and harder she is to sarge. We got a snarky blow out from the chodier of a two set. We are also noticing how chody girls act in a club, they hold their drinks up their chests, stare at each other waiting for guys to approach, look at the ground nervously, have trust issues when you compliment them, etc.

My plan for that night was to try to be myself in set, Although its not like a completely different personality in set, I do tend to fall into dancing monkey magic comedian guy. So I wanted to do something Fred recommended and be a bit more real. I think I completely failed at that because once again In found myself doing the secret handshake and wound up testing a new magic trick I call it:

The Flaming Heart of Desire.

Its a flashy piece literally, I use fire and its very cool. But its going to go lame the minute I get bored doing it. Once again I cant depend on tricks to get through my set, its a crutch and I’m really not capitalizing it correctly.

Anyway after I do this, a PUA comes up to me while I am in heavy kino with my target, at first it was working out we started doing role play. She was into it (although I will never forgive myself for not doing the whole marriage rpg) but then this dude tells me that hes been in magic for 2 years. I was like cool then he goes and says “Oh let me guess you got into after you read THE GAME” and he said with emphasis on it then turned and left.

This girl got pretty weirded out, luckily I defused it but it almost wrecked my set. But I busted my set when I started a joke about how Raven and I met in prison. It started out funny but I took it dark and in the middle of the stupid joke I thought “Oh no I’m about to fuck myself over here”. Wow what a break in the vibe.

I’ll go into the very funny about what happened to Raven and I when we met Matadors “BFF” in another post.  But for now I want to talk about what I learned that night.

Heres the deal guys. I’m a good looking guy. I’m not bragging or trying to be funny, I’m serious when I say this. It took me a long as time to realize I was cute and people had told me I was a good looking guy in a matter of fact way but I never really bought it. But last night I just realized I’m a handsome guy. Women dig my look they want to fuck me, I just keep fucking it up. All I have to do is stop doing the things that screw me up and I should be good.

Everybody thinks being handsome means that women constantly throw themselves at you. Well that only happens if you believe you are handsome. A negative mentality about your looks can seriously hamper for enjoying those rock star looks. I think looks are really 20% physical appearance and 80% mental confidence. Well right now I feel I’m 40% physical and 60% mental confidence.  The numbers are going up guys.

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Texting With Style

July 23, 2008 at 5:03 pm (Field Report, Thoughts)

Me: I have a very naugthy question to ask you, ready?

Her: LOL it better not be naughty but im ready! GO!

Me: What color socks are you wearing? ;-P

Her: LOL white. I can take a pic of them for you 😉

Me: Oh baby your turning me on

Her: Maybe tim ill wear some striped ones for u

Me: Stop it! Dont say it if you dont mean it, dont play with my emotions

Her: And then the following day, a sheer nude pair. u like that baby?

Me: Oh dady like, dady like

Her: LOL u’s a fool, hows your day flowing?


Much better than last time, special thanks to Rudey for the tip. Man got to keep that sexual intent flowing, im getting better at it, but I shouldnt make it a joke.

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Experimentation Day #1

July 18, 2008 at 3:18 pm (Field Report)

So I have officially decided to go out 3 days a week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday Since Thursday will be a night were I tend to go home early due to work the next day (I turn into a pumpkin at 1am) I have decided to make Thursday experimentation day.  Basically its the day to try things and get blown out, in fact getting blown out is a plus because you are adapting to social conditioning.

I wanted to go out guns blazing on Thursday but I found myself not in state last night and even though all my sets hooked last night, I did spend the early part of the night choding out a bit. I want to do like 30 approaches like they do in boot camp and really push my comfort levels, but I find myself only doing small baby steps which is fine but I guess I’m stugeling between my fear and gun ho mentality which creates a small back lash.

I do consider Experimentation Day a success, I made a point of speaking to 8’s and up. I pushed Raven into a set of Australian models. He had said he wanted to approach hot women and then tried to convince me to pass up the 9’s to go for 7’s. I looked at him dead serious and told him he was not going to open those 9’s that I would not allow him to open the 7’s. Well he did and wow those girls were smoking and the sweetest girls in the world. I want a Aussie girlfriend now 😉

We wound up getting their face book because it would have been a waste to get their number and we failed to befriend the male friend who pulled them away from us and bounced them out of budah bar. Immediately afterwards we turned and opened a two set of  7’s who started throwing shit tests galore at us, one kept telling me I was gay and I started acting all flamboyant because I actually thought she was kidding then I realized she was tooling me and I looked at Raven and gave him the code of “these girls are giving us shit tests because their not very hot, lame” so we ejected.

We then hit Plunge for the rest of the night where we did a few more approaches but then got sidetracked talking to other PUA’s. I really need to put my foot down and just sarge instead of being polite and continuing the conversation as the hot sets walk past me. I wound up opening a very hot Ukrainian model and made her laugh so much I got her number. Shes a bit of a bimbo to be honest with you which is a turn off but I might call her. I also strangely enough bumped into Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy.

Only in New York right? I know I said keep your value but fucking a! I couldn’t go up and talk to her, which shows my flaws in my inner game i need to work on. I was star stuck. I’m lucky I didn’t find her attractive and never did because i probably would been freaking out.

Things I have learned from experimentation day

1) Girls who rate an 8 and up are really easier to open and possibly close. They don’t give you shit tests as much or tool you. As long as your not intimidated by them and don’t be a slime ball then you should be good.

2) Girls who rate bellow an 8 tend to be more insecure and give allot of shit tests. They tend to be a bit too try hard in always saying “I’m hot! Really I’m hot! Do you see?” This is something that can really be exploited. I think I’m going to start playing around with maybe being brutally honest like saying something like “Seriously why are you so insecure?” after they throw another shit test at me.

3) Women are really starting to form paterns. I’m starting to see that they can be categorized Ill probably be posting my thoughts a bit more on that.

4) I am seriously going to start weeding out the magic tricks from my game. Its so fucking lame. I really only use it when I seriously run out of things to say in set. Its like my desperate attempt to break glass in case of emergency bit. And its so trying for rapport it makes me sick.

5) I am not getting into state lately, this is because I am focusing on what the result of a set would be and I am thinking a bit to take as much information in as possible. Not that I fear blow outs, in fact i welcome them its just that I only get into state when I truly don’t care if a set goes good or bad. Right now I actually care about the result due to curiosity I have decided to make Saturday of my sarge The Day Of The Ultimate Nullifier! So what is the Ultimate Nuliffier? Its when you truly don’t give a flying fuck what anyone thinks of you. It nullifies AA, outcome dependency, EVERYTHING. Basically its a fancy word for saying your having a good time with your buds and meeting women.

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Getting My Creep On…

July 17, 2008 at 2:47 pm (Field Report)

RSD has a challenge in the flawless natural method. I call it The Trials Of The Natural. Basically its a 10 day challenge, not a big deal like some of these other challenges where guys are asked to commit a month or more.

First 5 days are all about woo, you should do exercises to get your woo up like the “cheers” exercise or Alex’s Eyes of Glory. A suggested opener is “Hi I’m _______”

I tend to have woo pretty much down. I have embraced my inner goof ball and I am normally bouncing off the walls. A good recipe for woo is this

Take a 5 or 6 hour energy drink

When you feel the kick of it wear off (usually half an hour to an hour) follow it up with a red bull

And let go of your outcome.

That last one is key, if you give a shit about doing well and getting ___ number of approaches under your belt, then your done.

I don’t even count my approaches anymore. Looking back they range from 7 to 10 a night, this is very little the reason why is because they all last a rather long time, especially when I’m winging Raven who sometimes spends over an hour in his set.  Rule of the universe, sets hook when you don’t need anything from them.  Notice i said need rather than want, there is a big difference between those words.

The last 5 days of the challenge is called “Getting Your Creep On”. This is all about bringing out your core sexual intent which is a huge sticking point for me. The mission? Go for the make out with every single girl you talk to, the recommended opener is “Hi guys, I’m sad, I need a kiss”.

Its this section of the challenge that I feared the most. I am so used to turning off the sex drive when I speak to women, because for years I was treated badly by women and men in my social circles for being seen as a “perv” which is quite funny when you think about it considering that I don’t even have real porn (I watch cinemax soft core porn) and I’m the type of person to keep my sexual escapades pretty discrete

After talking to Rudey about it, he motivated me to just go for it. So on Saturday I treated every action into an experiment. I tried to make out with almost every girl I spoke to. I pushed my sets even when I felt the energy start to die. I got rejected and just kept going. It was glorious.

A couple of things I learned…

1) Girls don’t give a shit about being touched as long as it doesn’t come from a place of horniness or neediness

2) Don’t ever fall for a girls frame, I remember two Holland girls claiming that they were good girls only to see them an hour later dirty dancing with two chodes

3) The worst rejection I got for going for the make out was “Thats not going to happen” other were “I don’t do that” or ” What are you doing” and of course moving the head or pulling their head back. So my fears of getting slapped, screamed at or having some friend or hidden boyfriend kicked my ass were unfounded.

I will say this though at first In tried to deny that I was trying to kiss them which was lame, toward the end though I just said that “I was going for the moment” which got some laughs.  Also girls think Eskimo kisses are hysterical.

Another thing I realized was how easy girls are to be compliant. I used the claw on a girl I literally met 2 minutes before and she didn’t give a shit, she did not resist. I also used my tone to get a girls attention and waved her over to me, I was shocked at how easy it was to get her to come over with just a hey and wave.

I even got a number close (from that girl who’s text I posted) which was a solid one.  This was an excellent night, I pushed myself and learned new things. I cant wait till tonight when I begin a new set of experimentation

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Text Adventures…

July 16, 2008 at 4:47 pm (Field Report)

Wow you know women do now cease to surprise me. I was out on saturday getting my creep on. At one point I met this small chubby girl with an awesome rack. I number closed her that night and played some phone text with her that very night.

The next day called got voicemail (I suck at voicemail…more on that in future posts), I then did some more texting setting up a possible day 2.  On Tuesday I tried Tim’s text message of glory routine. Got nothing back. I planned on calling her that night but choded out.

Well I texted her today and this is what went down.

Me: I have a very serious question to ask you but i need an honest answer, can i count on your honesty and maturity to answer it?

Her: Ok

Me: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? 😉

Her: Are u made of random text messages or do you want to get to know me? If not im not gna waste my time or texts

Me: Wow your direct, I respect that. You dont see that very often, its refreshing. Okay ill bite where do you work?

Her: At Mac but I cant talk now im working

Me: Ok Ill call you tonight, try to pick up the phone this time k

Her: Ill try but i might be out tonight, right after work

Man talk about frame control. I appreciate the honesty, but I am concerned she might be controling. I thought my text game was tight but it looks like I was miscalibrated. This is a good learning experience, I think I just got stuck in sily goofball mode to long and I need to learn to switch and pull the trigger.

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First Pull….

July 14, 2008 at 2:28 pm (Field Report)

I got laid last week, I guess you could say thats a huge step for me. I pulled the girl off myspace. She is unlike any other girl that has had sex with me in the last 6 years. For one, she is actually thin. Plus shes not latina and is actually a geek.

I used the techniques in the e-book “Window Shopping for Women”. Their stuff really works but the problem with it for me is that allot of New Yorkers are jumping onto Facebook and I have yet to pimp out my facebook profile like my myspace one.

So I first contacted her per the book and then pushed it till she called me at 1 am. We went back and forth a bit. I spiked the BT pretty high, and went for the pull but she resisted. I then just froze her out, not intentionally I just got bored and moved on. That weekend I scored 5 numbers and two e-mails, so my confidance was high. I then started talking to her again well I just assumed the pull.

She complied! I also kept the conversation very sexual. I told her we would be making out, when she tried challenge it, I just told her it was going to happen.  The day of the meet up I started hearing my inner chode say

“Dave, your not going to have sex with her, you want to keep this one, you should buy her things and take her some place nice…your a nice guy”

FUCK THAT!!! I said to myself, Im not some chode!

We met up and I immediatly kissed her. Well after that she was all over me, hugging me, tickling me, being all lovely dovey with me and ofcourse kisisng me.

We went to dinner because I was hungry and to be honest I liked the girl and didnt want to treat her like a full out whore. I guess I still have some chode in me. I mean maybe if we had started talking from the go that we were going to meet to fuck then that was one thing. But I had established the role of being friends with something more.

After we ate and talked. I told her we were going someplace more private. I honestly had it my head that if she protested I would have said “The comic store…wait where did you think we were going?”. She just looks at me and says “I just want to let you know I need to be back here to get my bus at 11pm”

Its so on. I thought to myself. So I took her by the hand and lead her to the subway and back to my place and well glory.

Heres the funny thing….I DONT KNOW HER NAME!!

Yeah I never bothered to ask and just assumed I knew her, so to this day I still do not know her name. I call her babe, baby, sweetie, hun. I have no clue if she even knows my name. Probably does since its all over my myspace, unlike hers (I have searched everything on that thing).

I was actually a little bumbed out afterwards though. I spoke to The Judge and Rudey about it basically this turns out to be a common thing. We think that sex will fill us or worse we think that we need to find the one insane pull, were you are battling Amogs and pulling a girl from a venue after extracting her from the mother hen.

We all make such a big deal about closing but really its not a big deal. I know Raven (my wing) says that its not a real pull since it was online but I think it is. I mean I hadnt gotten laid since november of last year and that was a fattie. This was awesome and best of all we still talk. I cant wait till round 2

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