Getting My Creep On…

July 17, 2008 at 2:47 pm (Field Report)

RSD has a challenge in the flawless natural method. I call it The Trials Of The Natural. Basically its a 10 day challenge, not a big deal like some of these other challenges where guys are asked to commit a month or more.

First 5 days are all about woo, you should do exercises to get your woo up like the “cheers” exercise or Alex’s Eyes of Glory. A suggested opener is “Hi I’m _______”

I tend to have woo pretty much down. I have embraced my inner goof ball and I am normally bouncing off the walls. A good recipe for woo is this

Take a 5 or 6 hour energy drink

When you feel the kick of it wear off (usually half an hour to an hour) follow it up with a red bull

And let go of your outcome.

That last one is key, if you give a shit about doing well and getting ___ number of approaches under your belt, then your done.

I don’t even count my approaches anymore. Looking back they range from 7 to 10 a night, this is very little the reason why is because they all last a rather long time, especially when I’m winging Raven who sometimes spends over an hour in his set.  Rule of the universe, sets hook when you don’t need anything from them.  Notice i said need rather than want, there is a big difference between those words.

The last 5 days of the challenge is called “Getting Your Creep On”. This is all about bringing out your core sexual intent which is a huge sticking point for me. The mission? Go for the make out with every single girl you talk to, the recommended opener is “Hi guys, I’m sad, I need a kiss”.

Its this section of the challenge that I feared the most. I am so used to turning off the sex drive when I speak to women, because for years I was treated badly by women and men in my social circles for being seen as a “perv” which is quite funny when you think about it considering that I don’t even have real porn (I watch cinemax soft core porn) and I’m the type of person to keep my sexual escapades pretty discrete

After talking to Rudey about it, he motivated me to just go for it. So on Saturday I treated every action into an experiment. I tried to make out with almost every girl I spoke to. I pushed my sets even when I felt the energy start to die. I got rejected and just kept going. It was glorious.

A couple of things I learned…

1) Girls don’t give a shit about being touched as long as it doesn’t come from a place of horniness or neediness

2) Don’t ever fall for a girls frame, I remember two Holland girls claiming that they were good girls only to see them an hour later dirty dancing with two chodes

3) The worst rejection I got for going for the make out was “Thats not going to happen” other were “I don’t do that” or ” What are you doing” and of course moving the head or pulling their head back. So my fears of getting slapped, screamed at or having some friend or hidden boyfriend kicked my ass were unfounded.

I will say this though at first In tried to deny that I was trying to kiss them which was lame, toward the end though I just said that “I was going for the moment” which got some laughs.  Also girls think Eskimo kisses are hysterical.

Another thing I realized was how easy girls are to be compliant. I used the claw on a girl I literally met 2 minutes before and she didn’t give a shit, she did not resist. I also used my tone to get a girls attention and waved her over to me, I was shocked at how easy it was to get her to come over with just a hey and wave.

I even got a number close (from that girl who’s text I posted) which was a solid one.  This was an excellent night, I pushed myself and learned new things. I cant wait till tonight when I begin a new set of experimentation


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