Facebook Game…

July 22, 2008 at 1:22 pm (Online Game)

Facebook game has been heating up lately. I am currently corresponding with quite a few girls on there thanks in big part to my profile which took an entire evening to set up (pretty quick considering it took a week to set up my myspace).  Whats really cool about facebook is that I have been blown out of interactions but there are just more girls willing to pick up the slack. I have been lazy but I’m going to start to step it up because I should be closing. I had one girl that asked me for my skype in the course of 4 messages.

Yesterday I sent out about 10 messages to different women on facebook, I’m starting to notice which opener works one what type of girl.  I will say that I am pretty intimidated by the turbo girls. I have gotten one or two to correspond with me but I have been reluctant to close. In the field turbo girls are not so bad because its pretty much do or die in the moment but online things go slower so you have more time to second guess yourself and get in your head.

I have been getting a shit load better in my online interactions, I can switch from goofy to down to earth on a dime and keep it congruent (i don’t like this word, any suggestions for another that means the same thing?) so it sparks attraction.  Although when I do blow an interaction boy does it blow up in my face. This usually happens when I stay in goof ball mode for too long, this has also happened to me in texts.

I also have been testing out my photos on hot or not, man thats been an eye opening experience, I have had photos I thought were awesome get crummy ratings and ones I thought were okay get the highest score ever. I still need to get photos of me outside the club though. 

If things go well and I have more time, I might do some free dating sites. Don’t get me wrong Internet game is nice and all but they are just bonus rounds, the real game takes place in the club.


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EUREKA!!! & Facebook Experimentation…

July 15, 2008 at 1:04 pm (Online Game)


Finally figured out her name!. As we were chatting (which got pretty hot and heavy) I asked her for her e-mail.  I then did a face book search for her and poof up comes her picture and name. Its an average first name but her last name is Bryne who coincidently is the last name of famous comic book artist and egomaniac John Bryne. 

I pimped out my face book profile and immediately began started sending out messages, I instantly got a response from a very hot Asian girl. But so far it has not been pretty, women online are way harsher than offline. I got called creepy by one and told “Uhh do I know you…” by another. Yeah I’m going to have to re-examine my approaches, my space is very different than face book Maybe because its the hottest thing womens defenses are up, no clue really but I will keep you guys updated.

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When In Doubt Online Game!

June 16, 2008 at 12:54 pm (Online Game)

 So I completely choded out this weekend.  I felt pretty crappy about it, on Saturday I couldn’t get any concrete plans out of anyone and allot of my regular wings did not return my phone calls.  Turns out everyone decided to take the weekend off.

So I spent the weekend trying out some online game and I actually made allot of progress. I realized that my profile tends to attract geekier girls. The uber hotties on the other hand are a no go.  I’m kind of torn on that issue, on the one hand I could alter my profile to cater to the clubby sex in the city wanabee girl but would that really be me? I’m a geek and I like being a geek but why am I attracted to social club butterflies?

I got 2 solid interactions, re-opened one girl who flaked out on me years ago and reestablished communication with a girl who is my x’s friend.  Lets call her HB Poison, I really dig HB Poison but shes dangerous. I cant read her and last time we hung out (December), I thought I was building attraction when in fact I later learned that sparked her danger chode meter (she realized my intentions and I was still very AFC back then). I don’t normally meet women who spark an intellectual attraction. The few who do always floor me. I get very attached and take it hard when they reject me.  I hear it happens to everybody (even Tyler) so I don’t think I should be too concerned about it.

Still online game is not real game. First off I don’t understand why guys keep saying its easy. Its actually hard. First off you dont have any body language to fall back on, second it takes a while to even know if your initial opener hooked or not, I have sent 20 messages out and only gotten 1 or 2 responses.  So no its not easier, your judged allot on looks online this whole “oh they see the real me” on internet is bullshit. Maybe your just funny and being funny goes a long way online but if you don’t have a picture or worse have bad ones up, thats going to be big strikes against you.

Yeah give me real interactions were I know in half a second if I have won or lost.

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