To Thy Self Always Be True…

August 18, 2008 at 2:54 pm (Field Report, Inner Game)

God what a weekend! I have to say that this weekend was probably the most educational ones I have ever had plus I feel like I have reached a new level. Now allot of you will probably think, awesome I cant wait to reach that next level in my “game”. This is definitely the case I do feel a sense of joy but with each new level comes new problems that you have never noticed before.

Friday was probably one of the more frustrating days I had that week. Don’t get me wrong I still had a blast. Whenever Fred is around having fun is a given. We all hit up sets, Fred opened quite a few, I noticed that he does have AA but its funny because its not your normal type of AA. Fred has loopholes. For example if I point out a set that is a few feet away from him, Fred will jump in. However If I point out a set across the room or a distance where Fred will be by himself for even a few seconds he will stall himself out. I also noticed that you cant prep Fred for a set or else he will stall himself out. Hes running on pure instinct.

This is great for someone who has been in the game for only two months. I remember in my first two months I would approach maybe 3 sets (if I was lucky) and I couldn’t even hold a conversation. Fred got a insanely hot Brazilian to ask him for his number! I almost feel sorry for women when he starts to grow more and more in his “game”.

And back to me. Well the problem I was having on Friday was that I was forcing the sexual intent. I was trying to be Mr. Sex Guy which did not work at all. I mean if you new me you would think this was the funniest shit in the world. Heres the deal, I hate porn. I don’t like to see ejaculations or extreme close ups on vagina’s. I hate seeing shots other dudes units going into her love tunnel. Don’t like the close ups some of these directors have where your getting a shot of the dudes ass (what is up with that?). I actually get off to Cinemax porn. Yes I am into Skinemax.

So I kept pushing sexual intent in my interactions and it came off as needy or just weird. I ruined a kiss close with a girl by trying to kiss her in front of her friend. She was clearly into me but after that it fizzled out, I came off as a guy who wanted something from her instead of the cute guy who could have been fun.

Then came the worse point of the night when after hearing Steve (another PUA we know) talk about how you had to go sexual, I tried to sarge a cougar that was in a set of Love Pirates. I tried to push the kino very hard and tried to grab and kiss her but all that served was to get both L.P and I blown the fuck out. L.P was pretty ticked off, turns out he was sarging both girls to have a double make out and possibly a threesome.

I realized that night that I was trying way to hard. I was trying to be something I wasn’t. I was trying to be Mr. Sex Guy and thats L.P’s niche not mine. I decided the next night that I would just try to be me in every set the next night.

But that turned out to be harder than expected…


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August 6, 2008 at 4:46 pm (Bio, Inner Game)

Its been a interesting week. I started speaking to a girl who pretty much sparked my road to game, I wound up going chode and spilling my guts on how much she meant to me yada, yada. She took it in a neutral way which threw me for a loop.

For about 3 days I wondered if she liked me or not. I also thought about my role in the game. What do I want out of this? And what would make me stop?

In my opinion there are certain guys who get into the game.

The Pussy Hunter – These guys get in the game to get off. I see them like big game hunters on safari. They are on the prowl for that great lay or to just get notches on their bedpost. Which is not a bad thing, I mean we all have penises. But trust me this is more than sex to me, I did the whole sex route. I’ve gotten laid, but simply getting off is something i could do with porn or paying for a call girl. Players and horn dogs tend to fall into this category.

The Tin Men – These are the guys who have a chip on their shoulder. They are the guys who got hurt because they were orbiters or super chodes. Now they have a us against them mentality and want to get even with women. They claim that they don’t have a heart. They carry their axes and are ready to swing. Social robots, neg kings, and people afraid of intimacy fall in this category.

The Romeos – These are the guys who are looking for their princess. The guys looking for a wife or a long term girlfriend. They are the complete opposite of Tin Men. They want to express love and make a woman feel like shes fallen into a cheesy romance novel.

When I finally spoke to her she gave me the usual “lets just be friends speech”. I was sad and almost threw myself a pity parade but then I stopped myself and said “Wait whats wrong with this girl? Doesn’t she realize what she just passed up? I’m THE David. I’m not some 22 year old chode (7 years her junior) who wont pay attention to her. What a retard!”

And I really meant it, I could not for the life of me understand how utterly stupid this girl was. I mean I’m the Moeby Dick of catches. I really believe that. Which of course makes me feel amazing. Because this is just a step closer to my goal of the ultimate abundance mentality.

Yesterday she called me crying and asked for my advice which I gave. After she got her validation she hung up. I sat there and for about a minute or two I thought “Wow that felt good. I got to make her feel better yay”

Of course I realize that I was being a chode. I slapped myself and screams “Whats wrong with you?! Your not a chode!”. I realized that I jumped through her hoop and gave her the validation she needed to feel better because she cant get it from herself. She wants to make me her orbiter because turns out her last one jumped ship. Fuck that! I did that with my x and I have no interest in doing a version 2.0 more chode for more time!

I spoke to Love Pirate and I realized that this entire experience has made me realize what I want out of the game and what I value. I want intimacy with a woman. I want to be that guy they had an amazing experience with who they will remember for the rest of their lives. I want to be the Don Juan of New York. Its not about sex, its about the romance and connection. So I suppose if you had to classify me then I am a Romeo.

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Push It! Push It Real Good!

August 1, 2008 at 6:55 pm (Field Report, Inner Game)

Last night was experimentation day and even though I was not in state I forced myself to open sets and push my comfort zones. There are allot of reasons why I had problems achieving state last night. The most common one is being outcome dependent. I think it all stems with the ridiculous idea that I have in my head that I will somehow magically find a new twist or turn that will take me to the next level in my game.

This is a bad idea to have, game tends to evolve naturally for me over time. Even the best in this took months or years to get to true mastery. I tend to see guys like Fred and Rudey who took boot camps and suddenly are pulling and get angry at myself for not being better. But lets be honest each of them can tell me a million reasons why they evolved and it had nothing to do with a magic pill or new trick or line.

Its all about pushing your comfort zone. How bad do you want it? Can you go through the pain of being in a set where the women clearly don’t want you there? Can you not flinch when a woman tells you fuck off? When set after set gives you the Quasimodo face? Can you go up to a 10 and start a conversation? Can you stay unaffected?

I learned this the hard way with Joe D’s boot camp. I threw a pity party for myself, I had Joe ream me out at the bar, I had women look at me with disgust and men laugh or ignore me. I wanted to cry, I wanted to run away, I wanted to go back to the days of cinemax porn and video games.

But I got up the next day and went back out there. And you cant really ask for more.

Every time I go out, I expect to push myself and jump into the waters of social pressure. The problem is that I am my worst critic and always fall short of my goals.

Last night…

1)I opened a 2 set, which required me to keep two women engaged, defend myself against shit test galore, a mother hen and actually had a girl stay and talk to me effectively squashing a pull away. So think about that for a minute, I had such high value that a woman ignored her friends who were trying to pull her away. Of course she still left because I didn’t stack forward, but thats a first!

2)I had a woman by me a drink…another first

3)I actually opened a 9, made her laugh and reopened her a little later on

4)I went direct with a woman

5)I was never blown out with any approach. I just ejected because the energy fizzled out due to me not being in state and not escalating

Oh and I did not use one magic trick.

These are all things I have never done before or positive things. But yet I wanted to do more. I wanted to go sexual, I wanted to pull, I wanted to kiss, to dominate, to have my sexual intent to be felt, etc. I am not satisfied, I always want more which is my drive. Question is, is this a merit of mine or a flaw? I guess it depends on how I feel at the end of the night.

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The Last Straw

July 30, 2008 at 5:20 pm (Bio, Inner Game)

Once upon a time there was a chode named David. David had no control over his relationships. He dated sure, got laid a few times but he was at the complete mercy to any woman that came into his life. Maybe this is why his relationships never lasted more than 6 months.

David’s last relationship was not even a relationship he was a rebound guy to the girl. Even though they were close friends, David wanted more. He just wanted to solve his problem with women and figured that if he could get one girl who had a few qualities he liked or at least tolerated he would date her for over a year, maybe 2 and then he would marry her and he would not have to worry about being alone ever again.

Like I said he was a chode.

Well things didn’t work out that way. The girl of his dreams left him for more Alpha guys who in his mind didn’t appreciate her. So out of frustration he decided to move to the big apple to find himself. You see he thought that his chodeness came from his environment. All he needed was a new place and he would magically be seen by women as the catch he knew he was.

And to his credit when he got to the big apple he managed to find a nice fatty who was unlike the other girls he had dated before…she was an actress. But he kept his chody ways and 3 months later she dumped his ass, mafia style. Things soon started to snowball from there. He had dates that never went anywhere, he posted profiles on dating sites, and wasted money on extravagant dates that left him with wood and the only sex he had was either with himself or fat desperate women with kids.

David was spiraling downward toward depression. He asked his married friend who never had a problem getting dates for advice. He told him to watch a TV show on VH1 about a pick up artist. David did some research and found out that there was a book called The Game. So he went to Barnes and Nobles at lunch and bought the book much to his embarrassment. But soon he began to read and was sucked into the world of game.

He also downloaded the VH1 show and began to watch it, then he started trying out some lines and started to dress differently. He was tip toeing his way to game.

It was December and he jumped on a plane to visit his parents back home. He then went to see his x. Secretly he hoped he would finally be able to have sex with her. He still cared for her and wanted to see if he had a chance to change himself in front of her eyes. They made out a little and then like a true chode he let her lead and they started to drive around. He knew that nothing would ever happen between them, they would never be anything but friends. At one point she told him to pick up her friend who was a little down due to relationship woes.

He did and he was shocked to find himself drawn to her. By chance he wound up having to drop of his x because she was not feeling well and he wound up having dinner with this girl. This gave him more time to get to know her. He started to feel something strange happen to him. He was turned on, not just physically but on a intellectual level. He didn’t think he could feel that way and he thought she felt the same way. They flirted and laughed all the way back to her place were like a gentleman left her at her front door.

For two days David’s world was turned upside down. The air tasted better, the sun shone brighter, the food tasted better…you know the drill. He had his head up his ass. He then had the stupidity to call his x to invite her and her friends (excuse to invite the girl) to his parents house for a pool party. To which his x snorted and replied to his questions about her friend that her friends impression of him was that he was a weirdo and sleazy. That David was not her type and he had made a blunder of the situation.

His world was shattered. He felt his whole world go into a tailspin. He felt like a fool.

And in that moment of despair as he ate doritoes and looked at craigslist adds as he heard the New Years celebration outside his small little apartment, he came to a crossroads. He could let this experience of having his heart crushed turn him into a man of despair or he could use it to fuel his change.

And like that the chode inside of David started to die. He jumped in the pool. It wasn’t easy his coworkers teased him by giving him a new nickname, he was rejected by women, he struggled to learn. So finally after a few months things started to slowly gel for him. And when it came time to pick his PUA name, his handle, his pen name for his posts and reports. He decided to choose the name his coworkers teased him with, he would turn a negative into a positive, he would be known as Warlock. He would make magic happen.

And that my friends is how I stopped being a chode. Thanks for reading….

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Im a VIP! Im a V.I.P!!!!

July 28, 2008 at 4:26 pm (Inner Game, Thoughts)

You know your game is getting better not just when you get results but when you get new problems. Im talking about AMOG’s or as I like to call them Pradeeps because its almost like they are screaming “Im a VIP! IM A VIP!!”. So fricking annoying.

This past weekend I encountered a few.

On Thursday this guy came into my set and tried to Amog me by weirding out my girl. This is guy from my previous post about saturdays adventure. Anyway I decided to make friends with the guy even though he had tried to go into my set. The guy wound up inviting us to a PUA party where he claimed there would be hot girls, good vibe, ect.

We decided to go because we felt that it would be an adventure…boy was it ever that! Turns out the guy was full of shit. The party was a karaoke thing (took us 45 minutes to get there) and the girls were creeped out by us, with good reason. It was a birthday party! Here are these two guys who are over dressed and no one knows. Duh! Of course its weird. Raven and I left after 15 minutes.

Heres the funny thing. This dude kept saying the following:

“Oh me and Matador are close, I helped him write his book”

“Yeah all these guys at this party are my students”

“You can learn allot from me”

You get the idea. At the end of the night Raven and I just kept making jokes about how I was helping Style write his book and he was going to wing Tim from RSD. We were giggling like kids.

The next couple of days I noticed this phenomena of being a Pradeep. I barely ever have a problem with a guy who is non community in my sarges. I always befriend them and show them respect and they tend to help me out. Other P.U.A’s on the other hand are a different story.

I don’t get the hate. Seriously I don’t get it. There are a million other girls who are probably equally if not hotter than any that I speak to, but these guys act such needy little bitches.

You got your vultures who wait until you get distracted to go in, you can see them very clearly because they are literally behind the girl as your talking, licking their lips and staring like a complete slime ball.

You also got the Booze hunters. These are the guys who see a drunk girl and descend on them like harpies. I hate gaming drunk girls, its the sleaziest sort of move.

But the worst are the too cool for school guys. These are guys who when you talk to them they act like they are the shit and are just douche bags to you. They give you attitude, disagree with anything you say and never ever smile. Of course they never game in front of you either.

I seriously dont understand I mean were here to be social and get laid. How is acting like a completly needy douche ever going to get you laid?

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Ugly Duckling No More!

July 25, 2008 at 8:44 pm (Field Report, Inner Game)

Yesterday was experimentation day, once again I learned so much. I tend to do on those days. Raven and I hit Plunge after once again we were not let into Budah Bar. Man those bouncers just hate our guts, this time they just told us they were only doing reservations and didn’t even look at the list.

I honestly don’t know why they make such a big deal. I mean the place is tiny as hell, over priced and has crappy music. The only reason Raven and I even try to go in is that we like it as a warm up spot because its usually has some very high quality targets and there seems to be very little PUA’s (growing problem in the club scene).

We hit Plunge and did some sets. It took us a little while to warm up but I noticed a few things.

1) Women are really starting to notice me or maybe I am finally noticing that women are noticing me. Quite a few women were giving me warm smiles. I even opened one or two and they were very warm to me.

2) AA is not completely gone but thankfully its nothing like it used to be and once I get a few sets under my best its completely gone. Also my early sets hook but I tend to let them fizzle art early in the night if I haven’t warmed up.

3) Once again my theory about the less attractive girl the more of a chip she has on her shoulder and harder she is to sarge. We got a snarky blow out from the chodier of a two set. We are also noticing how chody girls act in a club, they hold their drinks up their chests, stare at each other waiting for guys to approach, look at the ground nervously, have trust issues when you compliment them, etc.

My plan for that night was to try to be myself in set, Although its not like a completely different personality in set, I do tend to fall into dancing monkey magic comedian guy. So I wanted to do something Fred recommended and be a bit more real. I think I completely failed at that because once again In found myself doing the secret handshake and wound up testing a new magic trick I call it:

The Flaming Heart of Desire.

Its a flashy piece literally, I use fire and its very cool. But its going to go lame the minute I get bored doing it. Once again I cant depend on tricks to get through my set, its a crutch and I’m really not capitalizing it correctly.

Anyway after I do this, a PUA comes up to me while I am in heavy kino with my target, at first it was working out we started doing role play. She was into it (although I will never forgive myself for not doing the whole marriage rpg) but then this dude tells me that hes been in magic for 2 years. I was like cool then he goes and says “Oh let me guess you got into after you read THE GAME” and he said with emphasis on it then turned and left.

This girl got pretty weirded out, luckily I defused it but it almost wrecked my set. But I busted my set when I started a joke about how Raven and I met in prison. It started out funny but I took it dark and in the middle of the stupid joke I thought “Oh no I’m about to fuck myself over here”. Wow what a break in the vibe.

I’ll go into the very funny about what happened to Raven and I when we met Matadors “BFF” in another post.  But for now I want to talk about what I learned that night.

Heres the deal guys. I’m a good looking guy. I’m not bragging or trying to be funny, I’m serious when I say this. It took me a long as time to realize I was cute and people had told me I was a good looking guy in a matter of fact way but I never really bought it. But last night I just realized I’m a handsome guy. Women dig my look they want to fuck me, I just keep fucking it up. All I have to do is stop doing the things that screw me up and I should be good.

Everybody thinks being handsome means that women constantly throw themselves at you. Well that only happens if you believe you are handsome. A negative mentality about your looks can seriously hamper for enjoying those rock star looks. I think looks are really 20% physical appearance and 80% mental confidence. Well right now I feel I’m 40% physical and 60% mental confidence.  The numbers are going up guys.

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Hate Is The Star!

July 23, 2008 at 3:28 pm (Bio, Inner Game)

So last night I was a little bored and started to IM people on my AIM who I had forgotten about. One person was on my list and I completely had forgotten who she was (I only have girls on my AIM or guys I still communicate with). Well I send a hi and who are you message and get a fuck you right back.

Well this entertains me and no matter how much of a insult she gives me I just give her a sweet and nice answer back. This frustrates her which amuses me, then I realize who she was.

Kelly Coffee

Kelly was a girl that went to high school with me. Back then she used to weigh 300 pounds. She was also a raging bitch. I’m not exaggerating, she was one mean bitch, she would insult anyone who would even look at her. I tried to be nice but I soon gave that up when she ripped into me in English class, it got so bad I insulted her back by calling her elephant girl, she didn’t like that one bit and it was the first time I feel like I really hurt someones feelings intentionally, not cool, not cool at all.

Years later I wound up working with my dad in tourism. Turns out her dad was working in the same company as a driver. I quickly made friends with him, mostly because I liked his stories and he was funny. The guy was a x-hippy and was an interesting cat. He got me in touch with Kelly, she was living in Salt Lake City and she had lost all her weight and gone down to 139 pounds.

Whats funny is that she still had the same attitude although it wasn’t as intense. She was rather negative, always about this person or that person being an asshole. But she was also really interesting, she was very independent and loved nature plus she had geek like interests and was a liberal.

I worked in tourism for about I would say 3 years (give or take). At first I liked it, it was an easy way to make money. But as time went on, I began to hate it, drivers would steal from each other, gossip and just act like complete ghetto chodes. Mr.Coffee was cool but he had the same flaws like other drivers, he would steal trips and try to make a profit for himself or give trips to certain drivers who greased the wheels if you get my meaning.

I stopped hanging out with Mr.Coffee because I didn’t really share his value of chasing money, I would hang out with the girls in the office because I could make them laugh and enjoyed their company. My Dad was on the board of directors for the company and a vote came down from the head honchos and Mr.Coffee lost his position as chief operator (basically the guy who assigns trips) and he became a driver again.  A few months later the company went belly up because Hyatt closed its hotel, I had saved my pennies and booked a ticket to NYC.

This was two years ago and I remember my time in tourism with a little disdain. Sure it was easy money and little work but unlike everyone else I didn’t put my ultimate value in making cash. To this day money isn’t as valuable to me as it is to anyone else. If I was told I could either get 300 bucks or have sex with a cute woman, I would choose the sex. If I had to choose between going home with a hottie and loosing my friendship with my buddy or going home with wood and keeping my friendship. I would have wood.

Mr.Coffee apparently told Kelly that my dad betrayed him and I stood by and took the side of the company. That Mr.Coffee was a noble and honorable man. And I was the son of Satan and my father was Lucifer

Its been 2 fucking years and shes still carrying this grudge against my family and I. She started cursing me out over AIM, getting pretty intense in her descriptions of incest I must have with my father and how I betrayed her poor innocent noble father. I was pretty much fascinated by her rant.

You can really hold on to hate for that long? Don t you have better things to do?

Now your probably wondering Warlock what does this have to do with game? Heres the deal guys. You are either a positive person or a negative one. You cant be both, you will lean more to either side. Kelly has reframed life to be that everyone is out to get her. This is why she will never really savor life because she will always look over her shoulder or not trust anyone.

But imagine if you thought everyone was trying to help you? That everyone was just a friend waiting to be discovered? That negative people are just sad and not worth your time.  How awesome would that be? How money would you be in your interactions? Food for thought.

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Creep & What That Means To Me…

July 21, 2008 at 3:42 pm (Bio, Inner Game)

Today It was implied by my coworker that I was the office creep. This really upset me to the point of tears. As I was in the bathroom trying to compose myself I started to think. Why am I so upset?

The answer is because I was called a creep. Now this is interesting to me, because If I learn why the word creep is so powerful to me, it may lead to me solving this problem and that would not only help my game but bring me closer to my ultimate goal of being the best human being I can be.

Creep, such a powerful word. Lets look up the definition, a quick google search provides me with this:


intr.v. crept (krpt), creep·ing, creeps

1. To move with the body close to the ground, as on hands and knees.


a. To move stealthily or cautiously.

b. To move or proceed very slowly: Traffic creeps at that hour.

3. Botany

a. To grow or spread along a surface, rooting at intervals or clinging by means of suckers or tendrils.

b. To grow horizontally under the ground, as the rhizomes of many plants.

4. To slip out of place; shift gradually.

5. To have a tingling sensation, made by or as if by things moving stealthily: a moan that made my flesh creep.


1. The act of creeping; a creeping motion or progress.

2. Slang An annoyingly unpleasant or repulsive person.


So if we read the definition right, creep implies imagery of a snake like repulsive creature of the opposite sex, I did a little more digging and apparently this word came into public slang use in the 1950’s. Okay that sort of helps, lets try to break this into social psychological terms.

Being considered a Creep means…


  1. Become an outcast of humanity

  2. Be seen as a scavenger who is the lowest of all in the value food chain

  3. Will never mate and if he does its with trash

  4. Is dangerous and not trust wothy

I now know the origin of the world and what it implies so lets look at Warlocks life and see why this word became so big with me.

It became very clear at a young age that the most important thing for me was to be accepted. I was a spoiled kid. I had allot of toys, video games, I remember at one point I had a tricycle, a bike with training wheels (that would always fall over), a big wheel, 2 peddle cars (this was pre-power wheels guys, yeah I’m old school) and a scooter (not the gas peddle ones, the ones that are like a skateboard with a handlebar). It was important to me to use my toys to make friends with the kids from the neighborhood. For allot of years it seemed to work but as I got older it actually started to work against me.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Lets talk about the first time I felt like a creep. Her name was Christina, she had blond hair and green eyes or at least thats how I remember it. I was smitten guys, I was in second grade and I wanted to marry a girl I had not even had a full conversation with. If she looked in my direction my face would turn red. I was even the cliché guys, I used to write her name as Mrs.Warlock in my notebook with hearts.

I decided to write her a love letter (special thanks for my very smart friend for the brilliant idea…as karma he stayed 5’0 for the rest of his life) and leave it in her book bag because I was a chicken shit. But I couldn’t help myself and told her I had left her a present in her book bag ( you guys know where this is going).

Of course the minute I turned my back she dove for it. And as I sat across the room, I had a moment that would be forever burned into my memory. Christina opened the letter and began to read it….and then began to cry. Her friend came over and I soon discovered I had the ability to read lips because it was at that point that she told her friend in tears that she thought I was ugly.

I wont describe the feeling of that guys because all you have felt it before. Ill just sum it up by saying “that fucking sucked”, the effects of this were devastating. It was only until i reached my 20’s that I accepted the fact that I am a good looking dude.

Things only got worse, when we hit 5th grade the social groups started forming. I wound up with the short straw and became social outcast. I no longer had friends at school and they started dwindling around the neighborhood as well. I was a creep. Girls hated me, they were probably the most hurtful bullies because their way of getting to me weren’t like the guys (tripping me, throwing my book bag off the roof or the classic wedgie) it was a whole new form of torture. I got little mind games that severely fucked with my head. I was called ugly and creepy and well word stuck to me like glue.

I guess when I look at it, the word creep or creepy just reminds me of a time of my life that I was very sad, probably the most sad I have ever been. When I get called creepy its like I turn back into that 10 year old who just wants to be accepted and loved. Its a trigger word that just shoots me back in time.

So let me analyze this. I still put allot of value in how people perceive me. Not strangers, I have successfully eliminated that, I have no problem going into a club and getting blown out and to a certain extent going for the kiss with a girl. But I put so much value in what people in my every day life think of me. Because to me those are the ones that matter, I get to see those people every day. Thats not the case with folks in a bar, I never see those people again and even if I do they wouldn’t remember me.

So If I were being asked this by someone who’s not me, this is the solution I would give them.

“Listen dude your not a creep, a creep is a selfish pathetic human being who only cares about his own pleasure. You put value in friendship, acceptance and intimacy these are all noble intentions. If they cant see that your a good person then fuck them because the only opinion of yourself that should matter is your own. Jobs come and go, real friends last and those that don’t then weren’t your friends to begin with and isn’t it better to know who your real friends are? Whats past is past you cant change that, its time to live for today because today is all that matters”

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Gamma Bomb!

July 16, 2008 at 2:30 pm (Inner Game)

So I recently had a Gamma Bomb go off on me. A gamma bomb is my new term for when you learn something that kind of throws you for a loop, it can be good or bad. This time its good.

I was listening to the free audio seminar from Tyler that I got for signing up for the RSD newsletter. I have to say its a huge Gamma Bomb of information. I really feel that this audio is something that will make me come at my game from a whole new level.

You see Ozzie said something that really didn’t click for me until I heard Tyler go in depth about it in the audio. He said “In the club everyone has the same value”.

This is something that I started thinking about on the ride home yesterday. We all are always putting value on things. Universally we almost all put value in our families and friends. Which I agree with should but then we put value in things that are just plain stupid. Our jobs (not because they inspire us but because of some false sense of status), the type of cars we drive, the type of cell phones we have, the clothes we wear, and of course the type of people we date.

This really came to focus for me, when I went grocery shopping and the very slutty and hot cashier girl started talking to me. At first I was like “holy crap her rack is so hot” then I realized it, I made 30 grand a year (not something to write home about), I lived in Puerto Rico, owned my own business, worked in radio, had my own apartment, published my own comics, have been to central America, etc. And I’m trying to tell myself that a minimum wage girl who most likely lives with her parents has more value than me because she has perky boobs. What am I high?!!

About 12 years ago I was dating a girl who pretty much was a bitch to me. I worshiped this girl and she treated me like scum. I was an Igor (or as you like to say AFC), she was obsessed with a comic called Dawn it was a great book full of metaphors and symbolism. A line that always stood out to me was…

“Things only have the power that you give them..”

I never really realized why that line stood out to me, I mean I didn’t get it, at the time I probably just thought it looked and sounded deep and cool. But I think it was my subconscious trying to tell me to get the fuck out of dodge.

Now this line is very important to me, because I don’t want to give things value, I want to give value in my self and actions.

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Rudey & Me

July 15, 2008 at 1:20 pm (Inner Game)

I’ve been bugging the shit out of Rudey this past weekend. I cant help it the guy is so fucking money. Every time I have a conversation with him, I feel like going to and sarging the world. Rudey is a constant value giver, he is a beacon of positivity and confidence or at least he projects himself as one.

I met Rudey at the Flawless Natural Super conference. I instantly clicked with the guy. Have you ever met someone who you instantly have a friendship with? Its almost like you have known each other for years. Maybe its the fact that Rudey used to weigh almost 300 pounds, so he speaks my language of fat. Seriously I have been in this game for 4 1/2 months now and I have yet to meet another overweight pick up artists. Its mostly scrawny guys or Asians. Who knew that all I needed to do to make Asian friends was get into pick up?

Anyway I love talking to Rudey because his view on game is amazing. Its guys like him and The Judge that get me psyched about approaching women. They can break down social interactions and wow its just amazing hearing these guys talk, it gets me excited and I just want to talk for hours with them. I’m really happy I have friends in my life that have no hang ups and are value givers, I hope to be like that for my friends in the future….

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